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Authors: Nicole Defeno
Date: 1985-1995
Type: digital image
Identifier: aql:13864
Description: Kim Defeno and her son Kenneth, the half-brother of Nicole and Amanda Defeno.
Date: Time Period: 1960-2017
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:24530
Description: Tom speaks about his childhood. He grew up in Bayside, Queens in a middle-class home. He discusses living in the “suburbs” of Queens and having to take multiple buses to get chores/errands done. Tom a ... More
Date: Time Period: 1960.0
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:20501
Description: Wally Rosenthal recounts a memorable early experience he had with demonstrations. It was a protest against nuclear weapons, held in Duffy Square in Manhattan. When some protesters sat down on Broadway ... More
Date: circa 1945
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:20781
Description: Annalou Christensen poses with her first two children, Buzz and Barbara, in their driveway. Their neighbor's house is visible behind them. Annalou and her husband Wayne Christensen had their other eig ... More
Authors: Bob Trabold
Date: ca. 1940
Type: digital image
Identifier: aql:16136
Description: Bob Trabold, left, stands on his family's apartment roof with baby brother Leo and his mother, Irma. This apartment was situated upstairs from the family's German-American butcher shop. The family liv ... More
Authors: Gadaleta, Cosmo
Date: circa 1939
Type: black-and-white negatives
Identifier: aql:2158
Description: View of the "American Womanhood" sculpture by Gaetano Cerero depicting a mother guiding a young child located in the Home Furnishings Center.
Add  Mother
Authors: Blanche Grambs
Date: 1936
Subject: Mothers | Babies
Type: Aquatint etching
Identifier: aql:27534
Description: Portrait of a mother carrying a baby in her arms.
Date: March 18, 1958
Type: black and white print; digital image
Identifier: aql:31212
Description: The new wing for Huntington Hospital is seen under construction.
Date: April 1, 1956
Type: black and white print; digital image
Identifier: aql:22615
Description: Two women with baby carriages compare notes outside the newly-opened Electchester Apartments.
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