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Authors: I. Stern
Date: August 28, 1908
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30254
Description: Sunbathing in Hammels, Rockaway Beach. Hammel was named for a local landowner, Louis Hammel (1836-1904). It originated as a summer community based on a series of boardwalks that ran between the Bay an ... More
Date: June 27, 1925
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30184
Description: Color postcard of a woman leaping over another woman on the beach, and a pennant flag illustration. Printed on the card: "Here I am in Rockaway Beach, N.Y. Enjoying it's sights and cheer. Everything i ... More
Authors: Howard Reid
Date: July 27, 1922
Subject: Beaches | Beachgoers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30174
Description: Crowds watch a beachfront children's carnival on the ocean side of Rockaway Point.
Authors: Frank C. Webster
Date: August 27, 1913
Subject: Hotels
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30251
Description: Edgemere Club, Edgemere, Rockaway. Frederick J. Lancaster opened the Edgemere Hotel at Beach 35th Street in 1895, it was torn down in 1935.
Date: April 27, 1906
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30149
Description: View of Main Street in Far Rockaway (Central Avenue near Mott Street), showing streetcars, storefronts, and pedestrians.
Date: August 26, 1933
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30205
Description: Steeplechase, baths and boardwalk, Rockaway Beach. Steeplechase Park was built by George Tilyou who had earlier built the more well known Steeplechase Park in Coney Island, NY.
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: April 26, 1925
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30139
Description: View of a residential section of Edgemere in Rockaway.
Date: August 26, 1912
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30144
Description: Steeplechase, Rockaway Beach. This was a bathhouse and amusement area opened by George C. Tilyou's called Steeplechase Park (he also had one at Coney Island), it was next to L.A. Thompson's Park, both ... More
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: June 26, 1911
Subject: Tents | Beaches
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30135
Description: Tent City, Seaside, Rockaway Beach. In 1903, Frank Chaffee, a sail and tent maker, opened Rockaway Beach’s largest tent city, between Beach 106 Street and Beach 109 Street, from Rockaway Boulevard to ... More
Authors: William F. Gray
Date: August 26, 1907
Subject: Dwellings
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30210
Description: The Japanese Cottage, Far Rockaway.
Authors: I. Stern
Date: July 26, 1905
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30323
Description: Houses and businesses around the LIRR Gaston Avenue station in Arverne. (now the Beach 67th St. MTA Station)
Date: August 25, 1908
Subject: Tents | Beaches
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30168
Description: Frank Chaffee's Tent City, Rockaway Beach, N.Y. In 1903, Frank Chaffee, a sail and tent maker, opened Rockaway Beach’s largest tent city, between Beach 106 Street and Beach 109 Street, from Rockaway B ... More
Date: July 25, 1906
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30325
Description: LIRR railroad depot, Far Rockaway Station.
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: August 24, 1913
Subject: Dwellings | Children
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30158
Description: View of houses lining 7th Avenue looking north, three boys and a dog play in the street, Rockaway Park. (7th Avenue is now Beach 118th Street). [Same postcard as jsc-000207, different inscription].
Authors: M. Basch
Date: September 24, 1908
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30269
Description: View of Rockaway Boulevard showing storefronts, apartment buildings, and streetcar tracks in the Hammel's Station section of Rockaway Beach.