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    Date: Time Period: 1950s
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:18246
    Description: Leonore Lanzillotti talks about the romantic Saturday night dances at the park on 43rd Street and Greenpoint Avenue. After the war, men and women would dress up in gowns and tuxedos on the weekends to ... More
    Date: 2009
    Type: digital image
    Identifier: aql:18186
    Description: “I could have moved many times, but I can’t find another Sunnyside.” Leonore Lanzillotti, who was born and raised in Sunnyside, has more stories about the neighborhood than this website can hold. An a ... More
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    Date: February 17 2016
    Language: EN
    Type: Digital Photograph
    Identifier: aql:20456
    Description: Big Sean is one of my favorite Rap Artists, so when I got the chance to meet him in my own neighborhood I took the chance and I was so happy and he was so nice.
    Subject: Birds | Bird watchers | Clubs
    Language: eng
    Type: Text
    Identifier: aql:18018
    Description: 1 online resource.
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    Date: March 7, 1969
    Type: Flyer
    Identifier: aql:33452
    Description: Flyer for the Que Mardi Gras Ball at Manhattan Center on 34th and 8th Avenue - This event was sponsored by the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, a national African-American fraternity, it was a battle of the ... More
    Authors: Fox, Sam
    Date: circa 1939
    Type: black-and-white negatives
    Identifier: aql:2390
    Description: Marching band performing for a crowd during the 1939 New York World's Fair.
    Date: ca. 1946
    Subject: Snow | Automobiles
    Type: Black and white photograph
    Identifier: aql:33572
    Description: The Big Snow of 1947-48 covers cars and the streets at Joanna's House on 40-10 44 Street in Sunnyside.
    Authors: unknown
    Date: 1939
    Type: Black and white photograph
    Identifier: aql:27288
    Description: 1939-40 NY World's Fair - Government Zone - Soviet (U.S.S.R.) Pavilion with statue of "Big Joe" or "Joe the Worker".
    Authors: William Cahill
    Date: 1923
    Type: black and white slide; digital image
    Identifier: aql:10287
    Description: Big Bill Hockenbury. Hockenbury played for South Philadelphia when the photo was taken. The slide was used in a presentation, by Cahill.
    Date: September 9, 1964
    Type: Black and white photograph
    Identifier: aql:24063
    Description: Racetracks - Aqueduct Racetrack - Portrait of James Cox Brady, Chairman of the New York Racing Association
    Date: Time Period: 1900 - 2010
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:20505
    Description: Mr. Hourahan observes the contrast between poverty and big business in Flushing. He sees a many elderly Asian residents at AME Church soup kitchen. Flushing also has one of the highest rents, and is b ... More
    Authors: Ken Harris
    Date: circa 2011
    Type: color print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:17477
    Description: NBA player Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) poses with members of the musical group Mindless Behavior.
    Date: 1950s
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:16488
    Description: The St. Albans Naval Hospital Band's members are posing in front of the main facade of the hospital.
    Authors: Queens Library
    Date: 1910's
    Type: Digital Image
    Identifier: aql:25372
    Description: Ozone Park's St. Mary Gate of Heaven Church's boy band in the 1910's.
    Authors: William J. Rugen
    Date: early 1900s
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:15276
    Description: An unidentified, undated band concert, probably some celebration connected with the Brooklyn Rapid Transit.