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Liber 7-9 


Abstracted by 

Dudley Case 

WPA Project No. 665-9'7-3-80 

Long Island Collection 
· The Queens Borough Public Library 

Jamaica, New York 



LibEtr ? 


Ab.s.t:racted by 

DUdley Cas:e . 

. WP'A: .Project N. 66q-97~3 .. go 

·.~: " · ":fue:ng :Liil-amF'G.ollectisidue of my ~s-

, · t a.te equally to my three sons, a.nd at the death of my wife the trust 
fund of $1500.00, also equally to them vi z: William H., Andrew D 
and Albert De Smith. .Exe-cutors my son William and Hewlett Smith 


and J ohn B. Post. 

Witnesse s: 
James M. Seaman7 Jerusal em 
John Pettit, Hempstead 

Sur. Morri s Fosdick 

Abigail Clowes (Widow of Isaac) 
Hempst ead 

William Smith 

pr9ved Mar. 12, 1855. 

Lib: 7, 17 
Jan. 18, 1850. 

$50.00 to .my sister Sarah Nichols , wi dow of William Nichols or he-r 
heirs. $50. 00 to Abigail Farrington, · wife of Samuel Farrington or 
her heirs. $200.00 to Ann Adams, wife of Cornelius Adams, or her 
heirs . · $50.00 to Mary Pettit, wi fe of Nicholas Pettit or her heirs. 
$50.00 equally to the. living 1children of I saac Clowes Snedeker . 
$50.00 equally to the.' living children of Agigail Thor pe, deceased. 
$50.00 each to Elizabeth Purdy and Mary Workman, daughters of my 
sister, Sarah Nichols. $50.00 each to Lewis and Sarah Clowes , 
children of Samuel B. Clowes of N. Y. c. , when of age. To Abi-
gail Clowes Adams, daughter of Cornelius Adams, my wearing apparel , 
one bed, bedstead, curtains, blankets, sheet9 pillow cases, six 
best chairs, be,st looking glass, set of China , six ~ilv-er t ea 
spoons, t wo silve·r table spoons, one sugar tong, l a rge rocking 
chair, l arge bible , three green window blinds and $100.00. $50.00 
to Lewis Rushmore to be distributed from time to time among the poor 
of St. Georges Church of Hempst ead. $200.00 to St. Georges Church .. 
$100.,QO to the N. Y. Bible and Common Prayer Book Societya $50.00 
to the ;Protestant Epi scopal Tract Society. The r esi due. of my 

. -household furni tura equally to Abigail Farrington, Ann Adams and Marj" 
Pettit. If there ~s any residue of my est~te it is to be divided 
·into four parts - and one part given to the children of Isaac Clowes 
Snedeker, one: part to Abigail Farrington, ·one part to Ann Adams, and·:· 
one part to Mary Pettit, all children of John Snedeker, deceased. 
Executors, Thomas W.Weeks, Lewi s Rushmore and Benjamin Rushmore. 

Wi tnesses: . 
Abram S. Snedeker, 
Thomas S. Dorlan, 

Sur . Morris Fosdi ck 

Hempstead · 


Abigail Clowes 

proved March 1 3, 1855. 

Henry Hawxhurst 


Lib. 7: 21 
J an. 19, 1855. 

Use and income of entire esta t e to my wife , Clar i ssa, f or t he 
support and mai nt enance of her sel f and the childr en. At her 
death esta t e is t o· be equally divided among my childr en, as 
each become s of age . Executrix, my wi fe ; executor s, my t wo sons , 
Henry and George . 

John R. Morris, Newtown 
Tho s . o. Martin " 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick 

Morris Frost 
Woolver Hollow, Oyster Bay 

Henry Hawxhurst 

proved, March 30, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 24 
Feb. 14, 184 7. 

Entire estate to my wife , Ann, outright. 
and Samuel Cock, Jr. 

Executors, Clark Cock 

Edwin Weeks 
Sarah F. Cock 
James Cock 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Jordan Craft 
Glen Cove·, Oystdrbay 

hi s 
Morris (X) Fro st 


proved, March 30 , 1855. 

Lib. 7: 27 
March 11, 1854. 

Exe:cutors to sell real estate and of the proceed s, I give my son, 
Daniel, $400.00 which with _the $1400.00 already advanced him I 
consider a just proportion of my est a t e . The income on $1000. 00 
to my daughter Ann f or life , and at her death the principal to my 
grand~son, JQrdan C. Dodge , son of my daughter, Eli zabet h , deceased . 
If Ann should di e before Jordan is of age , the income is to be used 
for hi s education and support 'till he is of age , when he i s to re-
ceive the principal. If he should di e before becoming of age and 
without issue and my daughter Ann also be dead, then the principal 
is to go to my heirs. The income of the r esi due of my est at e to 
my daughter Ann, and as much of the principal as is necessary f or 
her support, using too, the principal of the $100p600 trust fund 
if necessary. At her death, the r esi due to be di spo sed of by her 
Will, if she make·s no Will, then to my heirs at l aw. E:xecutors , 
Isaac Valentina, Willet Weeks and Joseph Cole s (Carriage Maker). 

Jordan Craft 


Wi tnesse.s: 
Samuel M. Titus 
John V. Nostrand 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, March 30, 1855 

Morris Southard Lib. 7: 30 
Hempstead Sept. 25, 1853. 

To my wife, Mary, outright my entire estate . Executors , my son 
Halle·t and my son-in-law, . Richard P. Rhodes. 

Wi tnesses: 
John Sealy, Hempst ead 
Levi Southard 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

. Margaret Harrold .· 



proved, April 18, 1855. 

Lib. tc: 53 
August 15, 1846. 

To Margaret, daugh,tter of James and Juliann Heron, my maple bedstead, 
bed with green curtains , a star bed quilt, two pairs of' sheets and 
pilJ.ow cases , one table cloth, t wo towels, t wo t ea . spoons and $150.00. 
To Catherine, wife of Willet Kirby, t wo pairs of sheets and pillow 
cases , one t able cloth, t wo bed quilts, t wo towels, one bedroom car-
pet and $150.00. The residue of my estate equally to Ann Eliza and 
Mary Hageman, daught&rs of Adrian and Mary Hageman, with the proviso 
that they pay $150.00 to Samuel, son of Jacob and Eli zabeth Layton, 
upon demand. Executors, Joseph Valentine of Oysterbay and Willet 
Kirby of N. Y. c. 

Wm. C. Feeks; Oys t erbay 
Jonathan Underhill · 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

John K. Hayden 
Great Neck, No. Hempstead 

Margare t Harrold 

proved, April 18, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 36 
Sept. 29, 1854. 

$150. each to my grand-sons George V(. Hutton and John J. Somerindyke" 
with acc1~ued interest when each i s of age; if either one dies before 
that time, his l egacy equally to my three sons, Henry K, Samuel E. and 
Nehemiah Hayd~n. T'o my grand-son, John S. Hayden, son of Henry, $50.60 
with interest when of age. To my grand sons William Henry and Alfred 
A. Hayden, sons of Henry, $25.00 when of age:. 
To my wife, Catherine, the use, for life of -


one third the 
equally to my 
dower rights. 
Heilry, Samuel 

re.sidue of my est at e. and at her death, the principal 
aforesaid three sons. This to wife in lieu of her 
The re·sidu_e of the: estate . to my aforesaid three sons, 

and Nehemiah. ,Executors, these three sons. 

John K. Hayden 
Wi tnessas: 

Wm. H. Onderdonk, Great Neck 
John Studer " 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick 

Martin I. Jor1nson 

pro~ed, April 26, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 4Q 
March -- 1855. 

Entire: personal estate and all my -real estate situated in Queens 
County equally to my t wo sons, John and Abraham Ditmars Johnson 
when each is of age; in the meantime, Executors . to use the income 
of same for their support and education. If either one di es before 
becoming of age, th& survivor is to inherit the· whole; i f both di e 
before that time, this legacy to my wife Eli zabeth and to her heirs. 
To my wife Elizabeth and her heirs, my real estate in Kings County, 
called the Terhune property or the proceeds of its sale. This to 
her in lieu of her' dower rights. Executrix, said wife; Executors, 
my brother-in-law, Eldert Bergen and my friend, Jor.n S. -Snedeke:r. 

Martin I. Johnson 
Witnesses : 

Henry w. Johnson, J'a.maica 
Lewis L. Fosdipk,; ,; n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Henry Pape 
Flammersburg, Flushing 

proved, April 30, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 45 
Oct. 15, 1854 . 

$25. 00 each to my t wo sons, John Gottfried and William Pape, 
when each i s of age; if either dies before that time such legacy 
is null and void. The entire re;sidue of my estate, outright, ·to 
my wife, Christiana. (No Executor} 

John Ogelvy 
George· Horn 
Jobn Reindel 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Henry Pape 

proved, May 22 , 1855. 


William R. Thurston 
N. Y. C. & Flushing 


Lib. 7: 48 
Feb. 11, 1845. 

To my wife·, Abigail E. all. my household furniture outright and the 
income on $9000.00 for life. At her death the principal t o my 
son William R. Jr. This bequest to wife in lieu of her dower. 
She i s entitled to about the same income from the estate of her 
father, the principal of which on her death goes to my son, Joseph 
D. Thurston. $500.00 to be invested and the interest paid my 
nephew William Thurston Everngham during his ,minority, and the 
principal at his majority. If he. should di e before reaching 
majority, the principal to r evert to my residuary es t a t e . The 
r esidue of my estate equally to my t wo sons, William R. Jr. and 
Jo·seph D. Thurston. Executors said t wo sons . 


.. .. Henry Haydock Joseph W. Corlies 
Chri s. H. Fash 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Abigail Morgan 
Oyster bay 

Wm. R. Thurston 

proved, May 21, 1855. 

Lib. ?: 51 
July 23, 1852. 

To my nieces Abigail Hyatt and Harri et Wat ki ns , the use and income 
of my dwelling house land and appurtenances f or f ive years after my 
death. To my nieces Sarah Elizabeth Gorham and Elizabeth Rogers 
the income of my five 'shares of stock of the New York and ,Eri e Rail-
road equally for five years after my death. If Sarah E. should 
die during those five years, her share to her .daughter, .Jo sephine , 
if she; also should die; then to Wm. T. Devoe. If Eli za.beth should 
die, her share to her grand daughter Sarah Elizaqeth Rogers. · At 
the' end of five years, the r eal estate and the stock to be sol d and 
the: proceeds divided equally among those aforesai d nieces, then 
living. Executor Jacob Hyatt of Williamsburgh, Kings Co., N. Y. 

Abigail Morgan 

Wm. S. Woodhull, 429 Second Aveo., N. Y. · C. 
Thomas Loader, n 11 

Codicil to above Will, dated Oct. 26, 1855, As I have sold my stock, 
th<-1 incomer. of which I left my nieces, Sa.rah Gor ham and Elizabeth 
Rogers, I give them instead, all the money on hand at my death 
equally divided, but when ' the. real estate is sold, this money to be 
deducted.from their shar~ of the proceerls of that sale . 

Wi tne.sses: 
Susanna Skidmore 
Phebe Skidmore 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Abigail Morgan 

proved, May 29, 1855. 

George Wa Hunt 


Lib. 7: 55 
Oct. 11, 1854. 

F.ntire estate. to my wife Amy, to be' disposed of a s she- mg.y 
dei:>ire among my children at her death. If she should re-
marry, my executors are to rc~serve sufficient funds f rom my 
estate, for her support before dividing it among my children. 
Executrix, wife Afny; Executors, my son Joseph M. Hunt of New-
town and George B. Remsen of Williamsburgh, Kings Co. 

Jarvis Jackson, Newtown 
Ascan Backus u 
Abraham Whitson 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

William Harrold 
Glen Cove, Oysterbay. 

George· W. Hunt 

proved, June 11, 1855. 

Libec ·7: 59 
Aug. 17, 1854. 

Entire estate to my executors in trust; they are to convert entire 
estate into cash and dispose of it as follows: One third to be 
inve-sted and the income- paid my wife Polly i'or life. The r emain-
ing two thirds to be divided into ... seven.:_ parts and one part given 
outright, to each of my t wo daughters, Mary and Louisa. The in-
terest on one such part to each of my four sons, Samuel, William, 
Thomas and Abraham, for life, and .at .th·e death of each, the principal 
equally to the heirs of each. If any of the·se four sons predecease 
me , at my death, the part left to such_ shall go outright equally 
to such ones, wife and children. If any money is due minors, 
it is to pe invested and paid them with interest when each is of age . 
If my wife should desire, any of my moveables , she can have same to 
a value: of $600:.00. At .her death these are to be sold and the pro-
ceeds toget'her with the principal of her trust fund to be divided ; 
among my children of their heirs as in the precedd'.ilgr articles of rny 
Wili. The note for $185.00 held by Elias J. Beach of Glen Cove 
against my son William, which I have guaranteed, if not pai d ~~ myr 
death, ~hall be paid and that amount deducted. from the money l eft 
said son. The $500.00 I have advanced my son Thomas, shall be 
deducted from his legacy. Any other money hereafter advanced any 
of my children by me~, shall be deducted from that ones l egacy. 
The: legacies le~t my four sons heretofore mentioned are to be beyond 
the reach of any of their creditors and such funds I l eave to my son 
James, to be used for their benefit beyond the reach of their credit-
ors. . The remaining one seventh part of my estate outright to my 
son Jame'S, including one' seventh of the; trust fund left my wife, at 
present in I!Jrancisco, Cal., and I appoint him sole executor of 
my Will. 

John T. Valentine, 
William Mudge 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

William Harrold 

Farmer, Glen Cove 

proved, June 19, 1855. 

I saac Germond 


Lib. 7: 68 
April 9, 1855. 

$100.00 to Ellen G. Walsh, daughter of John Walsh, formerly of 
Flushing. ~~500.00 equally to the children of my brother, Willett 
Germond. Use of ,the entire residue of my estat e to my wi fe , Ellen, 
for life and at her de?.th the ent ire residue to my nephew, Benj amin 
H. Cornell and t o his heirs. . Bequest to wi fe in lieu of her dower · 
rights. Executrix, my wife J:i:llen. Executors, my nephew, Benja-
min H. Cornell and William Wright, son of Charles. 

I saac Germond 
Wi tn0sses i 

1 · ·.Sam'+ Willett; Flushing 
Martin Rapel yea 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

William Tappen 
Roslyn, No. Hempstead 

proved , June 25, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 72 
Feb • . 5 , 1855. 

Executors to se:ll entire est ate . Wife Betsey and infant daughter, 
Mary Elizabeth, to be allowed to re.side in my house until it is sold 
and if wife r emains my wi dow the: entire income from my est at e to be 
used for the support and maintenance 0f wife and daughter. At the 
death or r emarriage of wi fe , if no other child has been born to me, 
the r e:sidue of my estate to my daughter, Mary Eli zabeth, when she is 
eighteen. If there is another child, such child shall share equally 
with Mary Elizabeth when 18. If my wife should remarry or di e and 
l eave no children living, then the estat e is to go to my grand-daughter, 
Sar ah Verity, ·daught er of my daughter Ann Eli za Ve.rity and Will iam 
Ve:ri ty when she is of age. Executors, Hicks Albertson and Francis 

Witnesses : 
Charles H. Baxter, 
Alonzo B. Wright 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Absalom Wooden 
Oyster bay 

William Tappen 


proved, July 5, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 76 
Dec. 11, 1841 

Entire est at e: to my sister, Elizabeth Wooden, and her h1~irs. 
JG:xecutors, Daniel and James Fleet, both of Oys t erbay. 

Joseph Storrs, 
J ames Prior 
Solomon Wooden 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Absalom Wooden 



proved, July 15, 1855. 

Jeremiah L. Fowler 


Lib. 7: 79 
Dec. 31, 1855. 

To my wife:, all my household fur ni ture and othe-r household ar t i-
c1es. Incoma of the r e.sidue;. of my es t a t e to my said wife Ann, 
till younge.'St child is of age , when est a t e is to be divided g,s 
follows : $1500.00 each to my wi fe and each child except my 
daughter Mary Ann, wife of William Seaman, who is to r ecei ve 
only $1000.00 as . she has already had $500.00 f r om me . If es-· 
t at e doe s not amount to enough, .beque~ts ar e to be cut i n pro-
portion. If any of my children .di e with issue , such is sue to 
r eceive deceased parents stare . Bequests to wif e in lieu of her 
dower rights. Executors, my brother, Simeon L. Fowl er, my 
brother-in-law, Franci s B. Golder and John J. Armstrong. 

J er emiah L. Fowl er 

John J. Armstrong, Jamaica 
Ezra W. Conklin n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick . 

Elizabe:th Tyler 

proved, July 16, 1855 . 

Lib . 7: 82 
J an. 10, 1854. 

To my daughter Elizabeth M. wife of Joseph F. Ne~son t he lot i n 
Flushing on th~ west side of the highway from Fl u shing to Jamaica , 
40 f ee t front and r ear and 100 f eet de-ep, bounded on the east by 
the above highway, on the south, west and north by l ands f ormerly 
belonging to David Green Wall., now on the south by Church St., west 
by land of James Morrell and .west by property of Elijah Peck be-
ing tha land conveyed to .the late James Morrell by D. G. Wa.11 and 
his wife Charlotte, and conveyed to me by the said James Morrell 
and his wife Mary :Ann by deed .dated, 'April 16, 1834, r ecorded in the 
Queens Co. Clerk's Office in Liber F. F. of Deeds p. 377 on May 16, 
1834. To her and her heirs. Executrix ,_ my daughter Elizabeth 
M.' Nelson. 

Henry T. Taber, Front 
James De Rever e , Gold 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

I saac Cock 
Oysterbay · 

Elizabeth Tyler 

St., Brooklyn 
St. n 

proved, August 13, 1855 . 

