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    Date: 1878
    Language: eng
    Type: Cartographic
    Identifier: aql:33467
    Description: 1 online resource (1 map) : color
    Date: (creation date undknown) after 1978
    Type: Digital Image
    Identifier: aql:16444
    Description: Boundary descriptions of Flushing, as expressed in its two charters (1837 and 1869), as well as the "present-day" limits of the community (date of this document is unknown).
    Date: 1962
    Language: eng
    Type: maps (documents)
    Identifier: aql:2248
    Description: Structural map outline of the Panorama of the City of New York, a large scale model of New York City created by Lester Associates Inc. for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. Revision A, dated Februa ... More
    Authors: S. Hirschberg
    Date: July 5, 1917
    Subject: Streets
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30193
    Description: Bannock Boulevard (now Beach 147 St.) looking toward Jamaica Bay in Neponsit, Rockaway. In January 1910, the Neponsit Realty Company purchased the land for the development of an exclusive community. I ... More
    Date: February 2, 1998
    Type: pdf
    Identifier: aql:17771
    Description: Evaluation request for landmark designation of the Waldheim neighborhood submitted to the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. The request was submitted by resident John Tsavalos with the support of ... More
    Date: 2006
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:23173
    Description: A portrait of Jack Eichenbaum giving a walking tour in Queens.
    Date: circa 2001
    Type: pdf
    Identifier: aql:17770
    Description: Proposal to create a mansion museum at 147-38 Ash Avenue in Flushing, Queens. The museum would celebrate the mansion's former inhabitants (the Pearl family circa 1845-1884; the Bullard family 1884-190 ... More
    Date: circa 1998
    Type: pdf
    Identifier: aql:17769
    Description: Color-coded maps illustrating features of Waldheim, a neighborhood within Flushing. Residents were advocating that it be designated as a historic landmark district. Waldheim is the oldest estate subdi ... More
    Date: circa 1992
    Language: eng
    Type: cards (information artifacts)
    Identifier: aql:2290
    Description: Set of eleven paint chips (part of a contract submission by Morrison Knudsen) with Benjamin Moore colors used during the restoration of the Panorama of the City of New York in 1992. The tags identify ... More
    Date: circa 1964
    Type: plaques (flat objects)
    Identifier: aql:5800
    Description: Commemorates the Geodetic Center of North America in Osbourne County, Kansas. The plaque was presented by Kansas Governor John Anderson Jr. to 1964-1965 New York World's Fair President Robert Moses.
    Authors: Minnie Field
    Date: 1883-1885
    Type: school records, digital images
    Identifier: aql:14095
    Description: Biographical information regarding Minnie G. Field has not been researched. She was born in 1864 and late married Thomas Baldwin Lowerre. Judging from the documents in this collection, she was most li ... More
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    Date: Time Period: 1980s-2018
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:27682
    Description: Lakshman Kalasapudi is an Indian-American LGBTQ member who was born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, NY. He and his family settled in Glen Oaks, which Lakshman says is a great place to raise childre ... More
    Date: 1849-1851
    Type: legal documents, digital images
    Identifier: aql:14101
    Description: Berrien's Island, named after Cornelius Jansen Berrien its original European owner was situated between Long Island City and Riker’s Island. Throughout its history the island was owned by a variety of ... More
    Authors: Jean Bartelt
    Date: 1950
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:20710
    Description: Jean Bartelt's report card from P.S. 135 in June, 1950. The school, located in Queens Village, is now called the Bellaire School. Her teacher was Mr. Millman.
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    Date: 2017
    Type: Essay manuscript
    Identifier: aql:33626
    Description: Marjorie Godlin Roemer writes about her childhood in Sunnyside. She describes her school experiences at P.S. 150, and the progressive education she received there. She also talks about how the Sunnysi ... More
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