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Authors: Yankai Wang
Date: 1979
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:21502
Description: Pingtian Li, wife of Yankai Wang, poses for a picture while on top of a horse.
Date: Time Period: 1960-2017
Subject: Horses | Horsemanship
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:24519
Description: Hall talks about his love of horses. He went to a riding academy and sent his children to riding camp as well.
Date: 1940
Type: black-and-white prints (photographs)
Identifier: aql:1611
Description: Uniformed actors on horseback performing in tandem in "American Jubilee". The production featured theatrical reenactments of United States history.
Authors: Fox, Sam
Date: circa 1939
Type: black-and-white negatives
Identifier: aql:2369
Description: Sculpture and fountain depicting men grappling horses by Chester Beach.
Authors: Golby, Bob
Date: circa 1939
Type: negatives (photographic)
Identifier: aql:1451
Description: Black and white view of Chester Beach's sculpture "Riders of the Elements" with the Trylon visible in the distance.
Authors: Eileen Sprague
Date: April 1916
Type: Black and white photograph
Identifier: aql:18622
Description: Edward Keating's daughter Mazona Keating Sprague on a horse in Astoria. People would pay money to get their pictures taken on visiting horses.
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