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Authors: Emil Ganso
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Men | Women
Type: Aquatint etching
Identifier: aql:27588
Description: A man with a hat and cane, talking to a woman through a window on a village street.
Authors: Charles E. Pont
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Markets
Type: Woodcut
Identifier: aql:27596
Description: View of a fish market at Pecks Slip and Front Street in lower Manhattan. Vendors, merchants, and horsedrawn cards stand in front of various fish stores.
Authors: Harry Shokler
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Fishing huts
Type: Wood engraving
Identifier: aql:26175
Description: View of a cove, featuring boats and a fishing shack.
Authors: Mac Raboy
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Hay
Type: Woodcut
Identifier: aql:26161
Description: Men pitching hay onto a cart.
Authors: Fritz Eichenberg
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Divers
Type: Woodcut
Identifier: aql:26144
Description: A person in a diving suit holding a Bible surrounded by different types of aquatic life.
Authors: Philip Cheney
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Log cabins | Cattle
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:27597
Description: Lone cattle grazes in front of a log cabin. Jutting rocks and a mountain stand in the background.
Authors: Fuji Nakamizo
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Birds
Type: Etching
Identifier: aql:27579
Description: Six reed birds gathered in a group.
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Authors: Emil Ganso
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Women
Type: Etching
Identifier: aql:27598
Description: Reclining nude woman with legs crossed, seen from behind.
Authors: John P. Heins
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Roofs | Water towers
Type: Woodcut
Identifier: aql:26188
Description: A watertower perched on top of a rooftop.
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Authors: Joseph Leboit
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Boys
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:27589
Description: Young boy with big eyes seated and holding his hands together.
Authors: Bernard Steffen
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Men
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:27595
Description: A man in boots uses a large saw to cut timber.
Authors: Arnold Blanch
Date: 1937-1942
Type: Aquatint etching
Identifier: aql:27606
Description: View of houses and industrial buildings in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Authors: Hubert Davis
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Dwellings
Type: Lithograph
Identifier: aql:27584
Description: View of two wooden houses with front porches illuminated by a single lamp post.
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Corn
Type: Monotype print
Identifier: aql:26180
Description: Two women husking corn. A child is looking on as the duo work.
Authors: William Sanger
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Sharecroppers
Type: Drypoint etching
Identifier: aql:27612
Description: Impoverished family gathered outside around a table sharing craps of food.