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Date: September 21, 1912
Subject: Beaches
Type: postcard; digital image
Identifier: aql:17961
Description: "Whitestone Shore Front, Long Island, N.Y."; Whitestone Shoreline; One cent, postmarked stamp on the reverse along with a note addressed to a Winfred Thorne in Central Valley, New York.
Authors: Siu-Kee Yip
Date: 2015
Type: Poem
Identifier: aql:29015
Description: Siu-kee Yip wrote a poem for her daughter Yip-kee Zou as a graduation gift. She graduated from pharmacy school in Connecticut in 2015. Siu-kee's poem complimented her daughter Yip-kee's commitment to ... More
Authors: Nicholas Hirshon
Date: 2004
Type: Application
Identifier: aql:25566
Description: This is Nicholas Hirshon's application to become editorial page editor of the Torch student newspaper at St. John's University in Jamaica, Queens. He was elected editor by the outgoing editorial board ... More
Authors: Siu-Kee Yip
Date: 2001
Type: Photocopy of a photograph
Identifier: aql:29013
Description: Yip-kee Zou (second from right) and her family (her mom, Siu-kee Yip is the first from the left) posed for a photograph upon her graduation from Edward R. Murrow High School. The family was living in ... More
Authors: Siu-Kee Yip
Date: 2000s
Type: Certificate
Identifier: aql:29005
Description: Siu-kee Yip volunteered at the CCM-Grand Street, a healthcare clinic in Chinatown in the 2000s. This certificate is presented to her in appreciation of her work at the center.
Date: October 1992
Type: postcard; digital image
Identifier: aql:17979
Description: "In Queens there is room for all" - A card advertising teh Queens history conference, which was held at Queens College on October 2 AND 3, 1992.
Authors: Nicholas Hirshon
Date: 1990s
Type: Comic
Identifier: aql:25569
Description: The comic strip Marmaduke featured a story submission from Nicholas Hirshon of Forest Hills in which he recalled a funny incident involving his dog Spot. Also referenced are Hirshon's parents, Irene J ... More
Authors: Siu-Kee Yip
Date: 1983
Type: Poem
Identifier: aql:29009
Description: Siu-kee Yip's father, Wai-kee Yip, wrote a poem about his life at age 80. He was a rare nose flute player from the Guangdong province with Hakka heritage.
Date: circa 1970
Type: postcard; digital image
Identifier: aql:17955
Description: Playland Attraction: the Paratrooper Ride, on the Midway. Playland, Rockaway Beach
Date: 1970
Type: postcard; digital image
Identifier: aql:17918
Description: Rockaways' Playland, the "kiddie" section of Rockaways' Playland.
Date: circa 1970
Type: postcard; digital image
Identifier: aql:17885
Description: A postcard from 1970 of thrilled riders on the Atom Smasher roller coaster in Rockaways' Playland.
Date: 1967
Type: postcard; digital image
Identifier: aql:17888
Description: This postcard shows the interior and exterior of Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor formerly located in Richmond Hill, Queens.
Date: 1965
Type: letters (correspondence)
Identifier: aql:2434
Description: Typewritten letter from Robert Moses to Fred Tannery dated October 1, 1965 expressing his delight that Tannery had so enjoyed his visits to the Fair.
Authors: Wallach, Lori
Date: 1965
Type: Ephemera
Identifier: aql:24844
Description: Souvenir ticket from the Long Island Rail Road for the 1964-65 World's Fair.
Date: 1965
Type: plates (dishes)
Identifier: aql:2473
Description: Package of orange paper plates with image of sun in the middle distributed at the People to People International exhibit at the 1964 New York World's Fair. People to People is an international humanit ... More