Flushing (New York, N.Y.)
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    Date: February 7, 1973
    Subject: Children | Lakes | Parks
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:22426
    Description: Two children walk on a dried-up section of Kissena Park's lake, which had been drained by the Parks Department. The lake had been drained by Works Progress Administration in 1942, when it was reinforc ... More
    Date: October 3, 1975
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:33386
    Description: A woman buys octopus at the Main Street Food Store, which sells a wide variety of seafood.
    Date: January 28, 1972
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:22616
    Description: A group of children play street hockey on a playground in the Pomonok Houses.
    Authors: Christa Tandana
    Date: February 26 1997
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:21499
    Description: Christa Tandana (center) with her neighbors, Tara Wilt (left) and Ashley Wilt (right), standing in front of her former home in Flushing.
    Date: September 25, 1955
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:22516
    Description: Flushing resident Christine Hayes, a volunteer worker, plays with Vincent, a patient in the children's ward.
    Date: July 24, 1960
    Type: black and white print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:22498
    Description: Richard Rotanz takes his sons Richard Jr. (left) and Robert out on the water in Kissena Lake Park.
    Authors: Julia Harrison
    Date: August, 1999
    Type: color print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:2960
    Description: A child in a stroller grins at the photographer on a playground at P.S. 20 during a block party hosted by Martha Flores-Vasquez's Flushing Block Association.
    Authors: Julia Harrison
    Date: 1997
    Subject: Urban parks | Children
    Type: color print; digital image
    Identifier: aql:3155
    Description: Three children are seen with two chipmunk characters at the 150th anniversary celebration of the tree for which Weeping Beech Park is named. The tree was planted in 1847 by horticulturalist Samuel Bow ... More
    Date: Time Period: 1960s and 1970s
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:34353
    Description: Mary talks about growing up in Flushing and how her childhood was like, she describes playing on the streets at night because of the lack of air conditioning, her first date, the schools she went to, ... More
    Date: Time Period: circa 1960
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:20571
    Description: Lisa Stewart describes walking to Kissena Park in the snow and going on a special trip with her mother, Nettie Stewart, each year. Mrs. Stewart would take her children and their friends from the build ... More
    Date: circa 1956
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:20787
    Description: Sisters Louise (left) and Susan Christensen pose for a photo while playing outside their home in the Waldheim neighborhood of Flushing. The Norway Maple trees and houses in the background are now gone ... More
    Date: Time Period: 1950 - 1960
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:20613
    Description: Wally Rosenthal remembers growing up with a lot of other children to play with in his Flushing neighborhood. They played stoopball, boxball, stickball, tag, and touch football. They would also venture ... More
    Date: 1945 - 1955
    Subject: Children | Stairs | Dwellings
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:20696
    Description: Susan Christensen (third from the left) with her sisters and brother posed on the front steps of their home in the Waldheim neighborhood of Flushing, Queens.
    Date: circa 1945
    Type: Digital image
    Identifier: aql:20781
    Description: Annalou Christensen poses with her first two children, Buzz and Barbara, in their driveway. Their neighbor's house is visible behind them. Annalou and her husband Wayne Christensen had their other eig ... More
    Date: Time Period: 1943 - 2012
    Type: Oral history
    Identifier: aql:23188
    Description: Jake Eichenbaum is 69 and grew up in Bayside, NY. He is the official "Queens Borough Historian" [http://flushingchamber.nyc/jack]. He left NYC to explore American and returned after 13 years, and at t ... More