Far Rockaway (New York, N.Y.)

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Authors: A.M. Simon
Date: September 9, 1922
Subject: Hotels
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30234
Description: Geiger's and The Edgewater Hotel's in the Edgemere section of Rockaway.
Date: July 8, 1907
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30336
Description: View of houses, streetcar tracks, storefronts, and pedestrians along Rockaway Boulevard.
Authors: I. Stern
Date: September 6, 1910
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30273
Description: "Fair View Avenue looking north", Fair View Ave. is now Beach 84th Street. St. Rose of Lima Church is on the right, in what is the Hammels section of Rockaway Beach.
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: July 5, 1911
Subject: Dwellings | Piers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30164
Description: A postcard of “Holland Bay”, showing view of houses on stilts and boats on the Jamaica Bay side in the Holland section of Rockaway Beach.
Authors: I. Stern
Date: August 5, 1909
Subject: Church buildings
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30130
Description: St. Rose of Lima Church; dedication for the church took place in 1907, the church is still there in what was the Hammel's section of Rockaway, on Beach 84th Street.
Date: November 4, 1914
Subject: Hotels
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30292
Description: Tack-A-Pou-Sha House Hotel, Far Rockaway.
Date: September 3, 1910
Subject: Piers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30121
Description: Holland station and pier. The Holland section of the Rockaways went from Beach 88th to Beach 100th Streets, and was named after the Holland family which ran a hotel there. When the railroad extended d ... More
Date: May 31, 1907
Subject: Dwellings
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30312
Description: House in Far Rockaway. "An Ideal Summer Home".
Date: July 29, 1912
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30298
Description: View of Central Avenue in Far Rockaway near intersection with Mott Ave., showing storefronts, and apartment buildings. [Same image with different type as postcard jsc-000159]
Date: August 29, 1906
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30159
Description: View of storefronts and streetcar tracks on Central Avenue in Far Rockaway.
Date: August 28, 1928
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30322
Description: Crowded beach scene with umbrellas and bathers at Rockaway Beach.
Authors: Frank C. Webster
Date: August 27, 1913
Subject: Hotels
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30251
Description: Edgemere Club, Edgemere, Rockaway. Frederick J. Lancaster opened the Edgemere Hotel at Beach 35th Street in 1895, it was torn down in 1935.
Date: April 27, 1906
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30149
Description: View of Main Street in Far Rockaway (Central Avenue near Mott Street), showing streetcars, storefronts, and pedestrians.
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: April 26, 1925
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30139
Description: View of a residential section of Edgemere in Rockaway.
Authors: William F. Gray
Date: August 26, 1907
Subject: Dwellings
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30210
Description: The Japanese Cottage, Far Rockaway.