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    Date: June 30, 1969
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:16610
    Description: Queens College students and their family members are reunited outside the Neptune restaurant, on Astoria Boulevard off 31st Street, after the students were released from Rikers Island. The students, a ... More
    Date: Time Period: 1970
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:22237
    Description: William Mihaltse talks to his daughter Elizabeth about his experience during her birth and her childhood.
    Date: Time Period: 1941 - 2008
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:22278
    Description: Bill Mihaltse reminisces about his boyhood in Queens in the 1940's and 50's. He also talks about dating his wife and his daughter Elizabeth.
    Date: Time Period: 1960s-2017
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:34141
    Description: Natalie Milbrodt, was born in 1977, in Southern Indiana. The family moved to Detroit, Michigan, where they resided in for a brief period of time. Her parents separated in 1979, so she and her mother m ... More
    Date: Time Period: 1913 - 2011
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:20489
    Description: Walter "Wally" Rosenthal was born and raised in Flushing, Queens. In 1941, his parents moved from Jackson Heights to the home he grew up in. He moved with his family from Brooklyn back to his parent's ... More
    Date: 2017
    Type: Essay manuscript
    Identifier: aql:33601
    Description: Ben Stonehill Yiddishist - A short biography written by Lee Stonehill about his father. Ben Stonehill was born Ben Steinberg on August 20, 1906 in Suwalki, Poland, and came to NYC in 1929. He was a sa ... More
    Full Text: Full Text
    Language: English
    Identifier: aql:173
    Description: The Good Citizenship League Records (1891-1998, 28 boxes, 12.3 cubic feet) document its creation, events, political action, outreach, community development and eventual demise in the form of annual re ... More
    Date: Time Period: 1960-2017
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:24530
    Description: Tom speaks about his childhood. He grew up in Bayside, Queens in a middle-class home. He discusses living in the “suburbs” of Queens and having to take multiple buses to get chores/errands done. Tom a ... More
    Authors: Chau, Terese
    Date: September, 2015
    Type: digital image
    Identifier: aql:13919
    Description: An educational exercise about child care created by an organization in Bayside, NY.
    Authors: Chau, Terese
    Date: 2015
    Type: digital image
    Identifier: aql:13916
    Description: A University Settlement flyer from Manhattan's Chinatown about child care options.
    Authors: Anders Goldfarb
    Date: 2000
    Type: Black and white photographs
    Identifier: aql:28339
    Description: Child looking at a woman in chair holding a dog.
    Authors: Anders Goldfarb
    Date: 2000
    Type: Black and white photographs
    Identifier: aql:28409
    Description: Woman seated on bench with child in stroller.
    Date: 1940
    Type: Black and white photograph
    Identifier: aql:21307
    Description: A mother and her blond child pose for the camera on the deck of the Floating Hospital.
    Date: 1937
    Type: Black and white photograph
    Identifier: aql:19584
    Description: A young woman in a lace dress and hair bow holding a young child. The child she is carrying is wearing fat socks.
    Date: 1937
    Type: Black and white photograph
    Identifier: aql:19657
    Description: A tired mother takes a nap while she waits for services at The Floating Hospital. A young child sits beside her, and another mother and child sit on the bench behind them on the ship's deck.