Far Rockaway (New York, N.Y.)

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Date: August 14, 1911
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30177
Description: Invitation to a masquerade ball at The Hotel Lorraine in the Edgemere section of Rockaway.
Date: May 14, 1906
Subject: Beaches | Beachgoers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30208
Description: Beach scene: "Taking a sun bath on the beach at Far Rockaway".
Date: October 14, 1906
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30202
Description: A postcard advertising The Wave newspaper showing their building and surrounding landmarks, it is the longest running newspaper on the Rockaway Peninsula (still published 2018). The paper originated i ... More
Date: August 13, 1924
Subject: Hotels | Beaches | Beachgoers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30119
Description: Colorized photograph of swimmers in front of the Hotel Shelbourne in Edgemere.
Date: September 12, 1907
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30299
Description: Jarvis Lane. Scene with horse and buggy going under a wooden gate. [Jarvis Lane is now Beach 9th Street, was the section south of Cornaga Avenue].
Date: August 1, 1919
Subject: Dwellings | Streets
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30226
Description: View of large homes on Franklin Avenue, Far Rockaway. [Franklin Avenue is now Dickens St.]
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: February 1, 1916
Subject: Yacht clubs | Piers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30307
Description: Jamaica Bay Yacht Club, Holland Station, Rockaway Beach; before the 1923 landfill of Jamaica Bay, the Jamaica Bay Yacht Club jutted out into the bay for several hundred feet, the clubs float was on th ... More
Date: May 1, 1908
Subject: Landscapes | Beaches
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30327
Description: View from what was the Wavecrest section of Rockaway between Edgemere and Far Rockaway.
Date: September 10, 1910
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30167
Description: LIRR railroad station, Far Rockaway.