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Authors: Louis Schanker
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Polo
Type: Color woodcut
Identifier: aql:26152
Description: Geometric figure of polo figure in colorful uniform with club and ball.
Authors: Ann Nooney
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Parks
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:26173
Description: People resting on benches in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
Authors: Elizabeth Olds
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Gardens | Factories
Type: Color woodcut
Identifier: aql:26171
Description: View of a factory town containing houses for workers and industrial buildings with smokestacks. A meger garden stand in the middle.
Authors: Dayton Branfield
Date: 1937-1942
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:27445
Description: Circus performers practicing acrobatic acts.
Authors: Minetta Good
Date: 1937-1942
Subject: Dwellings | Sand dunes
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:26186
Description: A delipadated grey house with a red roof sits alone on a beach. The house was probably hit by a major storm.
Date: 1937
Subject: Flowers
Type: Color lithograph
Identifier: aql:26197
Description: Abstract looking plant pistil covered by a shell like figure.
Authors: Ruth Chaney
Date: 1935 - 1943
Subject: Art museums
Type: Color woodcut
Identifier: aql:26160
Description: Two female figures are in a gallery.