Irib. 7: 86 
June 26, 1837. 

Entire ~state to my wife Ann, outright. 
Simon .Craft and Stephen Cock. 

Executors, DeTick Craft, 

Isaac Cock 



Robert Robins 
Temperance Craft 

Sur . Morris Fo sdick 

Joseph Southard (Yeoman) 

proved , June 18, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 89. 
J a.n. 18, 1848. 

To my daughter Jane, the choice .of one bedstead and bedding, the 
carpet from t wo rooms, six chairs, one looking glass and cupboard; 
also to her $500.00. · $50.00 to my son William. Residue of 
estate to be . sold and the proceeds divided equally among my four 
children; viz: Benjamin, J'ohn and J ane Southard and Elizabeth 
Morgan. Exe;cutors, my son Benjamin and Thomas Powell • . 

Wi tnessa s: 
Michael Combs, Hempstead 
Clinton F. Combs 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Richard Kirk 
Glen Cove, Oysterbay 

Joseph Southard 

proved, August 17, 1855 .• 

Lib. 7: 92 
May 28, 1855. 

Income of entire e state· to my wife Mary A. Kirk f or the suppor t 
of herself and my da~ghter, Anna V. Kirk, till Anna i s of age, 
when the estate is to be equally divided bet we:en them. Bequest 
to wife. in lieu of her dower. If either wife or daughter di e s 
before inheriting the estate outright, the survivor is to r ecei ve 
it all. If ·both die before~ daugl!ter is of age, unless she ha s 
issue, . then e~tate equally among the children of my brother Joshua 
Kirk, the .children . of my sisters 1 Anna K. Valentine and Hannah F. 
Lyon and the children of my wife's siste~, Anna, wife of Henry 
Valentine. Executors, my brother Joshua and my cou sin James 
Titus; both of Glen Cove and my t wo brothers-in-law, Samuel 
T. Valentine and Sy::j..vanus Lyon, both of N. Y. C. 

Richard Kirk 
Wi tne-sses: 

James B. Kirby, Glen Cove 
Elish~ Mott n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Benjamin Hatfield 

proved, Aug. 20, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 96 
August 2, 1855. 

Household furniture to my wife Elizabeth. Executors to sell the 
residue of estate and of the proceeds, I give my wife $2000.00 
outright. $100.00 to my grand-son William Hatfield, when of 
age. Bequest to wif·e in lieu of her dower rights. The residue 


of the proceeds equally 
· .Ann and Phebe Hatfield. 

to my four daught ers, Amelia , Sar ah, Mary 
Exacutor, John W. Demott. 

his · 
Benj amin X Hatf i el d 


Abraham Scott, Hempst ead 
George F. Scott 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved , August 2, 1855. 

Cornelius Schenck Lib. 7; 99 
Oysterbay Nov. 29; 1847 

$50.00 each to my t wo sons Nicholas and Phillip Ellis Schenck . 
$30.00 to my daughter, Elizabeth Cheshire . $20.00 each to my 
t wo daughters, Margaret Verity and Sarah Ellison. The r esi due 
of my astate equally to my t wo sons, Aaron and Stephen, subj ect 
to the payment of the' aforesaid l egacies. Executors , my three 
sons, Nicholas, Phillip and .Aaron. 

Cornelius Schenck 

: ; Thomtt-s:.,Willi s;;.:·L0cust Grove 
'. : , S@l)luel Sm th, " 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Thomas Marshall 

proved, .Sept. 10, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 102 
Sept. 8, 1855. 

To George Pople- of Flushing and 
to his heirs, my lot and the 

building thereon on the west side of Prince St., which was con-
veyed to me by i'vm. H. Fairweather and Cornell P?·ck, Aug. 1, 1850 
and recorded in the Queens Co. Clerk's Office, Liber 85 of Deeds 
p. 324, Oct. 19, 1850., this is where I now reside. Al so to 
George Pople, my entire, personal estate. Executor, the sai d 
George Pople. 

Wi tness€lw, Peter and Phebe, equally. To John, my cupboar d, 
French bedstead, bed, bedding and furniture. in the room wher e it 
stands. To Phebe, all the remainder of my household and kitchen 
furniture . $100.00 each to my children, Stephen, John, Dow, 
Peter, . Phebe, Anne and Sarah and my grand-daughter, Sarah Drew. 
The residue of my personal estate , equally to my sons, John and 
Peter. Executors, my sons, John and Peter and my nephew Geor ge 
Nostrand; son of Timothy. 

Sarah Lott 


Mart in G. Johnson, Jamaica 
Pe-ter G. Lott n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Charles Nadansky 
North Hempstead 

Proved, Nov. 17, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 131 
Feb. 20, 1850. 

Entire estate real- and personal to my wife Ellen, outright. 
Executrix, my aforesaid wife. 

Charles Nadansky 
Wi tne-s ses::. 

John Mc George, 35 Myrtle· Ave., Brooklyn 
J ames Stoddart, 102 Prince. St., 11 
William Stoddart; 96 Concord St. 11 

Sur. Morri s Fosdick Proved , Nov. io, 1855. 

Cornelius Remson 

Lib. 7: 135 
Aug. 22 , 1831. 

Entire estate- equally to my five children: Maria, wife of Daniel 
Losee, Rachel, wife of William Tigney, Angeline Colyer (a wi dow), 
Cordelia, wife of Elbert Kitcham, all of Brooklyn and George B. 
Remsen. Executors, my t wo ·sons-in-law, Daniel Losee and William 
'irigney and George W. Hunt. 

Jarvis Jackson, Newtown 
Rachel Remsen " 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Corne-lius W. -Stoothoff 

Cornelius Remsen 

proved , Nov. 29, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 138 
Oct. 25, 1855. 

Entire estate to my wife, Ellen A. Gorslin Stoothoff and to her 
heirs. Executrix , said wife. 

Wi tne-sse,s: 
John Simonson, Jamaica 
Wm. C. Stoothoff, . 11 

Sur: -Mo-rri s -Fosdick 

Cornelius W. Stoothoff 

proved, Dec. 3, 1855. 

Isaac Willets 
Jericho, Oysterbay 


Lib. 7: 141 
Dec. 12, 1850 

To m~r wife Amy, all my household furniture and $5000.00 out-
right and the income on $5000 . 00 as long as she remains my widow; 
at her death or remarriage, this priricipalequally to my children 
or their heirs; heirs to receive deceased parent's share.. Be-
que;sts to i;Vife in lieu of her dower rights. $4000.00 each, to 
my daughters, Mary, wife of Thomas Whitson, Elizabeth, wife of 
Oliver Titus, Phebe, wife of William Frame and Han.."lah Willets. 
Residue of estate equally to my three sons, John J., William and 
Daniel or their heirs; heirs to receive deceased parent's share. 
Executors to act as guardians for minor daughters and use the in-
come of their legacies for their support and education, till of 
age. Executors, my son William of Jericho, my brother-in-law, 
Sam J. Underhill of Jericho and my brother Andrew Willets of New 
York City. 

Isaac Willets 

Henry T. Willets, N. Y. c. 
. Daniel Underhill, Jericho 

Sur. Morris Fosdick · 

Abigail Skidmore.· (widow of Jo.seph) 
F'oster 1 s Meadow, Jamaica 

proved, Dec. 3, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 145 

To my t wo daughters, Sarah,, wife of Henry Simonson, and Nelly, 
wife of John W. Nostrand, my wearing apparel and household furni-
ture equally, and to each for ~life the income on $1000.00. At 
the .deathof each, the princ:i,pal equally to their he:ir.s. $50.00 
each to Joseph Skidmore Simonson, son of my daughter, Hannah, 
deceased, to John Skidmore Smith, son of my daughter Elizabeth, 
to Joseph Skidmore Simonso'n, son of my daughter Sarah and to Abi-
gail Carpenter Nostrand, daughter of my daughteT Nelly. The 
residue of my estate equally to my four grand-children, Joseph 
and Daniel Simonson, sons of my daughter Han..~ah, and to F.J.izabeth 
and John Smith, children of my daughter Elizabeth or to their 
heirs; heirs to receive deceased parent•s share. Executors, 
Daniel Higbie, John w. Nostrand and Henry Simonson 

Jacob Schoonmaker, 
Abm. D •. Higbie 

Sur. Moiris Fosdick 

Abigail Skidmor~ 


proved, Dec. 29, 1855. 

Jane E. Mi tchell 
North Hempst ead 


Lib . 7: 149 
July 31, 1855. 

Ent i r e estate t o my husband , Samuel L. Mitchel l. 
aforeBaid hu sband . · 

Witnesses : 
William A. Mi tchell , 
Warren Mitchell 

Jane E. Mitchel l 

Manha sset Vall ey 

Executor, ·my 

Sur . Morri s Fosdick pr oved, Jan. 15, 1856. 

John Seal ey 

Lib . 7: 151 
Feb. 6, 1851. 

To my wife , Eli zabeth, on:e bed, bedstead, bedding, s i x .chairs , s i x 
t easpoons, one looking glas s and a ·clock , her choi ee . Al so t o 
her $800. 00. Residue of my estate~ equally to my chi ldr en and one 
grand-son; viz: children, James, Daniel, Rebecca, Anna , Mari a, Jane, 
Matilda ('lndMargaret Sealey a nd Sarah, wife of Isaa c Goulder ; grand-
son: Elbert Pet.tit, son of Martha Pettit, decea sed. Execut ri x, my 
said wife; Executors, my t wo sons, J ames and Daniel Sealey . 

Da~i i3'1 i' e::bry; Hempstead 
James Whalley 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Peter · Brinkerhoff 
North Hempstead 

John Seal ey 

proved, J an. 15, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 154 
Nov. 9, 1846. 

Entire estate. to John L. Hoogland, the son of my wi fe , Wi l l i mpe , 
deceased, and t o his heirs . Executors , the aforesai d John L. 
Hoogland and Hampt on Dodge of North Hempstead. · 

Pet er Brinkerhoff 

Mitchell Howell 
Maria Howell & Charle s M. Cornell 

Sur. Morris Fdsdick proved, J an. 15, 1856. 

'George De B~voise 
Newtown · 

Lib. 7: 159 
Nov. 25, 1855. 

To my ·so:p ·Isaac, the homestead where I now live , . toget her wi t h the 
farming utensils, the stock and the hou sehold f urni t ure ; Also to 
him all my bank stock and one half of the money out on bond and 
mortgage. To my daughter, Adrianna, wi dow of °'H. F. Bett s, my 
other f arm called the ''Foster Pl a ce" and the other hal f of my mone·y 


out on bond and mort gage. $:2000.00 to my grand-cl.Lmghter, ·Jane 
De Bev~ise and $500'-;0o ·- aach to my grand-sons, George and Henry 
De Bevoise, children of' my deceased daught er, Jane , wife of lm-
drew De Bevoi se . These bec1uests to be paid out of my real estate 
by my son and daught er, the aforesaid I saac and Adrianna, equally. 
E~ecutors, my son I saac De Bevoise and my brother, Charl es De Bevoise . 

George De Bevoise 
Wi trtesses: 

J ames Way, Newtown 
Underhill Covert 11 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick 

John Carman 
Hempst ead 

proved , J an . 25 , 1856 . 

Lib. 7: 161 
Oct. 27, 1855. 

Enti r e est a t e to wif e , for life , to be disposed of in any way 
approved by my executors f or her · support . At her death, I di s-
pose of the residue as follovrn: The income on one seventh part 
to my son J ohn for life, and a t his death the principal equally to 
his children. _One seventh part , outr i ght; to of my children: 
Stephen, Jacob , Patty Ann Carman and "Nelly Raynor, wife of Charl e s , 
a.nd Permel ia Johnson, wi fe of Andr ew, The r emai ning seventh part 
to my grand- daughter, Emma J ane Carman, daught er of my son, Eli sha, 
de ceased . Executors, my son J acob and Thoma s Ghore . 

Clinton F. Combs , 
Samu~l C. Bedell, 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Jacobus Ryder 
J amaica 

John Carman 


proved , J an. 28, 1856. 

Lib . 7: 165 
Aug. 7, 1851. 

Household and kitchen f urniture, outright, to my wi fe, Margaret. 
Use and income of my entir& estate to sai d -.::ife for life , sub-
j ect to the conditions and l egaci es of thH Will. Is she should 
marry again the use and income -of the est at e to cease , and she is t o 
receive $20.00 -yearly for life. To each of my children, Daniel, 
Hannah, Mari a , Stephen, John and Almira , $200.00 when each ~s of 
age. At the death or r emarriage of my wife , my entire est a t e 
equally to my sons, Nicholas -and -J ames, with the proviso that they 
equally pay my daughter s each $300.00- and each of my other -sons 
$400.00, when each i s of age ; if any of my aforesaid daughters 
and other sons di e before becoming of age, the survi -i:oors shall each 
receive an additional $100.00 from Nicholas and J ames , when of age ~ 
If- either Nicholas or J ames should pr edecease my wife and l eave a 
widow or m~nor child, then the l egacy l eft such son, shall go to my 
son, John, out of which he is to pay samd wi dow or child $600.00. 


Executors, sons Nicholas, Daniel and James • 

.Jacobus Ryder 

Dani<=d Smith, Jr. 
Ab:r:ahqm H. Smith 
John S. Snedeker 



Codicil to above Will, dated June 27, 1853. 
In ·addition to the l egacies to be paid my daughters by my sons 
Nicholas and James they are to pay each daughter an addi tional 
$4,00.00, when each is of age and an additional $300.00 to each son 
when of age. I appoint as an additional executor of my Will, my 
brother-in-law, Bernardus Hendrickson • 

.Jacobus Ryder 
Witnesses: . 

John S. Snedeker, 
Daniel Smith, Jr. 


Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Thomas Hall 

proved, Feb. 4 , 1856. 

Lib. 7: 170 
Oct. 10, 1855. 

The use and income of third of my est at e to my wife, Lucy for 
life, and at her death, half of this p;rincipel,l to my S<;m Daniel 
and his heirs, and theo remaining half to my son Isaac and his 
heirs. $50.00 to my son Thomas. The i·esidue of my est ate-
e.qually to my tw0 daughters; Susannah Augusta, wife of John Henry 
Schenck and Ellen Hall. Executors , my brother, William, and ' , · 
JQhn W. Morrell. 

J. L. Hanson 
James Wrurphy, Farmer 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

John Tompkins 

Thoma s Hall 

proved, Feb. 4, 1856. 

Lib. 7, 173 
Jan~ 12, 1856. 

Usa and income of entire estate to my wife, Hannp.h, as long as 
she remains my widow, subject to the payment of incumbrances ex-
pressly charged upon the realty. At the· death or remarriage of 
my wife, entire estate· ·equally to my children: Abraham S., 
Wil1iam, John, and .Howard V. • . Thei/mpkins c.i,nd Sally Ann, wif'e ·of 
Daniei S. Waters, .(ibby, widow of Jacob Phr?-ner and Rebeeca, wife 
of Jame:s.'Roe, or to t heir heirs; heirs to receive deceased parent's 


share.. Bxecutor s, my t wo sons, Jo seph M. and Howar d V. Tompkins 
and my son-in-law, Dani el S. Wat ers. 

J ohn Tompki ns 
Wi t nesses : 

· Wm . G. Kouwenhoven, Newtown 
Georgi? R. Vanderveer 11 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick 

Samuel Nichols 
Flu shing 

proved , Feb. 25, 1856 . 

Lib. 7: 1 77 
May 51, 1852 

To my :wife., Rosannah, all my indoor moveables and the use and in-
come of the entire estate for life~ At her deat h, t he r esi due 
outright to my son, Jackson Nichols. Executors, my t wo nephews 
Thoma s B. and James J ackson of Newtown. 

David P. Rapelye , 
I saac A. Rayelye 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Matthew Carter 
N. Y. Ce & Jamaica . 

Samuel Nichols 

. " 

proved , March 11, 1856 . 

L;ib. 7: 180 
Feb . 27, 1852. 

Entire estate' to wife, Eliza for life . At her death the est a t e 
equally to my children, Samuel, Eliza , Vile:tta, wife of Wi l li am 
Dean, .George, Robert and Matthew and the living chiidr en of Edward 
and Margaret Carter-. Executrix, my wi fe Eliza . E.."'Cecutor , my son·. 
Uzziah (or Uriah). 

Mathew Carter 

T. Stuyvest ant, 20 Chamber s St., N. Y. C. 
V'!. D. Cowan, 86 E. 17th St., 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick March 18, 1856 . 

Elizabeth Johnson 

Lib . 7: 183 
August 20, 1855. 

To my daughter, Jane D., wife of Frederick Rovrl and, my 1 rge blue 
chest; to her daughter Rosena , my bureau. To my gr and- daughter , 
Elizabet.h Ann Tredwell, daughter of my son Abram Johnson, my l a rge 
hair trunk. Of the r esidue of my est at e , I gi ve one hal f t o my 
said daughter, J ana D. R.owl and, and the other half equally to my 
three grand-daughter $>, .:ftos:iina -Rowl a.r1d, Eli zabeth Ann Tr edwell and 
·Susan Johnson, daughter of my son Nichola s. Executrix, Maria. Platt. 


Executor, Seaman N. Snedeker. 

John H. Seaman 
George~ Remsen 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

HanJH:Lh He..wl ett 

Elizabeth (X) Johnson 


proved, March 15, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 187 
March 18, 1855. 

$200.00 to the Committee for Domestic Missions of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church, f or the Missionary Society. The r esidmi of my . 
estate to my sister, France:s, widow of Abiatha '.Hho&.ds . Executrix 
said sister. Executor, Gilbert Sayres. 

li\fi tnesses : 
Gilbert Sayres , Jamaica 
Martin V. N. Rider 11 

Sur. Morri s Fosdick 

Isaac Willets 

Hannah Hewl ett 

proved, March 18, 1855. 

