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    Date: Time Period: 2018-2019
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:33874
    Description: Tanzina Khan Snigdha moved to Queens, New York from Bangladesh with her family in October 2018. The family all live together in Jamaica, with the exception of her oldest brother, who lives in Minnesot ... More
    Date: 2017
    Type: Essay manuscript
    Identifier: aql:33594
    Description: Laurie (Beckoff) Wellman talks about how due to the overcrowding of P.S. 150 in Sunnyside the community along with Rabbi Chaim Meskin, the rabbi of the Young Israel of Sunnyside (on 45th Street, betwe ... More
    Full Text: Full Text
    Date: Time Period: 2016 - 2017
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:21699
    Description: Adelina reveals in this interview her will to learn and study in order to reach her dream to obtain a better paying job. Recorded in Spanish. / Adelina muestra como su voluntad de aprender la esta lle ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2010-2017
    Subject: Education
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:24888
    Description: Natalie talks about her job with the Queens Memory Project from the time that she was in Library School at Queens College and how it has evolved to what it is now.
    Date: Time Period: 2010 - 2014
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:21098
    Description: Ekta Kaur Full Interview: Ekta Kaur was born and raised in Punjab, India. She came to the US shortly after getting married. Her husband has been living in the US since he was five years old. She immig ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2009 - 2015
    Subject: Teachers | Education
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:19534
    Description: Thara Madathody talks about teaching kids in New York after teaching adults in India. She is passionate about teaching children because they are the new generation. She talks about the way elders trai ... More
    Date: 2009
    Type: digital image
    Identifier: aql:18264
    Description: Stephanie Theodore fell in love with Sunnyside. The neighborhood's architecture, pubs and tight community structure reminded her of London, where she studied at Christie's Education.
    Date: Time Period: 2008 - 2016
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:22123
    Description: Alina Samko immigrated to the United States from her birth country, Belarus. She came to the United States for education. Throughout the interview, Alina Samko talks about her journey immigrating to t ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2007-2017
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:25509
    Description: Eva Roman was born and raised in Colombia. She immigrated to the United States in November 30th of 2007 with her mother. She has been living in Kew Gardens ever since she immigrated to New York. She c ... More
    Authors: Rikki Asher
    Date: 2002
    Type: printed ephemera; digital Image
    Identifier: aql:17834
    Description: This School Arts Magazine article by professor Rikki Asher, David Gerwin, and Terry A. Osborn discusses "Procession," the 8-by-16 foot mural that captures stories of immigration and migration in Queen ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2000 - 2017
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:22103
    Description: Luna Ranjit is the founder of Adhikaar, a non-profit organization that mobilizes and empowers Nepalese migrant workers that live in Queens borough. Luna immigrated to the United States from Nepal firs ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2000-2016
    Subject: Technology
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:24550
    Description: Pushpalatha mentions the changes that she notices in New York from the time she moved to the city in 2000 to what it is present day. She talks about the improvement with transportation and the educati ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2000s
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:22069
    Description: Claudia Bernal was excited about immigrating to the United States and had already planned who she was going to live with. She received a scholarship to attend college which helped her with her tuition ... More
    Date: Time Period: 2000s
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:22120
    Description: Claudia Bernal is a Peruvian who came to the United States in 2001, and who currently works as an immigration attorney. Throughout the interview she talks about the jobs she has worked in her past. Sh ... More
    Authors: Rikki Asher
    Date: 2000
    Type: printed ephemera; digital Image
    Identifier: aql:17836
    Description: This postcard depicts a color reproduction of the Procession mural. The 16 x 8 foot mural at the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library at Queens College was created by Dr. Rikki Asher's Graduate Art Education ... More