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Authors: Hal B. Fullerton
Date: September 01, 1907
Type: black and white print; digital image
Identifier: aql:3481
Description: Three men on a LIRR motor scooter at Woodhaven Junction.
Language: English
Identifier: aql:361
Description: Edgar E. Rutter was a commercial photographer who was employed by the New York State Public Service Commission and various other state and city agencies to photograph the sites of proposed constructio ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:429
Description: The Frederick J. Weber Photograph Collection contains photographs and other work records from Mr. Weber’s studio. It documents buildings, transportation, schools, businesses and civic organizations in ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:42
Description: Joseph Burt, Sr., a prolific commercial photographer from Mineola, who also pursued photography as an avid hobbyist, expertly and beautifully captured the people, buildings, machines, land, villages, ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:362
Description: William J. Rugen was an employee of the Long Island Railroad Company who pursued photography in his spare time. He traveled throughout the United States and Canada photographing trains, and trading pi ... More