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Date: July 5 1931
Subject: Piers | Persons
Type: Black and white photograph
Identifier: aql:30866
Description: People on the pier at the old Barren Island incinerator.
Date: July 5 1931
Type: Black and white photograph
Identifier: aql:30869
Description: Sunday campers below the old garbage disposal plant at Barren Island.
Authors: Wright, Nerissa
Date: April 23rd, 2017
Subject: Persons
Language: EN
Type: Digital Photograph
Identifier: aql:23085
Description: Caro-Ann LePlatte and Dirk Alleyne walking, with the LIRR behind them. Located at 93-02 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11435
Authors: Ramon Barrett
Date: circa 2005
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:19340
Description: Ramon Barrett accepted an award for AARP's Volunteer Driver Safety Program.
Date: 1945
Type: Black and white photograph
Identifier: aql:24089
Description: Victory Awards Luncheon to Honor Queens Residents Who Received the Congressional Medal of Honor for Heroism in World War Ii Speaking at the Microphone - Commander John Bulkeley, 2nd and 3rd Persons fr ... More
Authors: Joe Leboit
Date: 1937-1943
Subject: Persons
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:26189
Description: Figure with clasped hands.
Authors: Mabel Dwight
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Cliffs | Ocean | Persons
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:27441
Description: Two nudes figures sitting together on a cliff overlooking a beach and the ocean.
Authors: Elizabeth Olds
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Dogs | Persons
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:27447
Description: Two figures and a dog on a pier, crabbing.
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Persons | Cattle | Water
Type: Color woodcut
Identifier: aql:27521
Description: Farmer huddled with his family and livestock on his house porch. The house has been destroyed due to high flood waters.
Authors: Ryah Ludins
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Landscapes | Persons | Animals
Type: Etching
Identifier: aql:27519
Description: Image of a farming village in Mexico.
Date: 1935-1943
Subject: Trees | Persons
Type: Etching
Identifier: aql:27502
Description: Two people walking along a dirt road by a creek.
Date: 1935-1943
Subject: Persons | Umbrellas
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:27526
Description: People huddled under umbrellas walk toward the right. One woman clutching onto her overturned umbrella is on the left.
Date: January 20, 1958
Type: black and white print; digital image
Identifier: aql:22423
Description: A worker assembles a J-44, a small turbojet engine maufactured by Fairchild Engine Division, at the Republic Aviation plant.
Authors: unknown
Date: 1939
Type: photographic prints
Identifier: aql:1122
Description: Nude woman standing over model of the Trylon and Perisphere. This photo is part of a collection acquired from the Jean Farley Levy and Julien Levy Estate (partial gift of Eric Strom) with images by Er ... More
Authors: unknown
Date: 1939
Type: photographic prints
Identifier: aql:1073
Description: Nude model wearing necklace composed of stars during design of Dream of Venus Pavilion. Design and exhibit preparation occurred at a manufacturing factory in Long Island City, Queens. This photo is pa ... More