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Language: English
Identifier: aql:35
Description: Several other items were added to this collection after the initial processing of the major portion.
Language: English
Identifier: aql:353
Description: This collection is completely non-textual in nature, consisting as it does, exclusively of printing blocks. There are a little over 50 blocks of varying sizes, though most are about 4 inches in length ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:352
Description: There are three series in this collection as follows: ORDER BOOKS, SAMPLES OF PRINTING JOBS, and FINANCIAL VOLUMES. No one series covers all of the years in which the firm was active. The first series ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:360
Description: The Riverhead Savings Bank papers (15 boxes, 1932-1944) contain research, notes, and photographs detailing the interests of the Long Island based bank.
Language: English
Identifier: aql:159
Description: The Robert C. Friedrich papers (5 boxes, 1939-2005) contain research, notes, and photographs detailing the interests of the Queens’ history enthusiast.
Language: English
Identifier: aql:194
Description: Only thirteen documents comprise this extremely small collection, all in one way or another dealing briefly with Mr. Higbie’s activities, as a director of the 1939-1940 New York City World's Fair. 3rd ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:346
Description: This collection is divided into the following sub-groups: Letters of Stephen Rose, Letters of Henry M. Rose, Letters of Mrs. Henry Rose, Letters of Anna Rose?, Letters of Miss Charlotte (Lottie) Rose, ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:384
Description: The collection consists exclusively of thirteen bound volumes, maintained by Mrs. Smith, twelve of which are diaries or Journals, and one of which is a commonplace book. The diaries are for the years ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:162
Description: This very small collection consists of only eight blue prints of varying sizes from about 21x7" to 29x30", all of which concern plans for the "Flushing School”. This school was built around 1897 on Wa ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:365
Description: The records in this very small collection consists only of one fragmentary series, namely, Bills. These bills were submitted to the Church by various individuals for having supplied materials or rende ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:379
Description: This collection is a very small one, and encompass/but a brief period. It consists of some 60 items, covering the decade of the 1890s, especially the earlier half. For the most part, these records are ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:380
Description: More specifically, the collection consists of but documents. It is unknown how this very miscellaneous grouping came about. Since it contains an 1930 letter from an officer of the church to the Flushi ... More
Subject: Buildings | Snow | Streets
Language: English
Identifier: aql:14594
Description: Samantha Ortiz is a teenager living in Ridgewood, Queens and a participant in the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council’s Work, Learn and Grow Employment Program. The Samantha Ortiz Photographs document str ... More
Language: English
Identifier: aql:180
Description: The Samuel H. Gottscho Photographs is a small collection of images made by professional photographer Samuel H. Gottscho. They include landscapes, architectural views and other scenes in Queens and Suf ... More