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Date: Time Period: 2009
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18293
Description: "Leaving the neighborhood was a measure of success and it was really difficult for me to accept that I had to come back."� Isabel Cuervo has lived in Sunnyside since she was six, but had to travel hal ... More
Date: 1903.
Language: eng
Type: Text
Identifier: aql:25356
Description: 1 online resource (23 unnumbered pages, 61 unnumbered leaves of plates) : illustrations
Full Text: Full Text
Date: Time Period: 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21615
Description: Barbara Scott, from Virginia had her heart broken when her husband abandoned her and their daughters. She explains that is hard to rose two teenager girls in an atmosphere different than where she gre ... More
Date: Time Period: 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21614
Description: Blanche Jimenez describes the time when she introduced her "gorgeous" boyfriend to her best friend, without expecting that he was more interested in her. Soon afterwards her boyfriend left her and sta ... More
Date: Time Period: 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21610
Description: Jackie Carr describes the disappointment that she felt at the age of seventeen when she discovered that her boyfriend was going out with her best friend, whom she confided with her secrets . She advis ... More
Date: Time Period: 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21612
Description: Susie Jackson fell in love when she was sixteen years old, however the boy who she loved was married by his parents to another girl. In order to overcomeher loss, Susie moved to New York City and got ... More
Date: Time Period: 1986 - 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21689
Description: Sergio analyzes the negative stereotypes that Latin Americans face in the United States. He reflects on the origins of these stereotypes. He delves into how these stereotypes manage to persist through ... More
Date: Time Period: 1985 - 2016
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21698
Description: Pedro Holguin shares his experience regarding the stereotypes that people hold in the United States hold against Colombians. Recorded in Spanish.
Date: Time Period: 1983 - 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21611
Description: Mrs. Calvert recalls the difficulties she faced during her long distance relationship with a St. John's University basketball player. The issues began he joined the professional basketball league. Thi ... More
Date: Time Period: 1983 - 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:33696
Description: Ms. Ingrid Calvert talks about the time she felt in love with a basketball player from St. John’s University. They ended up growing apart soon after her boyfriend was accepted to play as a professiona ... More
Date: Time Period: 1970s - 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:33703
Description: Ms. Jackie Carr talks about how her heart was broken when she found out that her friend (whom she told everything) betrayed her by going out with her boyfriend. Throughout the interview, Ms. Jackie ta ... More
Date: Time Period: 1964 - 2011
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18674
Description: Ching Tse Lee, originally from Taiwan, retired from his job as a professor [in psychology] at Brooklyn College (CUNY) three years ago, which has given him more time for his role as an elder at Taiwan ... More
Date: Time Period: 1960s-2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:33702
Description: Ms. Barbara Scott was from Virginia and had to raise her daughter by herself when her husband abandoned them. Barbara is a public speaker and throughout the interview discusses and compares how young ... More
Date: Time Period: 1950s - 2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:33698
Description: Ms. Susie Jackson lived in South Carolina before moving to New York City. While living down South, she experienced a broken heart when her first love at the age of sixteen was married by his parents t ... More
Authors: Chau, Terese
Date: September, 2015
Type: digital image
Identifier: aql:13919
Description: An educational exercise about child care created by an organization in Bayside, NY.