Lib. 7, 190 
March 13, 1846. 

$1000.00 to my nephew, Isaac U. Willets , and his heirs. My car-
penter tools and $500.00 to my nephew, Jonah Willets. My wearing 
appare l to my brother Abraham. To my sister, Amy Pinkham, the· 
right to occupy the east side of my house. for life . If she should 
become a wi dow, the income on $2000.00 as long as she remains a 
widow. At her death, she shall have the right to will this sum anl)l any 
accumulated interest, to any of my nieces and nephews as she may de-
sire. If she should bring any claim f or service s against my es t at e , 
her l egacies are null and void, and revert to the r esi due of my est -
ta t e. Of the r e sidue of my e·state, one half to my brother Abraham 
and his heirs and th-e: other half equally to my t wo nephews , William 
P. and Jonah Wille.ts and their heirs. ·wher eas my sister Amy upon 
her marriage to Zebulon Piri.kham, assigned me and my heirs $1800.CDO 
and the househol d furniture she received under the Will of her father, 
Jonah Will e-ts, date'd January 4, 1859, in conformity to the power s of 
the said trust, I assign such to my executors. Executors, my bro-
ther, Abraham, my cousin, William Titus, and James J ackson. ~ 



·_ ; . Danie~ Titus 
· . : Annie Titus 
Morris Fosdick 

Isaac Will ets 

proved , March 19, 1856. 

Thomas Cornwell 


Lib. 7: 1£J4 
March 2, 1854. 

Executors to sell the land I bought from Timothy Tasker, Charles 
Duvall and from tha Lamberson Estate ; also the lot, bounded on the 
north by the road from Jamaica to Rockaway, on the east by t he 
brook from Bai sley 1s Mills to Powell ' s l\!iill ; on the south by the 
land of John I. St oothoff and on the wes t by the road from J~a.i ca 
t o Powell' s Mill. From the proceeds, executors to pay my just-~. 
debt s and funerql e,xpenses and give the bal ance to · my wife Elizabeth 
together with my househol d and ki tchen f urniture and to her heirs . 
- :-· The ~'. use and income of the r esidue of my est ate also to wife 
Elizabeth for life; principal can b~ used if necessary for her sup-
port. At her death entire. residue to be sold and the proceeds dis-
posed of as follows: $100. 00 each to my sons John and Thomas. $50.0fill 
to my grand-daughter Phebe, daughter of my deceased son, Wil liam. 
Of the remainder one eleventh share, to my grand-son, William, son 
of my said de,ceased son, William; t wo el evenths to my son John; t wo 
elevenths to my son Thomas; t wo elevenths each to rriy t wo daught ers , 
Jane:' Van Brunt and Ruth Dcrrlon; t wo elevenths, equally, to the child-
ren of my decea sed daughter, .Phebe Maria. Pool, viz: Joseph, James , 
George, and Charles Pool. Executors, my t wo sons, John and Thomas. 

Witnesses : 
Abraham H. , Smith 
John Simonson 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

John Nostrand 

Thomas Cornwell 

proved , April 1, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 1 97 
Oct. 4 , 1855. 

Entire estate to be sold and from the proceeds I give my son Thomas 
C. $100.00. $300.00 each to my sons Philip H., John w. , Robert H. 
and Smith Nostrand. The income of the r esi due to my wife , Jane , a s 
long as she r emains my widow and such of the principal as is necess-
a1~j, f or he::r support. Bequests to wife in lieu of her dower rights. 
At her death or r emarriage, the residue equally to all my children, 
viz: Thoma.s, Philip, John, Rohert, Smith Mary Fowl er, Eli zabeth 
Curtis and Ang_~line:- Wood. Executors mf son Philip ' and John W. 
De Mott. 

Wi tne s~es: 
Henry Pea.rsall 
Henry Mott 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Peter Luyster 
Cedar Swamp, Oyster·bay 

John Nostrand 

proved, April 2, 1856 

Lib. 7: 200 
July 21, 1853 

To my wife·, Eliza, what household and kitchen furniture she may 
select and what books she wants, my gold watch and $5000.00. These 


bequests in lieu of her dower rights • . Tomb-stone for my grave 
Exe·cutors to sell the· r esidue of my estate, invest the proceeds, 
and use the income for the benefi t of my daughter Sarah Jane, 
wi dow of Dr. Pe·ter A. Stoutenburgh and her children. Her daught-
ers, after fini sbing collli11on school to go to a good boarding school 
for one year. Her son to be prepared for a profession, if he 
wishes it, if not he is to go to a good boarding school for one 
year aft er finishing cmmnon school. Residue of household and 
kitchen f urniture and library to daught er, Sarah Jane; also clo:th-
ing to her. At death of Sarah J ane, the principal equally to her 
childr en oi~ their heirs; heirs to receive, deceased parents share. 
Executrix, my daughte-r Sarah Jane Stout1:mburgh. Executors, my 
nephews, John B. Luyst er and Daniel Bogart, Jr. 

Pet er Luyster 

Peter Luyster, . Jr. Ce:dar Swamp 
Thoma s Van Nostrand, Brookville 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Elizabeth Cornell 

proved, April 2, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 205 
Sept. 15, 1844. 

To my t wo nieces, Jane C. and Sarah Maria Peters all the property 
in Flushing bequeathed me, by my father, Lewis Cornell. Also to 
them, all my personal estate. These bequests are to be divided 
equally between them and are for them and their heirs . Executor, 
John H. Cornell, son of Richard. 

Vii tnesse,s: 
Joli..n H. Cornell 
William H. Cornell 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

De Mott Dorlon 

Elizabeth Cornell 

proved ,· April 17, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 208 
Nov. 15, 1856. 

Entire estate to be sold, proceeds invested and income paid my 
wife , Elizabeth, as long as sha remains my widow. At the death 
or remarriaga of my wife, I give my daughter Charlotte, $200.00 
and the, residue of my estate to my three sons equally, Jobn King, 
Oliver and Daniel De Mott Dorlon and their heirs. Bequest to vdfe 
in lieu of her dower rights. Executors, George Hewl ett and John 

Julius Auerbach; 
Tredwell .Abrams, 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

De Mott ~X) Dorlon 



proved, April 15, 1856. 

John Rooney 


Lib. 7: 
Jan. 5, 


Entire estate outright to my wife , Sarahe No Executors. 

Jol:u1 ( X) Rooney 

Paul Rooney 
Thomas Lawle·r 

Sur~ -Morris Fo sdick 

Hagar Buffett 


proved , Aug. 27, 1855. 

Lib. 7: 213 
Dec. 31, 1846. 

Entire e s t ate to my friend, Benjamin Stainche of Oyst erbay and to 
his heirs. •; Executors, Jame-s Townsend, son of Joseph, de ceased, 
and Benjamin Stainche, both of Oysterbay. 

Hagar (X) Buffett 

Joseph T. Fleet 
Arnold F'leet 

Priscilla · X Potter 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Nancy Dorlon 


proved, April 12, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 216 
Feb. 17, 1855. 

$3000.00 to my niece, Ann Augusta Clowes, now living with me . 
$500.00 each to Joseph and Ann Augusta Nichols, children of my 
nephew John Nichols, deceased, when each is of age. If either 
one dies before inheriting and without issue, survivor to get 
that one's legacy. $600.00 e-ach to my nephews, Thomas S. and 
Joseph S. Dorlon. To my nephew, Stephen Dorlon, the income on 
$500.00 for life, and at his death the principal to his son Lean-
der. The residue of my estate, outright, to my niece, Ann Augusta 
Clowes. Executrix, my said ·nieee; Executor, John Pettit. 

Nancy Dorlon 

Seaman N. Snedeker, Hempstead 
Jol:m. H. Seaman, . n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, April 22, 1856. 

Jame s Hendrickson 
J amaica 

Lib. 7: 219 
Sept. 6, 1855. 

To my wife , Catherine, my indoor moveables and $5000. 00, outright. 
Also to her the use of one third of my house a s long a s she r emains 
my widow. The se bequests i n lieu of her dower. The r esi due of 
my estat e equally to my t wo sons, Oldfi eld and Elias Hendrickson 
and to their he.irs. Execut ors, aforesai d two sons . 

Wi tnesses: 
William Phraner, Jamaica 
Daniel Smith, Jr. 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

William Burling 

James Hendrickson 

April 22, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 222 
Oct. 23, 1850. 

To my daughter, Elizabeth, one good bed, bedstead, bedding, l arge 
chest and $575.00, and . to h~ir heirs. to my son- in-law, Tredwell 
Bedell, the note I hold against him for $250.00. To my grand- daught-
er, Deborah Ann, the daughter of my son, Joseph Burling, $225.00. 
The residue- of my esta. te equally to my t wo sons, William and Langdon 
Burling. Executors, these two sons. 

William Burling 

John w. De Mott, Hempstead 
Eliza De Mott " 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Luther Loper 

proved , April 24, 1856. 

Lib. · 7: 225 
Aug. 21, 1849. 

Note for$LlOO. OO owed me by my son, Isaac, is cancelled . I give 
him also $3iOOO.OO which is to limclude .. iArhat he owes me ai=i shown in 
my Ledger B on p. 123, plus the amount of the above note . To my 
son, Erastus H. $2000.00, which i s to include what he. owes me as 
shown on page 125 of my Ledger B. My son, Samuel W., has had 
from me his present farm in Erie County, which I consi der his just 
share of my est ate. To my daughter, Elmira Jane , $1000. 00 which 
is to inc;:lude what she already owes me as shown in Ledger B., 
p. 127. To my daughter, Charlotte, also $1000.00, which i s to i n-
clude ·whatever she; owes me: as shown on p. 127 of Ledger B. To 
my daughter Sarah, $1000.00, which is to incl ude whatever she 
owe s me as shown on p. 127 of Ledger B. My clothing ~o my t wo 
·sons, Isaac & Erasttfs, equally. My watch to my grand- son, 
Charles Theodore Pine . Executors to se:ll my Greenpoint lot and 
my Pine timber land in Islip, collect the money due me :from Garret 
Burling on bond and mortgage, and pay the f oregoing bequests; 


The use and income of the residue of my estate to my wife, Sarah, 
during her widowhood. At her death or r emarriage, rny household 
furniture equally to my three daughters and their heirs; executors 
then to sell all my p~operty and divide, proceeds into five equal 
parts. One: part ,each, I give my daughters, Elmira Jane and Char-
lotte and my son Erastus. Onec fifth part, equally, to my son, 
Samuel, and my daughter, Sarah. The remaining fifth to my son 
Isaac, in trust for his children. Exe,cutrix, my wife Sarah. 
Executor, my son-in-law~ Charles M. Pine, of Hempstead . 

LuthE(r Loper 

Richard Burt, Hempstead 
Wm. Sanford Burt 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

David Baldwin 

proved, April 29, 1856. 

Lib . 7: 229 
Feb. 25 , 1852. 

Househoid goods and .furniture to my wife: Elizabeth. To my t wo 
sons, equally, J e:SSe' and David M. Baldwin, all .my farming utensils, 
stock, fodder and other outdoor movables• . Executors to sell my r eal 
estate and of the proceeds I give, my wife the use and income on one 
half for life; thi.s in lieu of her dower rights. At her death, 
the0 principal · e_qually to my five sons, Parker, Jesse, Stephen, Gilber t 
and David M. Bal dwin. The remaining half of the proceeds equally to 
my aforeBaid five sqns. Executors, my three sons, Jesse, Stephen and 

David Baldwin 
Wi tne:sses: 

John D. Cornelius, Hempstead 
George W. Cornelius ir 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

George Smith 

proved, May 20, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 252 
Oct. 19, 1847. 

To my wife, Amy, $1000.00, outright; also the use as long as she 
remains my widow, of my lands and premises south of the road in 
front of my dwelling to my meadow land a nd · the l and and buildings 
no;rth of this road, where I now live:, also the privilege of cutt-
ing six loads of hay annuaJ-ly on my meadows, as much .fire wood 
and timber for f ences as she needs, two good cows, one horse and 
all my indoor movables, exeept six beds, bedsteads and betlding, 
which I give equally to my three daughters, Millicent, Lydia 
-Maria and Sarah. Bequests t o wife in lieu of her dower rights. 


My provisions, hay, grain , meat, potatoes and farming utensils 
are: to be' left on my premises for the use and consumption of -iny 
wife and three single daughters. At death of wif e, my indoor 
movables equally to my daughter s, Amy, Elizabeth, Millicent, 
Lydia Maria, and Sarah. I . also give Mill icent, Lydia Maria 
and -Sarah, each $100.00. To Carman and Deborah, children of 
my son George, about four a cre's of Woodland north of the land 
of David Doty, which I bought of Daniel Bedell, when each is 
of age; if neither lives till that time then the said land to 
r evert to my es t ate. My aforesai d three daught ers , Millicent, 
Lydia _ Maria and Sarah shall have a home in my house as long as 
they are single. Carpenter tools and wearing apparel, equally 
to my four sons, Oliver, Willet, Carman and Benjamin; also t o 
them equally, my meadow land. To my son Willet, the wood and 
prenlises bounded on the east by the highway :that l eci.ds to -t he 
tavern of Be:n jamin Smith, on the north by l and of Benjamin pmi th 
to the fence, on the west by my land and thence east by my land 
to the highway; about six -acres. To my son, Benjamin, the-
land and building where he now lives, bounded south by the road 
that leads past my house, east by my land, north by land of 
Benjamin Smith, owner of the tavern, to the middle, .of my wood-
land, thence south through the middle of my woodland to the 
aforesai_d road; so that it contains half my woodl and. To 
my two sons, Oliver and Carman, equally, the- l and I purchased 
from the estate of John Seaman. The r esi due of my real estate 
to be sold by my executors and the:. above l egaci es paid and the 
remainder of the proce:eds equally .divided among my children. 
After tha death or r emarriage of my wife and the marriage of my 
three single daughters, the homestead and other half of the 
woodland to be sold and the proceeds equally divided among all 
my children. Any money due me- at my death i s to be collected 
and also .equally .. divided among my childr en. Executors, my 
t wo sons, William and Carman . 

George Smith 

Oliver S. Denton, Hempst ead 
Thomas Carman, 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

John Speedling 
Jamai ca 

proved, May 25 , 1856. 

Lib. fl: 237 
Mar. 6, 1856. 

Entire estate to my wife , Rachel Ann, and to her heirs, 
Executrix, my wife Rachel Ann. 

John Speedling 
Wi tnesse.s: 

A. D. Snedeker, Jamaica 
T. W. Clary 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, May 23, 1856. 

Jacob Valentine 

28 . 

Lib. 7: 241 
Feb. 13, 1837. 

One covi/, my househol d furniture. and $1000.00 outright, to my 
wife , Rachel; also to her wood from my woodland for fuel as long 
a s she· is my ·widow, and the u se of my half' of the farm on which 
I now live . At her death, thi s said hal f to my son William and 
his heirs. The wood for my wife to be t aken f rom the woodland 
I ovm in Broad Hollow Woods , equally with my son William to whom 
I assign my said interest. Also, from the si x acres of woodland 
in South Woods , .after which I give same equally to my t wo sons , 
William and John. 'My s tock and my farming utensils to my son Johii. 
Half the residue of my estat e equal l y to iny t wo sons, William and 
John; the othe~r half_ equally to the children of my t wo daughters, 
Ann Lewis and Ruth Searing, both deceased. Executrix, my wife;· 
Executor, my son William. 

J acob Val entine 

Ephrain C. Hawxhurst, North Hempstead 
Edmund Powell, Westbury " · " 

Codicil to above Will, dat ed Feb. 18, 1856. 
Wife to use the following portions of my house as long a s she 
remains my widow; the- use- of the entry, the room north of the 
entry, that part we-s t of the entry and the cellar; at her deat h 
or remarriage, the same to go to my son William. 

·E. C. Hawxhurst 
Edmund Powell 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Joshua Willets 
Oyster bay 

Ja cob Val entine 

proved, June 2, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 245 
Dec. 14, 1853. 

The: use and income of entire est ate t:o my wife , Sarah as long as 
she remains my widow; this in lieu of her dower rights. At the 
death or r emarriage:· of my wife, estat ,e to be equally di vided 
among my four childr~n: William, Amos, Sarah and Joshua Willets 
and their heirs. Executors; Edmund Titus and Robert Seaman of 

Joshua Willets 

·Alvin H. Titus, Oysterbay 
Jo seph B. T5.tus, 11 

Sur. Morri s Fo sdick proved , June 2, 1856. 


Frances Rhoads (nee Hewl ett, wi dow of) 
Jamaica (Abiathai Rhoads) 

Lib. 7: 249 
Jan. 25, 1856. 

