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Authors: Zhang Hong-tu
Date: November 27, 2017
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:27545
Description: Various art works created by Zhang Hong-tu, hanging on his studio wall. One of the art work is Van Gogh – Bodiharma, created in 2015.
Authors: Ruth Chaney
Date: 1935 - 1943
Subject: Art museums
Type: Color woodcut
Identifier: aql:26160
Description: Two female figures are in a gallery.
Authors: Nicholas Hirshon
Date: February 22 2005
Type: Review
Identifier: aql:26133
Description: Nicholas Hirshon wrote this assignment for a course at St. John's University named Journalist as Critic in the Spring 2005 semester. In this assignment, Hirshon reviews The Gates, an art installation ... More
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Authors: Jack Markow
Date: 1937-1952
Subject: Merry-go-round
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:26176
Description: A delipadated circus merry go round stands abandoned on the precipice of a cliff.
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Authors: Louis Schanker
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Polo
Type: Color woodcut
Identifier: aql:26152
Description: Geometric figure of polo figure in colorful uniform with club and ball.
Date: [1943?]
Language: eng
Type: Text
Identifier: aql:13485
Description: 1 online resource (1 volume (various pagings)) : illustrations.
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Authors: James Henry Work
Date: 1892
Subject: Vases
Type: glass plate negative; digital image
Identifier: aql:3629
Description: Interior view of a house. Doorway with vases and works of art. Possibly Briar Hall.
Authors: Hyman Warsager
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Fishers | Fishes
Type: Color wood engraving
Identifier: aql:27636
Description: Dreamlike scene of sleeping fishman lying down. The dream includes a lighthouse, fish, and various aquatic sealife.
Authors: Carlos Anderson
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Libraries
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:27644
Description: View of New School library with students reading and doing school work at desks.
Authors: Riva Helfond
Date: 1937-1942
Type: Color relief print
Identifier: aql:27470
Description: Depiction of various industrial buildings and cranes at work.
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Corn
Type: Monotype print
Identifier: aql:26180
Description: Two women husking corn. A child is looking on as the duo work.
Date: 1980
Language: eng
Type: transcripts
Identifier: aql:2275
Description: Extensive interview with former director of the Brooklet Community Art Center Ken Kelner, who worked with the public during the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair giving free art lessons and lectures. Ke ... More
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Authors: Lincoln Cross
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Men
Type: Gouache painting
Identifier: aql:27642
Description: Brightly dressed figures carrying gold coins and various goods. One figure, wearing yellow and green and holding a scimitar, raises his arm toward a rock wall.
Authors: Williams, Van
Date: 1964-1965
Type: Lantern slides
Identifier: aql:1996