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Date: September 26, 1914
Subject: Fire fighters
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16467
Description: William Roberton (left) poses with a fellow volunteer fireman on their Bayside Day parade vehicle. Signs for Thatcher Heaters installed by Robertson adorn the vehicle.
Date: 1971
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16491
Description: An encased 1921 silver dollar coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Ridgewood Savings Bank. The encased silver dollar was given as a gift to each charter customer who had an account in the b ... More
Date: 1955
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16459
Description: Looking west along Jamaica Avenue near Sutphin Boulevard. Flooding caused by a hurricane.
Date: 1950s
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16483
Description: Commuters read newspapers as they wait on the platform of the 61st Street station at 61st Street and Roosevelt Avenue on the IRT Flushing Line.
Date: 1950s
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16488
Description: The St. Albans Naval Hospital Band's members are posing in front of the main facade of the hospital.
Date: circa 1945
Subject: Storefronts
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16458
Description: Forest Hills, southeast corner of 71st Avenue and Austin Street. Leslie's restaurant and Lyon's Galleries storefronts visible.
Date: 1935
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16451
Description: Bayside High School in 1935. The school, still in use today, is located on Corporal Kennedy Street at 32nd Avenue.
Date: September 1922
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16474
Description: The St. Albans Station of the Long Island Railroad, with the St. Albans Golf Club in the background. The image was originally published in a Jeremiah Johnson Jr. auction pamphlet.
Date: September 1919
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16479
Description: The St. Albans stop of the Long Island Railroad. This image was originally published in a Joseph P. Day real estate pamphlet.
Date: November 1917
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16463
Description: Trinity Church of Hewlett holds a Thanksgiving meal for U.S. servicemen. "Walner" and "Miller" are written on the back of the mount.
Date: April 1911
Subject: Floods | Streets
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16462
Description: Severe flooding conditions after an April 1911 rainstorm on Cypress Avenue, south of Myrtle Avenue. The installation of sewers in October 1911 made Ridgewood much less vulnerable to severe rainstorm f ... More
Date: November 1902
Subject: Lumber-yards
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16453
Description: Looking across the street from the upper floor of a two story building at Joseph Schildknecht's Lumber Yard in Ridgewood. Joseph Schildknecht, a carpenter, opened the lumber yard in 1902. On the door ... More
Date: circa 1895
Subject: Tollhouses
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16464
Description: This tollhouse stood at the junction of current day Jamaica Avenue and Van Wyck Expressway. The tollhouse was removed in 1898 when the five boroughs became incorporated as New York City.
Date: circa 1850
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16473
Description: A bird's-eye view of the Calvary Cemetery illustrates the landscape in Queens before extensive development.
Date: circa 1850
Subject: Snow removal
Type: Digital image
Identifier: aql:16487
Description: Neighbors shovel heavy snow to make way for carriages.