$200.00 to the- Protestant Episcopal Tract Soci ety. ~;ioo.oo to 
the Protestant Episcop~l Missions to Africa . ·$200.00 to t he 
Domestic Missionary Society of the- Protestant Epi scopal Church. 
$100.00 to my pastor, the Rev. Willia.m L. Johnson. $100.00 to 
my former pastor, the Rev. Gilbert H. $300.00 equally 
to Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Rachel Val entine., daughter s of J er e-
miah Valentine, deceased. $100.00 to Henry H. Hewl ett. $100.00 
to J eremi ah Valentine, son-i n-law of George Vanderverge·. $300. 00 
to Eliza M. , Jane Hewlett and Lydia S. Sayres, daught ers of 
Rev. Ge H. Say-.ces. $2CJO.OO to Eliza Ann Hewl ett, daughter of' 
my brother Charle s . $100.00 to Frances Van No strand, daughter 
of Jacob Van Nostrand. My golq watch to Abiatha Rhoads Van Nos-
trand son of Jacob. The large :family bible to my nephew, 
Charle s Hewlatt, son of my sister Mary. To the aforesaid J ane 
Hewl ett Sayres , one Mahogany bureau , wash st and, best Field bed-
stead & curtains, best f eather bed, bolster, pa5r of pil lows, 
three pairs of good sheets and pillow cases, t wo bolst er ca se s, 
t wo good quilts, four blan..~et s, blanket chest, best carpet, all 
tha f irst choice; in case of her death then to her si st e-rs. To 
my niece~, Martha Hewl ett, daught er of my sister Mary, one mahog-
any wardrobe , silver t eapot marked 11M. H. 11 , t wo t able spoons , 
t wo t ea spoons, white bed quilt, bed curtains, cloak, large 
shawl, a suit of my clothing, wash st and, blanket chest, f eather 
bed, bolster, t wo pillows, three pairs of sheets and pillow ca ses, · 
t wo quilts, four blankets, a · bureau, t ea caddy marked "M.H. 11 , 
one ma.rked "H. H. ~ best white, bed curtains, three f ourths of my 
household furniture remaining and four sixths of my wearing appar el 
and work materials. Also to her t wo thirds of my r esiduary e stat e 
and t wo thirds of that piece of l and partly in Newtown and partly 
in Jamaica, known as Butter Milk Hollow, about 22 acres. In case 
of her death, this to her brother, Divine Hewl ett. To him, the 
largest mahogany bureau, si.lver bowl marked 11H.H'., t wo table spoons, 
t wo tea spoons, and the· remaining one third of th& l and at Buttermilk 
Hollow and the other fourth of the household :furniture and the other 
on~ third of my r esi duary estate. In case of hi s death, all this 
to his sister Martha. To Eliza, Jane and Lydia Sayres, one l arge 
clothes trunk and one sixth of my wearing appar:el and work mat erials. 
To their mother, Eliza M. Sayres , my best l arge looking glass. To 
Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Rachel Val entine, one Cherry War d- robe , 
large chest, and one sixth of my wearing apparel and work materials. 
To John, son of J er emi ah Valentine , one Spani sh Cedar closet, a cot, 
cot bed, t wo pair of sheets, t wo pillows, t wo pairs of pillow cases , 
f our blankets and t wo quilts. To Joseph, Samuel, Willi am and Lewis, 
sons of my brother Henry Hewl ett; all my real estate in Oyst erbay. 
To J oseph .Hewlett $100.00 when of age . $200 .00 each to Samuel; Will-
iam and Lewis Hewl~tt, when of age. These sums t o .Divine and Martha 


Hewl ett in trust f or the .above to be used if necessary f or their 
education and support before t hey become. of age . To my nephew, 
John C. Hewl ett, the l arge China bowl marked "I. H. H. 11 To my 
nephews , equally, John C., Henr y H., J oseph, Samuel, William and 
Lewi s Hewl ett one dozen t 0i:-ve.l s and napkins and all the remaining 
silver and pl a t ed ware. To my brother, Lewi s Hewl ett, his choi ce 
of 6 book s , 6 handkerchi ef s and si x pai rs of stocki ngs . To Gil -
bert Sayres, my silver soup l adl e . To Mar y Ann Van Nostrand the 
t ea and t able spoons marked 11A. L. 11 Executrix, my niece , Mar tha 
He~vlett . Executors, my nephe'l"S Divine Hewl ett and Gilbert Sayres . 

Witnes ses: 
David Bergen, J amaica 
Daniel Smith, Jr ~ 11 

Sur . Morri s Fosdi ck 

J ames Hi cks 
Oyster bay 

Frances Rhoads 

proved, Jun~ 9, 1856 . 

Lib. 7: 254 
July 24, 1855. 

Househol d furnitura t o my wi fe Hannah, outright; al so t he i nterest 
on $1500.00 a s l ong a s she r emains my wi dow; a t her death or re-
marri age thi s pri ncipal equally to my seven childr en. Two years 
after my death executors to sel l ent ire esta t e and di vi de tha pro-
ce.eds equal ly among my childr en a s t hey be come of age; El izabeth, 
wi f e of John Seaman , John J . , Catherine W. , Car ol ine , Charl es c., 
J ame s H. and Sarah Adel aide Hicks . Executors, William Tappen and 
Richard C. Hubbs. 

Wi tnesses : 
Sherman Hart, J ericho 
Alanson P. Hartt 11 

Sur. Morr i s .Fo sdick 

Thomas Hicks 
J amaica 

J ames Hicks · 

proved, June 9, 1856 . 

Li b . 7: 257 
July 17, 1854. 

$1500.00 to my daughter Hannah, wi fe of Daniel Remsen and to her 
heirs. To my t wo daughters , Mary and Loui sa, who now r esi de with 
me, each $1000 .0p and the house i n whi ch we now l ive on Smith St., 
equally. $1500 . 00 to my daughter, Sarah, wi f e of John Mo t t and 
to her heirs . I have previously given my four sons , Stephen, Thoma s 
Edward, John and Ruscome S. Hick s each $1000l.OO and I now give them 
each $1500.00 more ; the notes I hold against them to go towar d the 
payment of thi s bequest. _ I hav~ given my son, J oseph N. Hicks , 
$200 . 00 and I now give him my f arm i n Flushi ng, about 50 a cre s, he 
i s to have t he use and i ncome. of it f or lif e , and a t hi s death it 
is to go equally . to hi s heirs; if I should sell t his farm, I give 
him $2500.00 to go to his childr en a t hi s death. The residue of 
my e s t at e to my childr en equally: Stephen, Thomas, John, Ru scome ,. 
Hannah, Mary, Sarah and Loui sa; except that Mar y and Louisa ar e to 
di vi de my household goods and f urni ture in the, :Snith Street house . 
Exe-cutors, my sons, Stephen, Thoma s and John. 


Thomas Bradlee., Jamaica 
Benjamin R. Sweet 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Edward George Triquet 
Brooklyn & Hempste.<3:d 

Thomas Hicks 

proved, June 30, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 261 
Jan. 17, 1856. 

Entire estate to my wife Eliza and to her heirs, subject to the 
payment of $48.00 to each of my ahildren, being the amount left 
them by my sister, Jane, Triquet; this to be paid them as each be-
comes of age. My daughter, Mary Eliza Larrimore is excepted, a s 
she has received her legacy. Executrix, my wife , 

Edward G. Triquet 
Wi tnessed: 

Susan Russell, 55 Carroll St., Brooklyn 
Daniel P. Barnard, 56 Court St. " 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved , July 21, 1856. 

James Powell 

Lib. 7: 264 
June 21, 1855. 

To my wife Hannah, outright, all my household and kitchen furni-
ture: and $1000.00; also the use of a piece of woodland about 4, 
acres, on the· north side of the highway from Lewis Rushmore's to 
the East Meadow Brook and adjourning the land of Henry Combs. 
At her death, this woods to be sold and proceeds divided equally 
among my children, Sande, Willia..~, James, Ann Amelia and Phebe 
Powell. To my daughters, Ann Amelia and Phebe each $500.00. 
To Ellen Powell, widow of my son Samuel, the income on $100. 00 
for life and at her death the principal ' to her t wo' daughters. 
To my grand-daughter, SelV-ina Pettit, da~ghter of Elbert Pettit, 
$100.00, to be inve-sted for her benefit and paid her when of age. 
' ' ,, T.o .. my son, William, and his heirs, my f arm wagon, farming 
mill and corn sheller, $2600.00 and eight acres of woodland, the 
south end of my woodland, adjourning that of J ames Hall, deceased; 
also one half of all my meadow land, spreading ground and dock land-
ing at South, and one half my hay boat. To my son, James, $500.00 
and one quarter of my meadow land, spreading ground and dock land 
at South with one quartex of my hay boat. To my son, Sands, the 
same bequest as to James, and in addition 4 acres of woodland 
adjourning that given my son, William. To James, the use of t wo 
acres of woodland, adjourning that given to Sands, for life, and 
at his death, to be equally divided among my children, Sands, 
William, Phebe and Ann Amelia. Residue of esta t e. to be sold and 
proceeds divided equally among my children: Sands, William, Phebe 
and Ann Amelia, and my wife if she is living. Half the proceeds 
of the sale of my land on the common Pla'in, to William. Executors, 
my sons, Sands and William. 

James Powell 


Edwin C. Rushlnore, Hempstead 
Caroline Rushmore 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

David Engelskirger 

proved·, July 28, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 268 
March 10, 1856. 

Outright, to my wife, Elizabeth Kinsey Engelskirger, one third of 
my market garden f a rm, bounded on the north by land of Mrs. Sharp, 
on the east by lot #7 on a map of Woodard Farm, on the south by 
Woodard Ave'., and on the west by lot #9 on said map, about 5 acres; 
also to her my stock, farming utensils and household furniture; 
all this in lieu of her dower rights; also to her, the entire use and 
occupancy of my farm till youngest child is of age and then the free --
use of one half the, house for lif-e. The r emaining t wo thirds of my 
farm, equally, to my son John, and daughter, Margaret and any other 
children ~ who may be born to me, when youngest child i s of age . 
Executrix, my said .wife Elizabeth. 

David Engelskirger 

Jos,eph Pitty 
Henry Kinsey 

Sur. Morris J!'osdick 

Jesse Mills 

proved, Aug. 4, 1856 . 

Lib. 7: 272 
May 18, 1854. 

Outright, to my wife, Elizabeth, all my household and kitchen fur-
niture and $500.00. Also, enough wood for one fire· to be brought 
to her door by my t wo grand-sons , Nathaniel and Ephraim Bayles out 
of the woodland I devise to them~ Also to my wife, the income on 
$4000.00 for life and a t her death of -the principal , $600.00 to 
each my grand-sons, Nathaniel and Ephraim Baylis and the balance to 
revert to my residuary estate. My wearing apparel, t o my grand-
son, Ephraim Baylis. $100.00 to my grand-son, Jesse M. Higbie . 
To Nathaniel and Ephraim Bayl es equally, my woodl and on Mill ers 
N®ck and to each, $2000.00. ·Of the residue of my estate I give 
the interest of one third to my daught er Milly and her husband, 
Samuel Higbie for life, and at their deaths, the principal equally 
to their childre,n. . The income of one third to my daughter, Betsy, 
and her husband, Samuel Hendrickson, for life, and at their deaths, 
the principal e:qually to their children, if any; if none , then 
equally to ail my grand-children. The remaining one third to my . 
daughter, Susan, and her husband, Hendrick A. Hendrickson . .f1@r life and at 
their deaths, the principal to their children, equally, i f' any, if 
none then equally to all my grand-children. Executrix, wife 
Elizabeth; . Executors, my grand-son, Ephraim and Morris Fosdick • 

.Jesse Mills 

Henry Henderson, Jamaica 
Lawis L. Fosdick 11 

53 0 . 

Codicil to above Will dated May 18, 1855. 
Since my daughter, Milly "'H>::.i;idri clrno:Q, ha s died since I made my Will, 
I now r evoke the bequest in it of one third the income of the resi due 
of my estate to her .and to her husband, and give the said one-thi rd 
of the re~idue,, outright, to her children, equally, a t my dea th, 
also, to them one third of the bal ance of the · trust fund l13ft my wife,, 
which reverts to m,y est at e , a t her death. Such bequests to be free 
and clear of any interest to Samuel Higbi e in it. 

Jame s Nostrand, Jamaica 
Wm . H. Mills n 

Dist. Attorney, Wm. H. Onderdonk 

Casper Kirchner 

Jesse Mills 

proved, August 12, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 276 
Nov. 19, 1855. 

Use and income of entire· estate to my wife, Elizabeth; wife to be 
guardian of children during their minority; if she should die while 
· any are under age, executors to be guardians. ·." A't df?ath of · wife , es-
tate to be, equally divided among my children. If my son J acob or any 
of my three daughters should marry before the death of my wif e, exe~c= 
tors can make them such advances as they deem proper. Executrix, 
my wife 'Elizabeth. Executors, Uriah Mitchell and Edward Roe, both 
of Flushing. 

Casper Kirchner 
.lfi tne-sses: 

· Hendrick$on : Jarvi .~h 
Pearsall Wright 

Sur. Merri s Fosdick 


Jane Hewlett 


proved , Aug. 15, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 279 
Feb. 19, 1856. 

- My large Webs t er's Dictionary to my brother, Treadwell Hewl ett, 
and to his \~ife, Eliza, my long cashmere shawl, six sheets and a 
pair of Porcelean Vases. Residue of my wearing appar el, equally 
to my mother, ~ Eliza Smith, and my sister, Elizabeth Mott; also 
to each of t hem $75.00. $100.00 to my brother, Robert Hewl ett. 
$25.00 to my brother, Cornelius V. W. Hewlett. To my brother, 
Treadwell, the small piece of l and I got from my brother Cornelius; 
also to Treadwell the r esidue of my estate. Execute~ said brother 
Treadwell Hewlett. 

Jane Hewl e tt 
Wi tnesses: 

Samuel De Mott, Hempst ead 
. J acob Abrams 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, Aug. 25, 1856. 


Mary Hewlett (Widow) l \¥\ v--., '=>c..VY\ v..~' ) 
Hempstead '-""" ~ a.. .- ~ ., d e- a_,_,.) °' "\ ) 

Lib~ 7: 285 
April 11, 1849. 

$100.00 each to my two grand-children, Robert and Jane Hewl ett . 
To my daughter, Maria, the income on $400.00 for life and at her 
death the principal ey_ually to my daughters, Fanny and Elizabeth~ 
To Fanny, the income; on $300.00 for life and a t her death the 
principal to my grand-daughter, Mary Van Wyck Hewl, when of 
age, i:f she dies before this, then her legacy .. equally to all my 
grand-children. To my daughter, Jnizabeth, the income on $300.00 
for life and at her death to Mary V. W. Hewl ett under the same 
provisions as abov'r ; .Also to Mary, $200.00. To my three- daught-
ers, equally, Maria, Fanny and Elizabeth, all the residue of my es-
tate. Executrixes , my daughters, Fanny and Elizabeth. 

Morris Fosdick, Jamaica 
William B. Fosdick 11 

Dist. Att. Wm. H. Onderdorik 

Bernh~rd Bulling 
N. Y. c. & Jerusalem, Hempstead 

Mary Hewl ett 

.proved, Sept. 5, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 286 
August 1 5, 1856. 

To my brother, John D. Bulling, the 40 acres of l and in Jerusal em, 
which I bought of Diedrich Conrad. The residue of my est a t e to 
my son, Charles, when he, is of age; if he dies before that time, . 
without issue., . then his legacy equally to his l awful heirs living 
at his decease. I appoint my brother, John, as tru st ee of his · est at e 
during his minority, .and his grand-mother, Mrs. Schierenberg, as 
his guardian to se:e to his upbringing and education during his min-
ori ty. ~he e~pense of his support and education, to be paid out of 
my es:bate~ ,Executor, my brother, John D. Bulling. 

Bernard (X} Bulling 

Wi tn~sseis: 

James M. Seaman, Jerusal em 
John Frederick Streaseman, Jerusalem 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, Sept. 5, 1856. 

Marmaduke Earle 
Oysterbay . 

Lib. 7: 289 
May 5, 1856. 

Personal estat·e outright to my two daught'ers, Mary F. and Sarah H. 
Earle; also to them, the use and income of the r esidue of my estat e 
for life and at the death of the last one, the entire · est ate equally:· 
to my other children, or their heirs, heirs to receive decea se.d pa.r-
ents shar.e. Exe:cutrix, my daughter, Sarah. Executor, Benj. T. 
Underhill of Oyst erbay. · 

Marmaduke· Earle 

Wit nesses: 
Danie'l Cox, 
Mary Cox 

Sur. Morris Fosdick · 

Derrick Van Wicklen 
J amaica 

· 11 

proved, Sept. 5, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 296 
Jan. 1, 1855. 

To my wife , Magdalen, as long as she remains my widow, the use 
of my homestead adjourning the farm of George Johnson on the 
east, and on the- wes t by that of Hendrick L. Van Wicklen; also 
the woodland, the fresh and salt meadow, the island belonging to 
the farm, the stock, ahd the farming utensils~ ·Thi s in l ieu of 
her dower rights. Aft er h~r <'death, the.· r esidue equally to my 
children and their heirs: · Garret, John, Jane, Phebe, Ewart, 
J acob Lott and Maria Van Wickl en, all of Jamaica and Lybia, 
wi fe of Charles Paulson of Kings County. Executrix, my said 
wife , Magdalen; Executors, my son Garret Van Wi cklen, and John S. 

Derrick Van Wi ckl en 
Witnesses : 

Thomas Bradle , J amaica 
H. Pearsall 11 

Sur. Morris 

Jane Remsen (wi dow of Richard) 

proved , Sept. 15, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 298 
August 2, 1853. 

My new rocking chair, my wearing apparel and $300.00 to my daugh-
ter, F.J.izabeth J ane, wife of John Van Sicklen. $100.00 to. my son, 
Daniel Duryea Remsen. $800.00 and the residue< of my estate to my 
son, Richard Remsep. .E;xe .. cutor, my son Richard. 

Jane· Remsen 

Fos~ar Burtis, Hempstead 
Sidney L. Griffin 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

James Anthony 

proved, Sept. 22, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 301 
July 28, 1856. 

To my wife, Clarissa NI. $500.00 in lieu of' her dower rights. $500.0~ 
to Danie:(.. Anthony. $50Et ... QO to Phebe L., wif e of James W. Tice. 


