Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY

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Date: August 9, 1917
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30227
Description: A crowd of beachgoers in front of the amusement parks at Seaside in Rockaway Beach, N.Y.
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: September 8, 1911
Subject: Hotels
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30300
Description: Sea Side House Hotel in Rockaway Beach. The Seaside House was one of Rockaway’s earliest resorts, opened in 1856, when it was attainable only by boat or from carriage from Far Rockaway, and finally cl ... More
Date: July 8, 1908
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30319
Description: Ferris Wheel, Rockaway Beach, N.Y.
Date: June 4, 1919
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30146
Description: View of a residential area on Rockaway Beach Boulevard; shown are streetcars, storefronts, trees, and locals strolling along the boulevard.
Authors: I. Stern
Date: August 4, 1908
Subject: Beachgoers
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30152
Description: Crowds of tourists coming off the steam boat at Rockaway Beach.
Authors: I. Stern
Date: September 4, 1906
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30206
Description: Black and white souvenir postcard with pictures inside the words "Greetings from Rockaway Beach, New York".
Date: July 4, 1906
Subject: Hotels | Docks
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30238
Description: Seaside, Rockaway Beach; view from Jamaica Bay, the Sea Side House Hotel is at the right.
Date: August 30, 1960
Subject: Ferries
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30200
Description: "One of the ferry boats", the Commander ferry boat on route to Rockaway.
Date: July 29, 1910
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30257
Description: Thompson's Scenic Railway, Seaside, Rockaway Beach. The Thompson's "scenic railway" was one of the first roller coasters and was built by LaMarcus Adna Thompson who brought it to the Rockaways for wha ... More
Date: August 28, 1912
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30229
Description: Souvenir postcard with woman holding an umbrella and "They have some pretty solid people in Rockaway Beach, it's a prosperous town" printed on it.
Authors: I. Stern
Date: August 28, 1908
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30254
Description: Sunbathing in Hammels, Rockaway Beach. Hammel was named for a local landowner, Louis Hammel (1836-1904). It originated as a summer community based on a series of boardwalks that ran between the Bay an ... More
Date: August 26, 1933
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30205
Description: Steeplechase, baths and boardwalk, Rockaway Beach. Steeplechase Park was built by George Tilyou who had earlier built the more well known Steeplechase Park in Coney Island, NY.
Date: August 26, 1912
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30144
Description: Steeplechase, Rockaway Beach. This was a bathhouse and amusement area opened by George C. Tilyou's called Steeplechase Park (he also had one at Coney Island), it was next to L.A. Thompson's Park, both ... More
Date: July 22, 1933
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30136
Description: Steeplechase, baths and boardwalk, in Rockaway Beach. This was a bathhouse and amusement area opened by George C. Tilyou's called Steeplechase Park (he also had one at Coney Island), it was next to L. ... More
Authors: S. Hirschberg
Date: August 2, 1913
Subject: Boardwalks
Type: Postcards
Identifier: aql:30169
Description: A view of the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach, the Holland Baths are in the background.