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Date: November 8, 1969
Type: black and white print; digital image
Identifier: aql:31099
Description: The New York State department of Mental Hygiene purchased this house at 111 Cathedral Avenue in Hempstead for possible development as a group home for the mentally handicapped.
Authors: Wright, Nerissa
Date: April 23rd, 2017
Language: EN
Type: Digital Photograph
Identifier: aql:21719
Description: Businesses Along Hillside Avenue. Shown: Venture House, located at 15010 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica. The house (as stated by serves the purpose of "enabling people with serious mental ... More
Date: Time Period: 2009
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18155
Description: Dorothy Basilico has lived in Sunnyside for more than 50 years. In the podcast Dorothy talks about her duties as a school crossing guard, how she sometimes has to fight with car drivers who refuse to ... More
Date: Time Period: 1970 - 2011
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:20541
Description: Dr. Uma Mysorekar states that it is uncommon for a women to be president of a temple. She describes that to be a president you do not have to be a priest, but you have to have administrative skills an ... More
Authors: Unknown
Date: 1915
Type: Photograph
Identifier: aql:27697
Description: Adverisement for "River Crest: A Sanitarium for Mental and Nervous Diseases with separate buildings for Alcoholic and Drug Habituation." Promises "Home-like, easily accessible-modern equipment-electro ... More
Date: 1970
Type: Text
Identifier: aql:15990
Description: 1 online resource : illustrations
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Date: [1856]
Language: eng
Type: Text
Identifier: aql:13491
Description: 1 online resource (8 pages, 30 leaves, xxx leaves of plates) : illustrations (lithographs)
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Date: Time Period: 2000s
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:27680
Description: The South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association, commonly known as SALGA, is a volunteer community group for South Asian "sexual minorities" that live in Queens. SALGA provides a peer, mental health suppo ... More
Date: Time Period: 1983-2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:25511
Description: Everybody Tammara wanted to work with had problems with drug abuse. “Where the hell is the music?” Tammara did some cocaine as well but she never abused it. It was her fun outlet because of her depres ... More
Date: Time Period: 1970s
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:34354
Description: Mary talks about how she went to a Catholic High School, the Mary Louis Academy, volunteering at a mental health area, and questioning the Catholic Church.
Authors: Dorothy Basilico
Date: 2009
Type: digital image
Identifier: aql:18266
Description: Dorothy Basilico has lived in Sunnyside for more than 50 years and has been a school crossing guard for more than 30 of them. She currently helps the children of P.S. 150 cross the street safely.
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Authors: Keen, Walter P.
Date: [1896]
Language: eng
Type: Notated Music
Identifier: aql:30344
Description: 1 online resource (1 score (3 pages))
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Authors: Rikki Asher
Date: May 18, 2012
Type: printed ephemera; digital Image
Identifier: aql:17833
Description: Program for the dedication ceremony for the Procession mural, held at the Rosenthal Library at Queens College. The following muralists are listed on the backside of the program: Anya Rejnarowyez-Borys ... More
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Authors: Raja Shah
Date: 2009
Subject: Dogs | Dog trainers
Type: digital image
Identifier: aql:18188
Description: “There is a big problem in New York City right now. There is a little doggie holocaust going on.” Back in college, Raja Shah wanted to develop a theory that would change society. “In my senior year I ... More
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Date: 1980
Language: eng
Type: transcripts
Identifier: aql:2269
Description: George Ehrlich, a junior high school special education teacher in Brownsville, remembers bringing his class of 22 boys to the 1939 New York World's Fair. He recalls trying to keep his students safe an ... More
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