A good feather bed, bedstead, bedding and $300.00 t o Letty Ann 
Golder. To Zopher Anthony $300.00. To my executor, in trust, 
$50~0'0, to be used for the funeral expenses of my brother Adam 
Anthony, when he dies. My wearing apparel to Daniel and Adam 
Anthony. Residue of estate' to James W. Tice of' N. Y. City, 
husband of my niece-, Phebe_. . Exe·cutor, said. James W. Tice . 

James Anthony 

John H. Seaman, Hempstead 
Cornelius B. Adams 11 

Sur. -Morris Fosdick 

Anthony Moore 
North Hempstead 

proved, Sept. 22, 1856 

Lib. 7: 304 
May 13, 1856. 

Entire estate to my ~wife Sarah and to her hei r s . Executor, Oliver 
Ti tus of North Hempstead. 

hi s 
Anthony (X} Moore 


Edward S. Will.its, North Hempstead 
Richard Willi ts, " n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, Sept. 24, 1856. 

Simon Kommernaker 

Lib . 7: 306 
1April "' lO, _ 1856 

Use and income of entir e estate to my wife , Catherine , as long as 
she- r emains my widow. At her death or r emarriage, $400.00 each t o 
my two daughters, Christianna , wife of Jacob Fa..~ely, of Conn. 
Catherine, wife of. Konrad,r:: bfl.Y,li lliamsburgh. The> r esi due , equally, 
to my four sons, Simon, Jo-seph, Nicholas and Anthony Kommernaker. 
Exacutors, my two sons, Anthony and Simon Kommernaker. 

Simon Kommerna..~er 
Wi tne,sses: 

Abm. B. Hendrickson, Jamaica 
. Joseph Hoofman, Hempstead 
Jacob Felten, Jamaica 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Charles D. Smith 

proved, Sept . 24, 1856. 

I,ib. 7: 309 
Augus t 20, 1856. 

Entire estate, to be sold and the income of _the proceeds pai d my 
wife , Mary Jane, as long as she remains my',wi dow. At her deat h 
or r emarriage, the principal to my son, Charles D. Jr. If he should 


di e without i ssue, then the r esidue t o t he chi l dr en of my si ster , 
Adelia . Executor s , my fat her PJirmernrs Smith, my brot her , Mord ecai 
A. Smi t h .and my father -in-law, J ames Burti s . 

Charl e s D. Smith 
Wi t nesses : 

Cal vin H. Mott, 
Sar ah E. Mott, 

Sur. Morr i s Fo sdick 

Hempst ead 

Lucretia A. Bra sier (Spinst er) 
J amaica 

proved, Oct. 1, 1856. 

Lib . 7: 51 3 
Mar ch 5, 1852. 

Entire e ,state to John D. Van Beuren and to hi s hei r s . 
aforesaid, John D. Van Beuren. 

Execut or, 

Lucretia A. Brasi er 
Witnes ses: 

Edgar S. Van Winkel, N. Y. C. 
John S. Snediker, J amaica 

Codicil to above Will, dat ed Nov. 12, 1852. 
$2000.00 each to ,my t wo grand-nephews , Albert G. and .Richar d H. 
Riley of Troy, N. Y., grand-childr en of my deceased brother, Daniel. 
If e·ither or both di e before inheriting, such l egacy so lapsing i s 
· to go to my r esiduary estat e . If John D. Van Beur en shoul d prede-
cease me , leaving .. his wife; Elvira surviving, then I l;:~ave sai d El vi r a 
the entire residue of my est at e.. If they both shoul d pl-edeceas me, 
then this legacy is to go to their heirs-at-law. In ca se of t he 
death of Jo~ D. Van Beuren, I appoint William Aymar of N. Y. C. ex-
exutor in his stead. 

Lucretia Avory Brasi P-r 
Witne sses:. 

Ge.orge;· H. Kissam, M. D., Jamaica 
Edgar S. Van Winkle , N. Y. · C. 

Sur. Morris Fosdick · 

George· Townsend 
Oyster bay 

proved , Oct . 4 , 1856. 

Lib . 7: 517 
April 22 , 1837. 

Entire e sta t e to my brother, Abraham Townsend, and a t hi s death 
the r esidue: equally to hi s sons, I saac and Samuel, and to t hei r 
heirs . His wife i f to have her dower rights in the r eal est a t e . 
If my brother pr edecease s me:, t hen e st a t e -t o hi s aforesai d tvm 
sons and their heirs. Executors, the sa i d Samuel a.nd ·r saac 
Townsen~ end Treadwell Sands. 

·George Townsend 
Wi t nesse.s: 

Samuel Und.erhill, Oyst e rbay 
Henry T. Underhill 11 

Sur. Morri s Fo sdick proved , Oct. 13, 1856. 

Frank Mc Veity 


Lib. 7: 319 
~ept. 13, 1856. 

Entire estate to my t wo sisters equally; J ane , wife of Carl Mit-
chell and Ann, wi fe of J acob Michael. Executor., George Smith of 
1<.,lammersburgh, Flushing. 

Witnes ses: 
Samuel Willett, Flushing 
Joseph H. Vedder " 

Sur .. . Morris Fosdick 

Ma.ria Miller 

Frank (x) Mc Veity 

proved, Oct. 3, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 322 
April 1852. 

Use and income of est ate to my husband , Johnathan Miller, . for life 
and as much of the principal as he needs or desires f or his support. 
Executor, my said husband. 

A. Hadden, Hempstead 
J. W. Smith 11 

Sur: Morris Fosdick 

JoJ:i..n Gritman 

Maria IV'dller 

proved , Oct. 30, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 524 
O:ey. 19, 1856. 

To my wife·, Catherine , my household and k:i:t.chen :·furni ture and all 
my personal property. Executors, to sell all r eal esta t e and 

. pay John Steele , $30.00, with accumulated ir:1te]~est when he is of 
'· age; if he dies before that time, thi s sum to r evert to my estate. 
Balance of the proceeds of the sale of my r eal estate to be- used 
by e:x.ucutors for the support of· my wife as long as she remains my 
widow and the support and education of my children as long as th0 
money lasts. Executor, John Pe:tti t, of Hempstead. 

· his 

Obadiah Barto, Hempstead 
Morris Golder " 

Sur; Morris Fosdick. 

Silas Dovming, 

John (X) Gritman 

proved, Oct. 51 , 1856. 

Lib. 7: 327 
Aug. 22, 1856. 

Entire est ate' to be sold and proceeds turned over to my wife, 
Elizabeth, for the support of herself and my children for life . 


Executors, John T. Va.l entine , Isaac C. Coh~s and J a.mes Titus , 
of Glen Cove, Oysterbay. 

Silas Downing 
Wi tne.sses: 

Jacob Val entine , 
Edward L~ Frost, 

Sur . Morris Fosdick 

Farmer, Glen Cove 
11 II ti 

George Cropper 

proved, Nov. 7, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 351 
June .15, 1856. 

Use of personal property anq the house , l ot, furniture , etc. , where 
I now l ive , t o my wi f e::, Sarah, for life and. a t her death, this equally 
to my chil dren, outright. The residue of my real es t a t e , 50 
acres in Frankli n County and 58 acres in Hamilton County, equally to 
my son David and my three daughters , Charlo t te, Amy and Elizabeth and 
to thEf>ir heirs . If my son, Davi d, or hi s heirs do not claim this 
legacy wi t hin three years of my demise , it is to be equally di vided 
among my afor e sai d three daught ers and their heirs. Executor, Robert 
s. Titus . 

Wi tnesseB: 
J ohn B. Foster, Flushing 
St ephen R. Smi t h " 

Sur: Morri s Fosdi ck 

Will et Raynor 
Hempst ead 

George Cropper 

proved, Nov. 19, 1856. 

Lib. 7; 334 
April 9, 1850.. 

To wife , Eli zabe t h, a bed, bedst ead, bedding, t abl e , six chairs, six 
sil ver t ea spoons , one· cow, $1 50. 00 and a home and a living on my .. 
homest ead f or one year after my death; these bequests in lieu of her 
dower r i ght s . The· bal ance of my homest ead to my son, All en. The 
residue of my est at e t o be sold and the proceeds divided into five 
equal parts and one part gi ven to my wife; one part to my daughter, 
Abigail, wi fe of John Reed, one part to ' the chil dren of my daughter, 
Anna , Deceased, wife of John Charlick; from this part i s to be' de-
duct ed t he principal and inter~st of a not e. I hold against sai d J ohn 
Charlick; one part to t he childr en of my de·ceased daughter1,1 Rebecca, 
wi fe of Abram WanseT, de cea.sed; t he remaini ng part to the children 
of my deceased daughter, Mary, wi fe of Thomas Burch. Executors , 
Silvanus Bedell _and El i j ah A. Smith 

Wi tnes ses : 
Elbert Cox 
J ames Raynor 

Willet (X} Raynor 


Codicil to above Will, dat ed April 9, 1850. 
My wife to have the: use, of the· neces sary household furniture and 
kitchen utensils ciuring the year she lives in my house aft er my 
death; also, the necessa.ry grain;1 provisions and fuel fo r her sup-
port, together with the income \01f all my investedJ.. money for . thi $'(. ~;rune · 
year,; In addition to the articles given her outright , in my Will, 
I also ·give her , ::dl the fowl, the cooking s tove , clock, drawers 
and the best carpe~t. 

Elbert Cox, Hempstead 
Wm. B. Raynor, " 

Sur: Morris Fosdick 

Joshua Kimber 

Willet ( X ) . Raynor 


proved, Sept. 8, 1856. 

Lib • .. 7: 338 
May 5, 1856 

Entire estate to my wife, Rachel I. Kimber and. to he:e heirs. Exec-
tri:x, my wife; Executor, my son George D. Kimber. 

Wm. R. Thurston 
E. M. Griswold 

Sur: Morris Fosdick 

Jor~ Carll 

Joshua Kimber 

proved, Nov. 28, 1856. 

Lib. 7: 340 
May 27, 1850. 

Household furniture to my wife, Margaret. $1000.00 each to my sons , 
Alonzo and John Franklin Carll. $600.00 to my daughter, Zeruah, tp 
make up to her the same amount I have given each of her sisters. 
Residue of estate to be . sol d, th& above legacies paid and the residue 
of the proceeds divided into six equal parts. The income on one of 
these, t o my wife, for life, and at her death the- principal equally 
to my children. One sixth part to each of my childr en; viz: Alonzo r5, 
John Franklin, Frances E., wife of Alfred W. Val antine of Milo, Yat es 
Co., N. Y., Marietta, wife of Edward O. Crowell of Newark, N. J. and 
Zeruah A., . wife of Nathaniel W. Burtis of Brookl;yn. If any of my 
children should di e , without issue, before inheriting, the survivors 
or their heirs to divide such ones share; heirs to receive deceased 
parents share. Executors, my two sons, Alonzo and John Franklin. 

John Carll 

John S. Snedeker, Jamaica 
Israel y, Whitson 11 
Martin I. Johns0n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, Dec. 1, 1856. 



Susanna Onderdonk (\'C\.,.,, '-'oi+ ) 
Great Neck, North Hempstead 

Lib. 7: 544 
May 1.4, 1840. 

$1. 00 to my son, Henry a $100. 00 to my grand- son, Henry 0. Di t mi s. 
The entire re sidue of my est a t e equally to my t wo daughter s , Mari a 
Onder donk e.nd Caty Di tmis, widow of Abraham Di t mis and to their 
heirs. I f Maria should di e without issue, then her l egacy i s to 
go to Caty or to her heirs, if she is dead. Executrixes, my t wo 
daughters; Caty and Maria; Exe.'.cutor, my son Henry. 

Susanna Onder donk 
Witnes ses: 

Horatio G. Onder donk, _ North Hempstead 
Elizabeth S. Onderdonk, North Hempst ead 

Sur. Morris Fosdick · proved , Dec. 23 , 1856. 

Wilson F. R;obbins 
Stockton, San Joaquinn Co. Cal. 

(now of Flushing) 

Lib. 7: 347 
Nov. 5, 1856 

$2000.00 tO my sister, Elizabeth, wife of Alfred Bl:lss of Flu shing 
and to her heirs. $1000.00 to my sister, Charlott.e , . F· wi f'e of 
Ge;erge B. Morse. of Plainville, Conn., and to her hei rs. .)U so .$1000.00 
each, to my sister, Cornelia, wife of Albro A. Allen of Clevel and, O.; 
to my brother, Charles H. Hobbins of Sacramento City, Cal., to my si 5- -
ter, Sarah A., wife of Charles H. ~urd of Flushing; to my brother, Fred-
erick O. S. Robbins, of New Britain, Conn., and to their heirs. The 
income on $1000-.00 to rp.y father Jehiel Robbins f or life, and at his 
death the principal, equally, to my four sisters, Charlotte:, C0>rnelia , 
Elizabeth and Sarah. $200.00 to the .American Bible Society of N. Y. C. 
My house-, lot and appurtenances..- at Stockton, Cal. to be sold and the 
proceeds divided equally among my four sisters and th~ir heirs. Exec-
utors~ my brother, Charles H. Robbins of Sacramento City, ·cai. and 
my brother-in-law, Alfred Bliss: of Flushing. 

Wi tnesses: 
Samuel Willett, Flushing 
George Cuthbert 11 
Pe,ter F. Westervelt " 
Jo seph T. Hoare " 

Sur: Morris Fosdick 

. Sarah Langdon 
Hempstead · 

Wilson F. Robbins 

proved, Jan. 6, 1857 • 

Lib. 7: 551 
April 21, 1853. 

One half of my entire .estate equally to my three nephews, David, 
Gilbert e.nd Jesse Langdon and to their heirs. The other half 
equally to the children of my si s t er Mary, wife of Charl es Brower; 
viz: Charles, Richard, John, Hannah, Amelia, Mary, .l.Gath,.arine and 


Emiline and to their heirs. Hannah's share , to her father, to be 
used for her support and benefit. Executor, my nephew, Jesse Le.ngdon. 

Sarah (X) Langdon 

Wi t nesses: 

Oliver S. Denton, Hempstead 
William Davison " 

Sur: Morris Fosdick proved, Jan. 6, 1857 

Elizabeth Pullis Lib. 7: 354 
Newtown auly 18, 1856 

To my son, Isaac T. Valentine $300.00.. To his son, George Washing-
ton Valentine , $125.00. To Robert, Benj amin Hyde and Evaline V~len­
tine , children of said I saac, each $100.00. To George- W. Val entine, 
my gold watch when 19. Legacies to minors to be placed in the Dry 
Dock Savings Bank of N. Y. C. and paid them wi th inter est when of 
age . To my son, William P. Valentine , $300.00 • . To his daughters, 
Willimina and Sarah Ann, each $100.00 and to Harriet $50.00. To my 
daughter-in-law, Charlotte Valentine, wife of Isaac, one feather bed, 
bolster, pillows and my ingrain carpet. To my daughter, Sarah Eliza-
beth, wife of Wm. J. Mitchell of Brooklyn, or to her heirs: - $1500.00 
e.nd my house and lot in Newtovm with all my household f urniture and 
clothing except t en silver t ea spoons, t wo silver dessett spoons and 
ane silver butter knife, which I give to her daughter, Mary Elizabeth. 
The r esidue of my personal estate, to my son-in- law, Wm. I. Mitchell, 
husband of said daughter, Mary Elizabeth. To all my children and 
grand-children -the right be buried in my lot #208, 3rd section in 
Cypress Hills Cemete-ry. Executors, my son-in-law, Wm. I. Mitchell and 
Gilbert C. Platt, bot h of the City of Brooklyn. 

Eli zabeth Pullis 

Jobn Batting, Middl e Village., Newtown 
M&.tilda E. Platt, cor Johnson & Carll Sts ., Brooklyn. 

Sur: Morris Fosdick proved, J an . 17, 1857. 

William Stoothoff 
Jamaica s ""'-"""'-

Lib. 7.: 360 
July 20, 1853. 

To my sons, William and Pe ter and my grand-son William Stoothoff , son 
of John, all my f arming utensils and stock, equally. To each, a 
bed, bedstead and necessary bedding. The resi due of my household 
and kitchen furniture to my wife , Ale tta; alse, to her the use and 
income. of one third of my real e•state for life; this in lieu of her 
dower rights. The use of the r emaining t wo thirds of my real estate 
equally, to my three sons, Peter, William and John Stoothoff, during 
the: life of my wife,. At her death, entire e'state, to be sol d and 
the procE?eds divide:d as follows: To my sons, Peot er and William, 
each $600.00. $500.00 each to my son John, grand son William 
Stoothoff, son of Thomas, my daughter Ann Higbie, (widow) and my 
daughter, J ane, wife of David Reeve of Jamaica. To my grandson, 
William Stoothoff, son of John, $300.00. The r esi due . equally, to 

' '. 

45 . 

my above named sons, daughters and gr and-sons. 
Pet er and William and John S. Lott. 

Executors, my sons, 

Abm~ Smi t h, J amai ca 
John Si monson 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Anna Eli za Griffi n 

Wil liam St oothoff 

proved , J an.22, 1857. 

Li b . 7: 366 4 , 1856 . 

To my sister, Georgiana M. Dal l as , Hewlet t, my wearing appar el and 
the bedding given me by my m6ther , My silver spoons and napki n ring 
to my f our brother s , William Henr y, John J . , J ames K. P. and Charles 
Hewl ett. A monument to be er ected at my grave . To my husband, August-
us R. Griffin my right and interest i n the est a t e of my deceased father 
as one of the heirs...-at-law. At h,i s death, t his pri ncipal to my si ster ,-
Georgiana , and my af oresai d four brother s.. My sister, Susan, wife of 
George s. Williams to have no shar e . Executor , my sai d husband. 

Anna El i za Griff i n 
Witnesses : 

Benjamin F. Ru shmore , Hempst ead 
Anne, I. Grif fin ' n 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick · pt oved, J an. 27, 1857. 

