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Date: circa 1939
Type: bowls (vessels)
Identifier: aql:5626
Description: Large cream colored bowl with gilded banding. The central design features the Trylon and Perisphere with abstracted shapes and musical notes.
Date: circa 1939
Type: tins (containers)
Identifier: aql:5639
Description: Tin of the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company. Depicts the Trylon and Perisphere and several New York City landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, George Washington Bridge, Grant's ... More
Date: circa 1939
Type: Steins
Identifier: aql:5627
Description: Ceramic beer stein in brown with a central design in cream featuring the Trylon and Perisphere.
Date: circa 1939
Type: coasters (containers)
Identifier: aql:5628
Description: Wooden drink coaster featuring an incised design of the Theme Center. The interior top of the coaster states "New York World's Fair 1939."
Date: circa 1939
Type: cake servers
Identifier: aql:2613
Description: Metal cake server with the Trylon and Perisphere engraved on the bottom. Image of George Washington on the handle.
Date: circa 1939
Type: plates (dishes)
Identifier: aql:2585
Description: Depicts the Trylon and Perisphere, Communications Building, and World's Fair Administration Building.
Authors: unknown
Date: 1939
Type: photographic prints
Identifier: aql:1012
Description: View from Perisphere of Theme Center walkway and United States Steel and General Electric Buildings in the background. Photograph taken June 17, 1939 .
Date: circa 1939
Type: brushes: personal use
Identifier: aql:2615
Date: circa 1939
Type: holders (containers)
Identifier: aql:2616
Description: Wooden hairbrush holder with Trylon and Perisphere emblazoned on the front.
Date: circa 1939
Type: Match holders
Identifier: aql:2573
Description: Matchbox holder with raised emblem of the Trylon and Perisphere on the cover.
Date: circa 1939
Type: holders (containers)
Identifier: aql:2614
Description: Depicts child with hat and Trylon and Perisphere motif.
Date: circa 1939
Type: Urns
Identifier: aql:2610
Description: Small urn in Art Deco style depicting the Trylon and Perisphere in white on the facade. Backstamp states "Japan."
Date: circa 1939
Type: watering cans
Identifier: aql:2609
Description: Depicts a nighttime scene of the Trylon and Perisphere. Backstamp states made in Japan.
Date: circa 1939
Type: bowls (vessels)
Identifier: aql:2608
Description: Fluted bowl with scalloped edges depicting Mr. Peanut standing next to the Trylon and Perisphere. The interior borders of the bowl illustrate large salted peanuts.
Date: circa 1939
Type: saltshakers
Identifier: aql:2560
Description: Metal salt shaker in the shape of the Perisphere.