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Date: March 21 - June 20 1974
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:21178
Description: Roula Melidis standing next to a railing, posing for the camera. Hell Gate Bridge is in the background.
Date: March 21, 2005
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:19320
Description: Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosts reception in honor of the New York City community boards at Gracie Mansion.
Date: April 20 1991
Subject: Billboards
Type: Color photograph
Identifier: aql:22204
Description: Billboards advertising men's clothes, electronics, and the Queens County Savings Bank.
Authors: Joseph Aslaender
Date: March, 2016
Subject: Streets
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:17185
Description: The street in front of Joseph Aslaender's house in 2016. He took this photograph at the same angle as a 1945 photograph of his mother, Jean Aslaender.
Authors: Lynne Serpe
Date: October 2016
Type: Color photograph
Identifier: aql:21962
Description: Lynne Serpe was interviewed as part of the 30th Avenue Project. She also ran for city council and this was one of her bus shelter ads located on 30th Avenue in Astoria.
Authors: Anna Tong
Date: 2015
Type: Digital image; Color Photgraph
Identifier: aql:19908
Description: Shengxing Zheng poses in graduation robes during commencement from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.
Authors: Seymour Schwartz
Date: October 2015
Type: Color photograph
Identifier: aql:22049
Description: Seymour Schwartz poses for a photograph.
Authors: Steve Kessler
Date: ca. 2014
Type: Color photograph
Identifier: aql:33665
Description: Steve Kessler in front of his old building at 43-30 44th Street where they moved in 1957.
Authors: Shaozheng Zeng
Date: 2014
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:21422
Description: Terrence Zeng, grandson of Shaozheng Zeng, was born in 2014. The upper left picture was taken in a downtown Manhattan hospital. The bottom pictures were taken in their Manhattan home.
Authors: Christa Tandana
Date: October 2014
Subject: Demonstrations
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:21454
Description: Christa Tandana (second row, first from right), a former Flushing resident, with neighbors from the community, took this photograph in solidarity with, and in response to, the events in Ferguson, Miss ... More
Authors: Kiranjeet Kaur
Date: 2013
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:21124
Description: Kiranjeet Kaur's son, Gurshabt and his pre-K class of Heart Share First Step Preschool.
Authors: Shaozheng Zeng
Date: 2013
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:21430
Description: Shaozheng Zeng's family take a family picture at a restaurant in Guangzhou when Shaozheng Zeng returned to China.
Authors: Joanne T. Dolman
Date: December 2012
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:17100
Description: Joanne and her family having a Christmas dinner in the Philippines.
Authors: Frank Carrado
Date: 2012.0
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:20187
Description: High rise buildings on Center Boulevard, seen from 5th Street between 47th Avenue and 46 Road. Photo was taken in 2012 by a local resident Frank Carrado. In the foreground, people sit on benches in a ... More
Authors: Frank Carrado
Date: 2012.0
Subject: Apartment houses
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:20182
Description: The intersection of 50th Avenue and 11th Street in Long Island City. Photo was taken in 2012 taken by Frank Carrado from the north side of the Pulaski Bridge. A red-brick apartment building with attac ... More