Note:- Above will contested by her si st er, Susan Willi ams , represen-
t ed by Henry W. Eastman . Executor, r epre sent ed by John J. Armstrong. 
Will allowed for p-robat e . 

Charles H. Seymour 
Ravenswood, Newtown 

Lib . 7: 369 
Nov. 30, 1855. 

To my wife Sarah, one third of my entire es t at e and to her heirs; 
thi s in lieu of her dower .rights . Resi due of estat e t o executors 
in trust; the income to be used f or the education and support 1till is of age . As each one becomes of age , executors t o turn over 
to tha t child an equal shar e of the .income an when youngest child 
is of age, est a t e to be equally divided among those l i ving or the 
heirs of any de ceased; the heirs to r eceiva de ceased par ent' s share. 
Executrix, my, wife Sar ah; Executor, my brother-in-law, Edward N. Jaun-

. ' Charl es H. Seymour 

John Gs Freeman, Ravenswood 
S. T. W. Sanf or d " 

Sur: Morri s Fo sdick proved , J an. 12, 1857. 

· Richardson Sutton 


Lib. 7: 57'3 
Nov. 19, 1856. 

Wife to have her choice of what furniture she needs ; entire es-
tate then to be sold, and the income of the proceeds paid my wife, 
Phebe, for life; . if income not sufficient for her support, whatever 
principal necessary is to be used. At her death, the remaining 
principal to be disposed of as follows: - $1.00 each to my sons 
Lyman w., William T. and John A. and to my daught er, Hannah, wi fe 
of John Wilson ; the residue equally to my sons Smith and R.oyal A. 
Sutton and my daughter Phebe Ann, wife of Israel E. Smith. Executors, 
my son, Smith Sutton and Jeremiah Van Sise of Oysterbay and Theodore 
Ketcham of Huntington. 

Richard Sutton 
Wi tne-sses: 

John J. Whitney, 
Richard poty 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

James Pearsall 

Oyster bay 

proved, Feb. 2, 1857. 

Lib. 7: '377 
Sept. 9, 1848. 

Income of entire estate to my wife , Ell ockey, as long a s she r emains 
my widow. At her death or remarriage, estate outright to my son, 
Gideon. Executors, my son and Oliver S. Dentone 

James Pearsall 

}3eter T. Hewlett, Hempstead 
Richard- w. Lawrence 11 

Sur: Morris Fosdick · 

Joshua Powell (Farmer) 
Jerusalem, Hempst ead 

proved, Feb. 17, 1857. 

Lib. 7: '381 
Jan. 7, 1857. 

Executors to sell entire estate and the income on the proceeds 
to go t o my wife Fanny during the minority of our children, Hannah 
U., Sarah F., and Adel ine Powell for their support and education. 
When youngest child is of age, my wife is to have the income of 
one half the estate for life; this in lieu of her dower rights. 
The other half equally to my aforesaid three daughters or the 
survivors of t hem. At death of wife, her half of the estate 
equally to my daughters then alive· and their heirs. Executors, 
Andrew Ketcham of Amityville and Willets Powell of Farmingdal e. 

Joshua Powell 
,-;_ , , ., .. cJas;. ~,M. :.'- Seamali.,: ;:1Jerus~lem 
' .:.,., .Tames Wfiitsoi1; ~'¢lysterbay 
Sur: Morris Fosdick proved, Feb. 25, 1857. 

Joshua Pine 
Jericho, Oysterbay 


Lib. 7: 390 
July 21, 1856 .. 

The income on $400e00 for life to my sister, Joanna Remsen, and at 
her death, the principal to the chil dren of my sister Ruth, equally. 
To Sarah Servant¥- daughter of my sister Huth Remsen, the income on 
$200.00 'till her daught er is of age, when she is to receive t he prin-
cipal. To Andrew R{~msen, son of my siste:r Ruth, the income on $400.00 
until his tw2 oldest children, James and ~a.mata are of age, when they 
are to divide this principal equally;. To George Remsen, son of my 
sister, Ruth, one half the residue of my estate, outright. The income 
of tha other half to William Philips of Plainfield, N. J., and his vlife 
Elizabeth, my niece, 'till their children are of age, when they are to 
divide the pri~cipal equally. Executors, my relative, John R. 
Duryea and my nephew, Andrew Remsen, both of Oysterbay. 

Joshua Pine 

Thomas Willis, Locust Grove, Jericho 
Wm. Thos, 11 n 11 

Aur. Morris Fosdick proved, Feb. 26, 1857 

Note: Above Will contested by a nephew, Joshua H. Palmer and a niece, 
Phebe Hicks, represented by John J. Armstrong. Peter H. Layton, rep-
r esented the ececutors. Will allowed for probate. 

John Johnson 

Lib. 7: 393 
March 27, 1850. 

Entire est ate equally to my children, Charl es , Hewl ett, Joseph and 
Abram Johnson and Amy, wi fe of Floyd Smith, Margaret, wife of Rich-
ar d Verity, Rebecca, wife of Treadwell Smith, and Norchee , wife of 
Jcal Pettit. Executor, my son-in-law, Joel Pettit. 

John ~X) Johnson 

Wi tnesses: 

William Tredwell , Hempstead 
Sil venus Browe:r' 11 

Sur: Morris Fosdick 

. Ann Stevens (Widow of Nicholas H.} 
N. Y. C. & Hempstead 

proved, March 10, 1857. 

Lib. 7: 396 
Feb. 8, 1857. 

To my daughter, Mary Ann Stevens, my household furniture and my 
house and lot in Hempstead, subject to the condition her eafter men~ 
tioned. My son, William, is to have the use of the front room on 
the second floor east, for life:, also to him $500.00. To my sons, 
William and Thomas H. Stevens, equally, the lot off'the rear of tha t 


one on which my house stands. $500.00 to my daughter, Ethelinda 
M., wife of Henry W. Collins of Brooklyn. $300.00 to my daughter 
Elizabeth S. Reed, wid.ow of Jacob. To my sons , Andr ew H. and Nich-
ola.s H. Stevens , equally, and to their heirs, my t wo lots at Uni on 
Port, Westchest er Co., N. Y. $400 .00 to my son, Thomas . The re s-
i due: of . my estat e to my daughter, Mary Ann; Executrix , my sai d 
daughter, Mary Ann Stevens •. 

Ann Stevens 

H. H. Wheel er, South Butler, N. Y. 
M. M. Wheel er, 11 " 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

J ame s Mott 
North Hempstead 

proved , Me.r ch 10, 1857. 

Lib. 7: 399 
Nov. 25 , 1849 

My household and kitchen furniture outright to my daughters Amy and 
Phebe Mott. I direct that my executors see that my son, Ri chard 
is comfortably provided for and supported out of that portion of my 
e:-state, hereinafter devised to my daughters. Phebe and Amy and my 
son, James; they are to sell any portion they may deem necessary t o 
maintain him. Subject to this, I give the residue of my est ate eq-
ually to these three children, Phebe, Amy and J ames Mott; out of this 
they are to pay the following legacies: to my son Stephen $500.00 
and to my daughter Ann, wife of Godfrey Haines of Westchest er Co. $1000.®' 
and to their heirs. If any of the above three l ega t ees, Phebe , Arrry or 
J ames should r efuse to pay his or her share of these l egaci es , t hat 
one 's share to go to the other two. Executors,' Joshua Ti t u s , Jo seph 
Hicks and Edward S. Willtts. 

Stephen R. Hicks, 
William Hicks, 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Abraham Cole s 

James Mott 

No. Hempst ead 

proved, March 13, 1857 • 

Lib . 7, 405 
March 22, 1847. 

Use and income of entire es t at e to my wife Susan, a s long as she re-
mains my widow; at her death or r emarri age, entire est a t e equally to 
my children, her einafter named. To my el dest daughter, Mary J ane , 
wife of John Frederick; my lar ge bible' and l arge hymn book , bef ore 
my estate is divided at death or r emarriage of wife among my f our 
children~ viz: · · William Coles, Mary J ane , Frederick, Martha Ann, 
wi f e of James Frances of Brooklyn and Phebe Eli za, wi fe of John 
Verity of Flushing. Executors, my son William and my son-in-law, 
Jahn:~Fredeh ek. 

Witnesses; · 

Abraham \X) Coles 


J9hn· Gracy, ·ch<:t-ir maker, J a.mai ca 
J9hn Gracy;i Jr. , 11 11 

Suro Morris Fosdick: 

Platt Willets 


proved, March 15, 1857. 

Lib. 7: 407 
J an. 24, 1857. 

To my wife, film ~li zabeth, all my househol d f urniture , provi sions, 
clothing and $100.00; thi s in lieu of her dower rights. Also 
to ~1ife , for the support of hersel f anc my ·family, as long as she· 
remain·s my wi dow, the use and income of my enti re estate and an 
!ldditional $150.00 each year if my executors deem it nesessary. 
:tf sre·: shbuUl. r-emrr~t before my youngest son is of age , executors 
to see to the education and maintenance of my t wo sons out of my 
estate until they are of age . I give my son, Platt, the gold 
spect acles and silver case given me by my f a ther. At death or 
remarriage of my wif.;e, est a te to be equally divided between my t wo 
sons, EJ_bert and Platt. If either ·should die: without i ssue , be-
fore inheriting, the survivor to r eceive the whole est at e out-
right. Executors, my brother, George Willets and my brother-
in-law, Abram s. Snedeker of Hempstead. 

Platt Willets 
Wi tnasse:s: 

John H. Seaman, Hempstead 
Wait E. Rider, 11 

Sur; Morris Fosdick 

John I. Rapelye 

proved, March 17, 1857. 

Lib. 7: 410 
Dec. 7, 1839. 

Entire estate equally to my sisters, Ann, Ellen, Agnes, J ane and 
Ev a and my brother Isaac. If any shoul d die before i nheriting, 
without issue, survivors to divide that one' s share; if any shoul d 
die vvith issue, issue- to receive deceased parent's share. Execu-
tors, my brother Isaac I. Rapelye and Thomas B. Jackson. 

John I. Rapelye 
Witnesses : 

Ele~zer Kingsl ey, Brooklyn 
John Taylor 11 

Sur: MoI'.ri s :F'o sdi ck 

Thomas Cock , Farmer 
Mill Neck, Oysterbay. 

proved, March 25, 1857. 

Lib. 7: 414 
Feb. 22, 1842. 

To my wife, Jane, and my daughter Maria, my household goods equally, 
and to each, $200()'~00. To my wife during her wi dowhood and to my . 
daughter as long as she is single a decent support and maintenance 
from my estate; to them the free use of the rooms, I now occupy, 
the use of my best carriage and hanness, and any horse they wi sh 


which are t o be supplied them, by my son, Thomas , and kept in good 
order by him. If my daughter, Phebe , wife of Smith Underhill should 
be in actual need, she is to have $500.00 with inter est from my de-
cease . The r esidue of my e,state , wi th the aforesaid reservation, I 
give my son, Thomas A. Cock and his heirs. I -reserve a burying place 
for myself and family next to the grave of my grand-daughter, J aw:3 
Ann Cock. Executrix, my daughter, Maria Cock; Executors, my son, 
Thomas and my brother-in-law, Luyster. 

Thomas Cock 

Wm. S. Hicks, Glen Cove , c)ysterbay 
Geo. N. Bennett, Mill Neck, Oyst erbay. 

Sur . Morris Fosdick proved, April 6, 1857. 

James Colwell 
Oyster bay 

Lib. 7: 418 
Dec . 10, 1845. 

·Entire est a t e to my wife , Deborah, and her heirs. Executors, my sons , 
William H. and James W. Colwell. 

J ames Colwell 

J·oseph S. Weeks , Qysterbay 
James M. Ludlam " 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Adam Pearsall 
Hempst ead 

proved , April 6, 1857. 

Lib. 7: 420 
Sept. 29, 1856. 

Executors to sell entire estate . Of the proceeds, I give one-fifth, 
equally, to my son, Epenetus, and my daughters, Louisa Ann, wife of 
Smith Mott and Catherine Maria. The r emai ning four fif ths, equally, . 
to my wi fe Elizabeth and my sons, Thomas , Daniel, Calvin, Val entine 
and Smith Pearsall and to their heirs. Executors, my son-in-law, 
Smith Mott and John W. De Mott. 

Treadwell Hewl ett, 
Singl eton Brower 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick 

Joel Smith 

Adam ( X) Pearsall 


Hempst ead 

April 8, 1857 

Lib. 7: · 425 
Mar . 1850. 

Use and 
death, I 

income of entire ' est at e to my wife, Fanny, for life . At her 
give. my grand-daught er, Phebe Smith, her choice of one bed, 
and bedding; To my grand-son, Ja ckson Smith, the second 

40 . 

choice of the same things . Outright, to my daughter , Carol ine Smith, 
t he ent i r e residue of my p".'!rsonal estate and t he use and pri vilege of 
, one half of my house , whi l e she is singl e; also to her all the wood and 
timber standing on c. hal f acre of l e.nd south of my house; any part she 
may s·el ect with the privilege of cutting the said . The entire 
residue of my r eal estate to my grand-son, Jackson Smith, and to his 
chil dren; i f he should die, without issue, then the r esidue of the i~eal 
estate, to my daught er , Caroline, or to her heirs . Executors , my 
nephews , Micaj ah Southard , Jr. and Moses Jackson, both of Hempstead . 

Joel (X) Smith 


Wi tnesse.s : 
J M. Seaman, Hempstead 
Curti s S. Smi t h n 

Sur. 1VIo r ri s Fosdick 

Garre t Van Dine 
Newt own 

proved , April 1 7, 1857. 

Lib . 7: 429 
March 25 , 1857. 

To Adri anna Ti t us , wi fe of Samuel, $4000. 00 . To Margar e t Van Dine, 
daught er of Art hur, $1500. 00. To Agnes Mc Coon, ·wife of Daniel , 
$1500. 00. To Abbyi, t da:v.ght er of John Van Dine , $1500.00. To Pet er, 
son of Arthur Van Dine , : ~~1500.00. To Albert Snedeker , son of George , 
$250.00. To ll.bbey Ackerman, wi fe of John $1500.00. $50.00 each 
to Catherine El i za and Mary Ahh, daughters of Andr ew Iveli. The 
r esi due of my estate, equally, to Del ia Mari a , wi fe of Cornelius Van 
Dine , Jr., Hannah, wi fe of William Roe, Garret Van Dine, J ohn William 
H. Van Dine , Willi?Jll, son of Howar d Van Dine , Corneliu s Van Dine , J ohn 
Van Dine, Hannah, wi fe of Daniel L. Rayelye, Catherine , wife of Wi l liam 
Whal ey, Pe t er, son of James Cortel ypu, Hannah, wife of Daniel Hendrick:_ 
son, Garret, son of George. Snedeker and Sar ah Ann, wi f e of Thomas Powell. 
E~ccuto~s, Da.rii el Hendrickson, Martin I. Suydam, and Cornelius Van Dine, J~ 


Wilson J. Hunt, Newtown 
Har man S. Randall, Newtown 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Isaac C. Hewl ett 
Woodbury, Oys t erbay 

hi s 
mar k 

Van Dine 

proved, Apr il 7, 1857. 

Lib . 7: 452 
Sept. 20, 185 7. 

To my wife, Rachel, the use and income of my enti re est at e f or life . 
At her death, I give my daughter, Rachel Esther, my house and garden 
up to a crotch f ence f rom the Highway acro ss t he garden. This to her 
for life, and a t he.r death to her heirs, equally; i f she leaves no 
heirs, then equally to my three daughter s , Abigail, Mar y and Jane, 


my grand-daughter, Mary Ann , my two grand sons, I saac 3.nd Aaron, sons 
of my son Aaron. (These t wo grand-sons to di vide one share ) . At tho 
death of my wi f ·e, t he ·remainder of my garden to be sol d and the pro-
ceeds divided equally among t he afore.said three daught ers , Abigail, 
Mary and Jane , my grand- daughter , Mary .Ann and iny t vvo grand-sons, Is-
aac and Aaron. (These two to divide one share.) My grand-daughters 
Mary Ann and Sal ly Ann to have a home with my daughter, Rachel I:~ sther , 
as l ong as they ar e singl e . Executcrr , Charl es A. Van Si ze . 

Isaac C. Hewl ett 

Scudder V. Whitney, Q>yst erbay 
J ohn J . Whitney, 1Jloodbury, Oysterbay 

Sur . Morris Fof;di ck proved , April 29, 1857. 

Benj ami n Colas J ackson 

Lib . ?: 436 
Feb . 1, 1850. 

Household furniture , outright, t o wi fe , Hannah. Est a t e t o be sold 
and the incoma on the proceeds t o be paid wife whil e she re~ains .. 
" 1j_ CJov1 or until my gran-> ·]aughter , Adal ade, is 21; or is marri ed, pro-
vided she suppor t s and educat es my ~aid daughter from t hi s income . 
When daughter i s 21 or mar ri es, she i s to r ecei ve one.- hal f the income 
or one half t he principal; Thi s i s l eft to t he di scretion of my exec-
utors; upon death of wi fe , daughter i s to re-ceive the -other half in 
t he same manner; upon death of daughter, en~ire est a t e to her heirs. 
If daughter di e s, without i s sue , wife to r eceive entire income as l ong 
as sh& r emains my wi dow; and at her deat h or r emarriage , the entire es-
t at e i s to go outright to Mary Clement, si s t er of my wi fe , or to her 
heirs. Executors, Samuel T. J ackson, of Woodbury, Oysterbay, Isaac 
Will etts of J erusalem, Hemps t ead, Robert W. and Oliver Ti tus, both of 
Wes tbury, North Hemp st ead . · · 

Benjami n C. J ackson 

Alf r ed Seaman, J erusal em 
Carman Cornelius " 

Sur . Morri s Fo sdi ck 

Timothy Rhodes 

proved , May 16, 1857. 

