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Date: Time Period: 2011.0
Subject: Coming of age
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18732
Description: Josh Ellis and Elanna discuss how as native New Yorkers, it is easy to forget that they are living in a city that other dream of visiting. They spent their late childhood and entire adolescence wander ... More
Date: Time Period: 2000-2015
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18841
Description: Christin Bowman talks about her time in New York.
Date: Time Period: 1970-2015
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18799
Description: A resident of Long Beach, Regina Idson describes growing up on Long Island and the changes she's witnessed in the communities.
Date: Time Period: 1970-2012
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:21544
Description: At the time of this interview, Council Member Daniel Dromm has served as the Democratic District Leader in the 39th Assembly District, Part A since 2002. He has been re-elected three times to represen ... More
Date: Time Period: 1960-2015
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18835
Description: Larry Syverson recalls being a Boy Scout during the 1964 World's Fair and talks about all the interesting things he saw and did.
Date: Time Period: 1960-2015
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18840
Description: Larry Syverson came to the World's Fair in 1964 with his Boy-Scout troop in order to teach visitors how to tie knots at the Boy Scout Pavilion. He donated several items including his boy-scout jacket ... More
Date: Time Period: 1960-2015
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:18833
Description: Shirley Monde, a forty-year resident of Queens, lives in Rosedale. She remembers having first seen the Panorama on a class field trip to the 1968 World's Fair. She compares seeing the Panorama as it i ... More
Date: Time Period: 1960s and 1970s
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:34353
Description: Mary talks about growing up in Flushing and how her childhood was like, she describes playing on the streets at night because of the lack of air conditioning, her first date, the schools she went to, ... More
Date: Time Period: 1953-2018
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:33823
Description: Juanita is long-term resident living in Jamaica, Queens. In this interview, Juanita discusses her experience living in Jamaica, Queens with her family. Her family was very important to her, while grow ... More
Date: Time Period: 1953-1955
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:27417
Description: Juanita Howard talks about her experience coming to New York from West Virginia after her high school graduation. She recalls going to the Apollo theatre and meeting her husband Leon.
Authors: Gladys Weaver
Date: circa 1952
Type: digital image
Identifier: aql:16095
Description: Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) poses with her son, Lester, and her cousin Mamie. Gladys married John Weaver in 1947 and gave birth to their son, Lester, in 1951. The couple moved into the Merrick Park G ... More
Date: Time Period: 1950 - 2008
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:22301
Description: Cyril Innis Jr. talks about growing up in East Elmhurst, his life, about being part of the Black Panther Party in New York, and about the programs he was involved in.
Date: Time Period: 1950s-1960s
Subject: Coming of age | Families
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:33824
Description: Gladys Oliver, Caroline Oliver, and Josephine Ellis discuss their childhood and adulthood while growing up in the Palmer family in Jamaica, Queens. Family was important to them while growing up. In th ... More
Date: Time Period: 1943 - 2012
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:20491
Description: Carol Lee Whiting, an African-American who is very nostalgic about her childhood, has lived her entire life (except for three and a half years) in Flushing, mostly in the same large house. She fondly ... More
Date: Time Period: 1940-1960
Type: Oral history
Identifier: aql:16149
Description: Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) moved as a child to Jamaica, Queens and moved into a nearby co-op in 1952 soon after her marriage to John Weaver. Mrs. Weaver describes how Jamaica has changed during her ... More