Rockaway (New York, N.Y.)
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    Date: July 8, 1907
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30336
    Description: View of houses, streetcar tracks, storefronts, and pedestrians along Rockaway Boulevard.
    Authors: I. Stern
    Date: September 6, 1910
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30273
    Description: "Fair View Avenue looking north", Fair View Ave. is now Beach 84th Street. St. Rose of Lima Church is on the right, in what is the Hammels section of Rockaway Beach.
    Date: June 4, 1919
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30146
    Description: View of a residential area on Rockaway Beach Boulevard; shown are streetcars, storefronts, trees, and locals strolling along the boulevard.
    Date: September 4, 1916
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30220
    Description: Scene on the Bowery, Rockaway Beach. The Seaside "Bowery" (Ocean Avenue) featured many attractions, rides, and shops of all kinds, including Wainwright and Smith's Bathing Pavilion.
    Authors: S. Hirschberg
    Date: July 3, 1918
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30235
    Description: View of bathing pavilion's, hotels, and crowds on Seaside Avenue, Rockaway Beach.
    Date: July 29, 1912
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30298
    Description: View of Central Avenue in Far Rockaway near intersection with Mott Ave., showing storefronts, and apartment buildings. [Same image with different type as postcard jsc-000159]
    Date: August 29, 1906
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30159
    Description: View of storefronts and streetcar tracks on Central Avenue in Far Rockaway.
    Date: April 27, 1906
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30149
    Description: View of Main Street in Far Rockaway (Central Avenue near Mott Street), showing streetcars, storefronts, and pedestrians.
    Authors: S. Hirschberg
    Date: April 26, 1925
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30139
    Description: View of a residential section of Edgemere in Rockaway.
    Authors: I. Stern
    Date: July 26, 1905
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30323
    Description: Houses and businesses around the LIRR Gaston Avenue station in Arverne. (now the Beach 67th St. MTA Station)
    Date: August 25, 1934
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30315
    Description: Houses along Neponsit Boulevard (now Neponsit Avenue), in Neponsit, Rockaway. In January 1910, the Neponsit Realty Company purchased the land for the development of an exclusive community.
    Authors: M. Basch
    Date: September 24, 1908
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30269
    Description: View of Rockaway Boulevard showing storefronts, apartment buildings, and streetcar tracks in the Hammel's Station section of Rockaway Beach.
    Date: March 22, 1910
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30256
    Description: View of homes on Oak Street in Far Rockaway. [Oak Street is now Beach 9th Street, and was the section north of Cornaga Avenue].
    Authors: R.B. Candy Co.
    Date: ca. 1920
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30231
    Description: View of homes and storefronts along Beach 116th Street looking east, Rockaway Park.
    Date: ca. 1910
    Type: Postcards
    Identifier: aql:30330
    Description: A street scene showing houses on the Jericho Turnpike looking west, Comma ck, N.Y.