Li.b . · 7: 440 
Apri l 2, 1855. 

To wi fe , Margar et, one ·cow, one st ove , all the arti cles she had upon 
our mar r i age and $175.00. To my grand- son, John Duryea Remsen, 
outright, one half of my f a rming utensil s and my stock . To my grand-
daughter, Sar ah C. Cone , my si deboar d. Re sidue of entire est at e to 
be sold and of the pr oceeds enough money to be invest ed to bring my 
wi fe an i ncome of $100. 00 a year. One hal f of the remai nder of the 
proceeds to be pai d my daughter, El iza, wi fe of Albert S. Cone and 
to her heirs . The othe~ half to be i nvested and of the income, 


$140.00 to be paid annually to my daught er , Mary, wife of John Remsen. 
If through ill ness or age this is not enough for her comfortable support, 
executors, can i ncrease it. The r esidue of the interest to be 
equall y each year to the children of the said Mary Remsen or to their 
heirs . At death of wife , the principal of her trust to be paid, one 
half outright to my daught er, Eliza Cone, and the income of the other 
half to Mary Rem.sen and her childr en . Bequest to wi fe i .s in li eu of" her 
dower rights, but if she takes her dower rights, then executors to man-
age my e-state' during the lif e of my wife and pay the income , equally to 
my t wo daughters and their heirs. Executors, my nephew, Cornelius H. 
Rhodes and Ben j amin T. Kissam. · 

Timothy Rhoades 

Lendal F. Pratt, Flushing 
Bernardus H. Creed 11 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Charles Weeks 

proved, May 18, 1857. 

Lib. 7, 452 

Entire estate to wii'e , Mary Ann, · f or li fe , and a t her death to be 
divided equally among my four youngest childr en, aft er paying $100.eo 
to my daughter, Mary. Exacutors, my sons-in~law, John Weeks and 
Samu~il Thurston. ' 

Wi tne:s se s: 
Joshua Cock , ~ysterbay 
Charl es H. Wright 11 

Sur. Morris Fo sdick 

Charles Weeks 

proved, lVIay 20, 1857. 

N9te:- Abbve Will conte_sted by t est ators daughte-r Angeltna , wife of 
John Bailey and represented by E. J. Beach. Will allowed for pro-

Walter Franklin 
Oyster bay 

Lib. 7: 456 
Jan. 6, 1845. 

Entire e•state to executors in trust to be appli ed as f ollm'VS: One 
ninth part each to my daughters, Sarah R. Embree, Betsey I. Townsend, 
Rebecca L. Dickinson and Susan D. Merritt; they to have the income 
for life and at their deaths', the principal equally divided to their 
children as ea ch become of age. At discretion of executors each 
daughter can be paid ' a portion of her one .ninth part of principal. 
The remainder of the estate to be paid outright, equally to my child-
ren, Thomas, To~nsend U., Mary w. , Walter M., and Gideon W. Franklin 
and· to their heirs. Executors my four sons, Thomas, Townsend, Wal-
ter and Gideone 

Walter Franklin 

Jackson Vernon, Oysterbay 
Morris S. E;egerman 11 

1.i.7~J?BB Thoraas c. Nostrand " 


Codicil to above Will da ted July 17, 1845. 
I r evoke the bequest to my daughter, Mary W. Fra1iklin, and l eave to 
her instead the income on one ninth par t of my est at e and the princi-
pal equally to her childr en, at her death; thus putting her on an eq-
ual basi s a s my other daughters. 

Walter Franklin 

Cal eb V. Harri s , N. Y. c., 
Charles Valentine 11 
Charles G. Mease n 

Sure Morris Fosdick 

Timothy Townsend 

proved, May 21, 1857. 

Lib. 7, 465 
August 25, 1847. 

To my wife , Abigail, and to her heirs, my entire est a t e . In ac-
cordance with the authority placed in me by the Will of my f ather, 
Hewlett Townsend, I now devise of the $5125.00 so pla ced at my di s-
posal as follows: To my brother, Hewl ett, $250.00; Thi s it i s my 
wish that he gives to his daughter Freelove T. Weeks. To my nephew 
Timothy Townsend, son of my deceased brother, Jacksons., $1500.00. 
The, residue I give equally to my siste·r, Mary, wife of Robert F. 
Underhill and to my niece:, Ruth F. Ludlam, wife of Henry, and a 
daughter of my deceased sister, Ann Coles~ Executrix, my wife 
Abigail; Executors, Edwin Powell and William Roe , both of Flushing. 

Timothy Townsend 

George W. Strong, 108 Greenwich St., N. Y. Ci t y 
Wm. Powell, Flushing 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, May 22 , 1857. 

J9hl1 Dorlon Lib. 7, 470 
Hempstead March 7, 1852. 

To my wife, Nancy, the use for life of my entire estate . Thi s in 
lieu of her dower rights. At her death executors to sell entire es-
tate and of the proceeds I give the income on $100.00 to Sal ly 
Nostrand for and at her death the sai d principal to her daughter, 
Abby Ann Van Wicklen. The residue equally to my t wo brother s , 
Samuel and David and to their heirs. Executors, Treadwell Pear-
sall and Ezekiel Langdon, son of John, both of Hempst ead . 

John Dorlon 
Witne sses: . 

John :w. -De_ Mott~ Hempstead 
Oliver Pearsall n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, May 25, 1857. 

Barnard (Barney) Gildea 
Glen Cove, Oysterbay 


Lib. 7, 473 
March 24, 1857. 

To wife,·Catherine, during widowhood, the use and occupation of the 
house and eight lots as specified in a deed from Coleb Coles, pro-
vided she cares for my children, Catherine and James . At her death 
or remarriage, estate equally to said t wo children, when of age. If 
one child should die before reaching majority the other to receive 
the whole; if both should so die, my brother Hugh and his heirs are 
to· have it. If wife. should sink the pl ace in debt, executors have 
the power to render the mortgages null and void and take it over. 
Executors, James Little and James Gildea. 

Pa:t 'k Gamson 
James Little 

Jamas X Gildea 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Maria Van Nostan 

Entire estate to Claus Martens. 


Barnard (X) Gildea 


proved, May 25 , 1857. 

Lib. 7, 477 
March 27, 1857 

Executor, Claus Martens. 

Maria Van Nostan 

Theo V. Smith, College. Point 
J acob Smith n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

James Van Sicklen (Farmer) 

proved, June 1, 1857. 

Iiib·.1 7: 481 
j.'Aarch 23, 1854. 

Entire estate to my executors in trust to work and manage till my 
youngest child is of age and out of the earnings to support, clothe 
and maintain my wife and such of my children who are single; to 
compensate any of my children who may work upon the estate; to in-
vest the surplus of the earnings 1till youngest is of age; when ' 
they are., to divide said surplus equally among all my living 
children and the heirs of any deceased; heirs to divide parents 
share. To each of my daughters, upon marriage I give $300.00; viz: 
Cornelia c., deity Ann, Margaret and Matilda R; if any are uninarri ed 
when youngest child is of age, such are to receive said sum at that 
time.. .When youngest child is of age, I give my vife I da as much of 
my household and kitchen furniture as she may select. When my four 


sons, Abraham, James, Garr et K. and Peter t ake possession of the f arms 
her einafter devised them, they are to pay my wife, each, $ 75.00 a year 
and I bind my real estate to thi s. All t his to wife in lieu of her 
dower rights. To each of my afor esaid sons, one f eather bed with bedd-
ing, when my youngest child is of age . At this time I give my five 
daught ers , Cornelia, Getty, Margaret and Mati l da Van Siclen and .Johan-
nah Woolley, equally, all the resi due of my pla t es , beds , bedding, 
kitchen and household fu r niture. To my four sons also at thi s time, 
equally, all my sto ck and farming utensils. At thi s time all the 
residue of my personal est a te equally to all my children. Also at 
this ' time equally to my two sons, Abraham and James, my homestead farm 
wi th the meadows, my 15 acres of' woodl and, back of Samuel Welling 's 
land, the t wo acres of Woodland I bought of Gasper Phraner, the seven 
acre s of l and bought of" Nicholas Williamson, the six acres of l and I 
bought of Dani el Stewart on Jamaica South Plank Road and all the wo6d -
l and I bought of James Foster., lying at Mill ers Neck. To my sons, 
Garret and Pe.ter, equally, my f arm in Flushing, formerly bel onging 
to J ame,s W. Skidmore and all the meadows at J amai ca South which I 
bought of Isaac V,andeveer. . When youngest child i s of age , exec-
. utors to have my r eal est at e valued and my f our sons are to pay one-
third of this valuation, to be divided' equally among my five daught ers. 
Executors , to be guardi ans of· my minor childr en. Executors, my sons, 
Abraham and James and William Simonson. 

Robert Steel e , Jamaica 
Abraham Griffin 11 

Sur. Morri s Fosdi ck 

Orras Stymest 
Oysterbay cc. ._..,, ..,. .,"-, f'o..--"'- \ 

James Van Si cl en 

proved , Jun~ 1, 1857 

Lib. 7, 487 
J an. 1 2, 1856. 

Household furniture: to my wife, Ann, outright, and the use and income 
of all my real estate as long as she r emains my wi dow. Thi s in lieu 
of her dower rights. My daughter, Letty, to have a full support out 
of my estate for life. My grand-daughter, Emma to have a living out 
of my estate 'till she' is of age and at tha t time she fs to. r eceive 
$100.00. I give $100.00 to Mary Smith, daughter of my wife . To 
my son, Chri stopher, all my real esta t e and the r esi due of my personal 
estate , and to his heirs. Executors, my nephew, John Nostrand and 
John C. Merritt. 

Wi tne-s ses: 

Orras ( X) Stymest 


Zephaniah Darby, Farmingdal ·e 
J ere:gdah T. Weaver, J erusalem 

Sur. Morri s Fosdick proved, June 8, 1857. 

Friedrich Lossekamm 


Lib. 7: 491. 
2, 1857. June 

To my wife, .Anna Elizabeth all my real estate in Queens and West-
chester :Counties and all my personal es t a te: i ncluding all bank de-
posits, cash, outstanding debts, claims , demands and any other as-
sets. This to her and to her heirs. I also make her guardi an 
of my minor children and I direct her to support and educate such 
minors until majority or marriage. Executrix, my said wife. 

Wi t ne.s se s: 

F. Lossekamm 

Geor ge Frederick Augustine, 32nd Ave., N. Y. C. 
Ja cob Weben, 4.9 Ave. A., N. Y. C. 

Sur. Morris Fosdick proved, June 10, 1857. 

End of Liber 7, 

R E A L E S T A T E W I L L S 

1855 1 857. 



Liber 8 

1857 - 1859 

Abstracted by 

Dudley Case 

WPA Project No. 665-97-3~80 

Long Island Collection 

The. ·~(.uee·ns Bo·<1igh ,Pu:Q!.ic · I;iibrary 

, . · ~· J.ainai.e.a, . Mew, YorJ.<; 


[ ' 

Typ;ed 'Mf ss Elizabe't.h Childs 

vtPA Project No •. • 65-J.\-97-23 

J"ames POwe·rs 
No· Remp:s ·fre·aci 


Liber· ff, 3; 
l\[aj 26, 185 6 -

I wish to be: .buried' in the' We'stbury c·atho.J:ic Burying· 
Ground a,ecord'ing· te the, +i te s and .ceremonie~s of tha:t 
Chur·eh. ·· My wif'e Mary and' my · son John to ·have com:.; 
j t!lfntly ,.my e'ntir·e estater this during he·r ' l,if'e and 
is -in lieu of her dower rights. At her death,the · 
whole estate· to John. · 

.Exe cu tr·ix, said vvife; e·xecu tor son John 

J ame.: s· ( x) P'owers 

Gilbert; Creed'. 
Jamaica (.Q."'~•V'I) v,\'""\ .. \ 

proved June 15,185? 

Eibe·r 8,. 6 
July 5 ,. 185 6 

To wif'e Elizttbe·th the .entire e·state which she· brought 
me· at .wst $ 2.00.00 e.aeh te 
my daughter Abigail a:nd my so-ns George :BJ.~ ,, 
B .Irendi"ic·kson,.and Gilbe,rt Be' Creed. The· residue is the·n 
to ·o.e· divided· into seven equal pa:rt s a:nd. I g·ive one 
pa:rt. each to my above me-nti.o:ne:-d children; one part te 
my da:.ugh ter C0rnel.ia wife1 ·of Gil.bert Rider amt the la:st. 
par:t equally . to· Jarie Amanda~. and Joanna Reeve, childre1n 
of my d.eeease.d daughter Mar:y,wife of Jame.s· Reeve. I direct. each of my above name.d sons and daughters . 
and my twe gr.daughters to pay my wife,J5lizabeth $8 •. 00 
a yei± for lif~. ·. 

I ' 

E:Xee·u tors my four sons, Ge:orge .. , William,E;endri'ckson and. 

Jehn . D. Bergen,. Jamaica 

. , John S:.ima.nso;n, Jamaica 
Sur.. Morris Fosdic·k proved J-qri.e 15, 185 '7 

Mary :Benrre·t ( wi d:'owJ i..\'ein. · devis·e:d to th~ ·above three·. · I fia~o ., 
give'n nothing t0 . my daughter S.a.rah Ann but I have left 
my no·te to her fo·r $..50.00 in tne hands of W. fI .. We·t.more,which 
I ciirec·t . my e'xecu·tor-s · to p:ay first. · 
Exeeutrix,my aaughter j\·llai;- executors ,my scm George: 
and Ndwin l?O-w&ll. 

William Slnf th 
Wi.t:ne's se s : 

w.c. Wet.more, .3'.81 :B!'ourth S-t., N. Y. c:. · 
. J:'ais.p:er- F·. Seaman 2-4~3 Ninth Ave~ . "' 

·sur. Morris"icrk p::t .. ove·d Sep1t. 28·,185-'7-

Stoeker Wo o:tle,y 
No • . Hemps·t .ead · 


Llbe·r 8 1• 50 
J"anuary .14', 185? 

'to wife E:If za Wooley, two beds·, beddi-ng and sufficient 
hous:eholci furniture· f 'or. her to '· keep house·. · Res.:l,due· of 
e·state to be · sold · and proc·e·eds d'istributed as follows: 
T.6 ·my wif'e· $ 3·00.00 outright aml the· ine·ome· on $2000. 00 
fl'dr':.. 1 1f.e .. All this in lieu of he·r dow·er rights.. Tl).e 
re·sidue· to be divide·d i .nto six equa12· parts and one part 
gt ven ·each of. my; chi ld'ren viz: Samuel T .. , Thorila'S' and 
Hobert S.: Woolley and: Susannah Ke·tchum and e.o·rn&lia 
Allen.. The; othe·r · sixth pa:rt eqVrally to my three gr. ·;.Phebe E li:1sa:,Jame.s and Willa am. Stocke·r VT0olley 
ehildre·n of my son William deceased. If' any die before 
inheriting,.without issue,survivors to div'ide it all 
The: $ 2000. 00 trust ftmd of my wife to be divided the 
same· way UIJO·n her death. Gr·. child·ren to receive· the:ir 
le'gacies with sccumulat ed inter·est,whe·n each is of a:ge. 
~xe·eutors,my three' s·ons,Sa:muel,Thoma.s and Hobert:. 

Witrie;sses.s . 

Stocker· (x)' Woolley 


Jo:Q.n Simonson~ J a.maiea 
S'amuel c·. p :aole, No. H.empst.e-ad 

Sur ... Mor·r ·is Fosd'.ick proved Sept .• 30, 185? 

Elizabeth Wooden 

Liber 8, 54 
Se~tember 1, 1851 

$50'0000. to my nephew D·aniel F],eet and to his heirs. The· 
residue o.f my ~·state to Mary L~urie,jr. daughte·r of' my 
niee·e M~'ry ~La:urie· o~· S~amf'ord· ,c.oi:n · · ,and ~o her. h~irs. 
Executr1x,}4ary L_aurie·,Jr; exe·cutors n·a.niel Fleet 

E'lizabeth Woode:n 
Wi tnasaes: 

R.T. Underhill; 
E.d\Vard A. weeks 
Tho a·. w,. Snii th 

Sur .. M.orr·is Fosd·ick 

90 University Pl.,N.Y.C. 
84 F'rankli.n St.. ,.,. 

proved Oct .• 12, 185? 

Thomas :E1os ter 


Liber 8, 58 
,A;pril 11;1855 

To ·tny .. wife, AbigaiI, $:lOCHhOO outright. in. lieu of her· 
.. ;) \r.. .__ ,, ~ ir""""'b°) 


Brooklyn . 

proViad November 6, 185 7 

L.ib.e;r 8 , ? 0. 
November 9,185? 

~·&. 00. 00 to e.a-9h rp.y ohild:i"en ,~l~e.rt and . Garre:t Van Dine 
~~.nedeker and- Sarah Ann,wife. of Thomas L. :i?'Qwe.11.. The . . and. income o·f the re .. sidue of, my est.a.te to. my ., wif'e 

- -H~·nnah-;-in lieu of he,:r rights,as long as she. remains . ...,. ' ., 


Ge·orge Sne·d'eke-r (cont inue'd) 

my ·.wid·ow at he·r · de·ath,.this e·qually to my afore·said: three 
chTlci'ren. · · . 
Exec_ut or·s~my brother Isaac and · Garre·t Van Bine·. 

Ge·orge: Sne·d.'eke·r 
WI t ne·sse·s: 

Thomas· Bradlee, Jamaica 
Abraham p·. Lee ch tr 

Sur. Morr·is F()e·dick 

Riehard.:. Hewle-t ;t;, 
No·. Hempst.ead 

pro-ved' Novembe·r 9',1857 

Libe-r· 8, ?'!J. 
July 10, 1856 . 

T'o my brot-her James, $ 1000.00 and the Bond and Mortgage · 
given me· by H.O. Hall.. 'l'o my nephew William M. Hewlett 
$000. 00- and half my lot of meadow at Chri st.ian Hoo·k, 
E:empste·a:d.. The. re·sidue of my real estat.e· to my siste-r 
Ma·ry Sealey and' her· heirs-; also to her my beds, bedding, 
eha;irs,ca:rpets:,clo·ck,be·-dsteads,bureau and its contents •. 
'l'he re·sidue· of my personal. estate to be sold a:·nd d'ivided 
proport.ionatil.y among my aforesaid. legat·ees. 
E:Xeeutrix,my sister· Mary Sealey; exeeut©rs my brother 
James Hewlett~ 

Witne::s se·s: 

Sur. Morris Fosd'ick 

Emma M. ~·aggar ., 

Richard Hewlet.t 


:- .--

No:.-· Hempstead 
It W 

prove~d Novembe:r 16,185? 

Li b.~>1~ 8. r · 7 '7. 
Mar9l1 · 26 , 185 6 

~5000 .• 00. to each o.f the:,.,,.follawing: My s~:t ster, Cargline 
H.. King a:rild to he:rt heirs; and. to my s·is.te.r Mary Bloodgood 
amt h.e.~r he.irs. · ,$4.000 •. O© t'o e;ach of the following: St. 
Ge:orge:· "s Church at .· :B.,+ushing,whe:it'e :~ r worshin.. To my brothers 
.Aug'!Jft:tus and Ghar-Ies J"ag'.ger·,.and to my sister Ann Haynes 
and to the~ir he'irs.$.1-0:0o.oo e·ach,. 't'o- the Missionary 
Soeie·ty of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Eastern 
Dio.cese of the Stat.e of N ... Y.; to myr niee·e Anna Haynes, 


Eimrra M" •. Jaggar (continuing) Liber 8, 77 

d:aughte-r· of my sister Ann;.ancr to my nephew Jekiel W~ 
Jagga;r ·, s·on o·f my b_rother cna:rle's ,. To Ju.Iia Jagger, wif'e 
or ·:my brothe·r .Wa.lter·, $500.00-and to eaeh of his 
crhildren. $1;00. 00 each to .Ada"Iinf,3 and: .Emma,two of the 
chi.ldren of ,Is.aac· Pe·ck,,jr.. E·xe·cutors to sell my entire 
ei;rt·ate· and pay the ab.eve legacies then divide the 
re·s·fd'ue: equa lly among my three sist·e·r ·s,Ann,Mary and 
Caroline and my brother Charle-a; if any die before 
inhe·riting and· without· issue,suriviors to divide the 
re-siclue equally. 
Executor-s,.Jos·a'.Ph H. King;- John H. Le·e 

Emma M. Jaggar. 

John Ge6.rge Gotte~sbuge•r 700 Broadway N. Y .c. 
John · w.. · Lee· " 

Sur. M:orr·i s F-o· proved: Nov·. 16, 1857 

Rrrth Whl:tfoo:t .,formerly of St. Peters Parish 
Barha:doe:s, now of Newtown 

Libe·r 8, 81 
Jam·. 21,1841 

Use of entire estat.e to my sis•ter,Elizabe·th widovv of 
Ge,o·rge Williams o·f Ne,wtown,for life and at her death to my nephews and nieces alive at: that time·,child-
re·n e>f said E.l izabeth and' .Ge:orge Williams ;viz: Charles 
W'.,.Ge·e·rge., A.H •. ;.and :'Rutb ·W. Williams; if any 
be. dead·, with is sue, such is sue to receive deceased parent's 
Executors, my nephe\vs, Charles:, Ge.orge· Williams and: 
Na thani.e.l W • . C.arr.ington of Ba.rdad'oes, We·.st. Indi~s. 

Ruth Whi.tfoo:e 

_, Bl.oodgoo'd, Flushing 
Jos.ap.h Bloodgood,jr. ~ 
Daniel Lant,. Newtown 

S.ur. M~:rris Fillsdick proved Nov •. 2·3, 185? 

CJfiarle.s Ryan 

Libe.r 8, 84 
October 3,185? 

To- my· wif·e Ma:ry and he.r, heirs,one half my estate 
and. the use of the. other hal.f for life; at her- d'eath, 
this half'. to go to my nephew Charles · Ryan and' to his 
heirs. Pe:rfm-nal estate to wife outr'ight. 


Charle:s Ryan ( contfnui11g ). Liber 8, 84 
·: ' 


Exe eu trix,,rny v~wife; exec-u to:r~.Patrick Clark or· Flushing 

Sam·"l Willet, 
James· Darcy 

S'ur .. Morris :b'\osd-ick · 

Jacob Lawre:nce· 

Cha·rle·s (x) · Ryan 

' tt 


proved Nov. 30,1857 

Li.ber 8, 88 
June 30,1853 

My f'urni ture, linen cooking utensils, carpe·ts, beds, bed-
steads etc; one third" to each of my daughte·.rs,Martha 
a:nd Mary,and' the· other third equally to the child'ren 
of' my deceased· cf'aughter,Sal.ina. To my s.o·n Jacob,the 
interest on $ 150.00 for life and at: his death the· 
principal e.qually to his chfldren.. To my son JohD, 
the intere·st, on $2:00. 00 for life and at h:ii.s death 
t .he principaih equally to his children. $250.00 to· 
mydatighte.:r· Martha; $ ZOO •. OO each to my sons Silvanus, 
David;~Timothy ,Richard ari·d Abraham and to my daughter 
Mary Do:xsey; ll~O .oo to my d·aughter Hannah Wood and 
:111150.00 equally to the heirs of my deceased'. daughter 
Saline:. My son Abraham and my daughter Mia;rtha to 
ha.v.e the use. of my entire estate till sold ,provided 
they pay the whieh I am. no:w paying. Executo·rs 
to .sell e.ntir.e estate within two years of my death 
and p:ay the above legacies. The. residue if any, is to 
be equally divided among my children and the heirs of 
my deeease.d child·ren; such heirs to receive deceased 
parent"s share; shares of sons Jacob and John to be 
inve.s"te.d~ and 'int.ere st · paid them for life and the 
prinei:pal to the·ir childre.n at their decease. If my 
s0.n~ . Timothy ,Richard. W., or Abraham do not pay off the 
m;, where I have: become see.uri ty. for them and my 
estat.e i.a for.ree:d to do so. ,then that aa:p.ount is to be 
d'educ:t.eci from ;re.spe .. ctive le.gacie.s.,.my sons Ri.ehard and Abraham,and Olivers. Dent0n. 

Henry :b, 

Sur. Meri is Fo.s.aick 

Jac·ob Lawre.nce. 


proved No:v. 30, 18'57 

V~t~_llam . 
, H:enip:.s:te:r;;i;d'_ -


L-iber. S ,: 95 
April 19,1856 

Ji;.!rtfre- es·t-ate- to my wif·e· E'llen,~outright.~ 
Exeeu t ·rix ~my said wife Elie:n Smith 

W:i tn·e·s se·s: 
Carmatn sm:tth ,. 
Jo s e'ph S'rrri th , 

Sur.. Mo-rri s F'o s d'i c·k 

Maria: Smith 
F"I.u sh in g 

William S"mith 

It · 

Prove·d· Nov. 13, 185'7 

Liber B,. 9.8 
May 16,185? 

Real estate· to be ~old' ' ~'net also my smatl1 tenant house on the. 
south side of L.ibe:rt.y St.,being on le'ase·d -ground. The ee·e·ds to be· added to the ~300 .oo I now ha:ve: i:ri the 
Savings: B'ank and giv·e:n a-s follows: $1.00.00 to my niec·e 
Hannah Mar-ia Smith Treadwell and the balanqe equa:lly · 
to my nieee·s: and mephefws-,C'ieor·giana Affr·icanus~Lydia 
and 'Le,vi F'urge:flon,amd the children of Joseph and 
Tr.eadw.ell. . They are. to rece ivel t 'his le'gacy w::iLth int ere st 
vv:he-n e>aeh be:d'ome::s of" a .ge. If' any die·s befor'e· inhe,ri ting 
survivors· t0 di vid·e such sha?te· .. 
Exeeu: tor ,.John Hun te,r · 

Wi tne s s e-s-: 

Maria; (xJ Smith 


Is·aae euffue,, F1usning· 
Isaac T'i tus- '" 

Sur., Morris' F'o scii ck 

Jane 5umme:r ·s ( wid'0w} 

p,raved Dee. 7,185? 

Libe·r- 8, 113 
ne:c:ernbe:r . l?, 1842: 

':to my daiughter Catharine G •. Summers a:-11 the stoek on my 
plaee. a:t. O:ys:terbay incl.uding · Catt1e ,h orse.s, gardening and 
f"arming lltensil.a,furniture:;.gcod's e:tc anct a:ll personal 
pro.per'ty;· a-150· to he·r $ 3·000. 00 t G be eharged· a:•·gainst. 
my . real ~'.state. T:he resid'ue of my esta:t.e equ~lly te my 
d.a.ughte;r · R.e,becea· C. See·ly and: my son Sohn w·. Summe,r!? o~ 
t ·heir he·ir; he,.irs 'Eo re'eeive deeeas:ed' pare·nt 's ·share. 


(continuing·) Liber 8, 113 

E-xe·cu trix ~n1y daugh\te'r c·atharine; e:xecutor.· Joseph S-towrs 
o-f ' Oysterbay 

Wi tnes-se·s·r 
Jame-s Prior · 
Alex •. Sammis 

s:ur •. Morris Fosdick 
' -~ 

.:name Su:rmne:rs· 

p:rove'd· De.c-. 9, 185 7 

No,te:.A'.bove.· will was· eon-tested by the; son;S-amuel represente·d 
by John J • .Arms·tr·ong and Win· ~ .f. Cogswe·ll; . 
Executrix. was represente.-d by Henry G. De·.Forest. 
Will admitte-d to probat.e' . 

'b vo..o..'fYI. 'o Ca.5 
Oyst:erbay \."\Y\-....~"""\-o"" ") 

Liber 8, I.50 
Sep .. t .ember '7 ,I.854 

Real est·a te:- t :o be sold and proe-eeds to gethe·r with my 
pe.rso:na-1 . estate t01 be divided into ~ix equal parts. I 
- give my wearing apparel to . my_ son J_ohn. O:ne· six part of 
my e·state to each of' my fol-Iqwihg: . my son Jq~n R; · 
my daught.e-rs,or their ·:n:etrs;Anna: R~msen,Ma:ria Layton, 
Sarah Layton a-nd Nelly Vo&rhi st.· 'l'll:_e rema ining· six th part. 
e·qua lIY to my f'o·ur gr. s·an·s or their 'survivors: William 
H. Hewle:tt ,.Char-Ies a.nd Obadiah Val~bt;ine. 
]Txecutors,my so·n John,my brother Rule:f',my 
Peter R. Layton E!'nd: John Remsen. 

William Duryea 
Wi tne s se·s:: 

Rule.f Duryea ,. Oyst:erba:y 
· Jackson .uurye·a, ,., 

Sur •. M.orri.s Fos.dick p-rov.e·d Dee.ll.,185'7 
N.o,t.e:t Above. will was: conte·ste.d. by testators so.n John 
re.pirese,nted by Elias J:. ·; the daugh te:rs in favor 
of the Will.,ware re.p.~esent.e. d by John G. Lamberso.n Will 
admit t.e.d to p1robat.e. · 

Samue.l Blac::kw.e'.ll 
Ne.wt.own U>'--"'"° v·,o.. \ 

Libe;r 8,. 153.' 
Oc·tber 2?, I.85? 

~a my wife Margare:t .. ,,~ 1000 .. oo pe·r yea:r payable quarte:rly 
in l.ieu ·of her dowe·r right-s. To the Aunt of my wif'¢.,Mrs. 


(cont.· inu ing) 

Martha: Uo«:>p'.e:r;$.6Q.OO a ye·a:r for life·. MY gold wat·ch 
to my son Wil:tfam R. Wha:t household~ and ki tche·n f'ur·ni ture 
ac~· she· wishes :for ner own use·, to my wif'e 'the remainder 
to m:y daugl'l ter Em·fly R. Lathrop.. Tlle- resiciue· of my 
estf!l; te e•qually to .my six children and their-heirs: R •. ;Joseph ·G .R. ,and' C'ha:rle·s A. Blackwell and. 
MS:rgare·t : Ann 'lTisd·a1e~M.ary Eliza Burr and :F!mily R. Lathrop. 
Bef'ore the· s·ale. of the estate,my three daughters· have the 
opt'f on or· acc·epting the f'ollowing pieces of real e·s tate: 
Margaret Ann TisdaI.e,,.the·· house· and lat now oce·upi.ed by 
he·z .. s·eif .a:nd: he·r · husJ>~md to be· appraised at $7000. 00. 
E'mil'.y Lathr·op' 'the house" adjoining that. 0\1\'!le·d by' my so·n 
W.lLlI.iam rrcrw occupie·d by Dr• Chamberlain to ·be appraised at 
$3·3:5'0,;.00. Ma·ry Eliza: Bu:rr·,:thec hotts.-e: now occupied' by 
herseTf and he~r- husoa:nd,to be appraise·d at $7.000.00. 
Exe:euto·ra to invest, in permane-nt securities $18000.00 
and from the' i:rrterest. p.ay annuity to my wife and Mrs •. 
Co(f)]re.r .. 
Executors,:Q1ly so'rte in-law,Charles H.. Burr 

Saml:;le·l . Blackwe.11 

W .. M.. Cllambe·rlain , As·toria 
J\)hn Owen .. , 

Sur9' Morris· Fosdick pr0vem Dec •. 29,,185'7 

He:wlet"e T.ownsend. 
0ys t ,e rbaiy;e;r · 8 ,. 15? 
De.eembe r 2.5 , 185 6 

T;he ine.dma ·on $ 9000-.0'0 equally to. my th;t"ee gr.children 
Anne· Jane.~Emma 'l' •. ,an'd Edward,childr.en of my 
Q::eeeased d:aughte .. rs.,Jari:e and E lizabe:th fo:r life,; upon 
the; dea't ;h of e;ach , :lti'3000 .-00 t .o b:e. paid. the heirs of that 
one: dying. If' it is de·emed b-e:st. by my exe·cu.tor-s,the 
prine.ipal. .or $000·0.po can be ·paid e:ach gr.child. The 
burial. groµ-nd forme-rl_y beJ,,onging to my f 'ather at Cedar 
Swa:m:Q: to be. kept. i .n goo'd ord.e.r b.y my estate. Re.sidue 
of' ·e-stat.a. ·to: be .divided into' seve·n equal.yparts and one 
part p.a:id ec~eh my ·children o:i;- the:ir he·irs and one part 
p<;t'id the: c·hild:ren . hf :rµy daiu.ght:e·r Eliz-abeth,d.eceased .. 
Execu:1;,o•:t's ,my thre:e so.:pa-in-·1..av.r.,Da·nie'l Mccoun, Y/:i:lle:t. Weeks 
and 'Thq.mas w· •. ~ll!>e'J::t,~o:n 

He:wlett Townsend 

Hewlett T~:rwnsend~ ( c:o·ntinuing) 

W'ftnesse:s: · · 
J"acob. M •. 'Nee·ks, Glen Cove 
·John T; Weeks,. N.Y .c. 

Su:r .Mo'rri s Jtos··d'i cic 

St.ephe7n Hicks· 
Hempst·ead · 

.tntire' e.stat.e· to· my wif'e Hannah 


Lioer s.,. 157 

proved. Dec.. 3'© ,.1857 

L.iber a,. I60 
November 7,1857 

Executors Elisha B. Baldwin and· C:ornelius· ff. Rhodes·. 

Stephen Hicks: 

Sealey S:outhard, 
. Charles · Southard; 

Sur;- M.orris FoSr 1 i fe- to my three, d:aught.ers:; Ha;r;r·ie·t-, wife of 
:&J.Ibe:rt 1 Lay-ton.~ 8a:ra'h J ~· I:~ Wh:ft,so·n,;wido'w of· Jarvi~' Whit.son 
and Hannah A.,wif'e of Willet.t Layto,n,andi my -gr.daughte:r, 
Sarah Robbins·. At. the death of each one four th the: 


Henry Whitsen · t6o·ntinuing) L.i ber 8, 163 

principal e'qua:lly to all my gr. children. The $ 1500. 00 
le·ft in trus·t fo·r :my wife·,at he'r death,to be equally 
divide·d .among my gr.childre·n then living. 
Kx:ecutor·s ,E'dwa:rd S. Willets of Westbury; · Hicks Albe·rtson 
and'. James W •. s·eaman of' Jeru·salem · 

Israel s. Jones, Jerus·a:lem 
Sarah E:. Seaman tto 

Sur .. Morris F·osdick praved: Jan. 13,1858 

..An.ri~}'lg s: •. Mowbray 
Remp'lirte ad 

Liber 8, 16? 
Janua·ry 1,1858 

T.o. my wife E' E.lien,my wearing apparel ,pla:te,hous~; ..: 
hold' furni.ture· and ~500.,00'; this in lieu of he·r d.ower-
rights. The inc.~atne · on the residue" of my estat.e to! my 
wife as lLong as she' remains my widow. At he·:ir remarriage or· death, the· tistate to' be: e'qUally divided among my childre·n. 

· E',my wife }!1 lizaoe:th E'llen;· executors ,;my father 
ETiphalett M.owbray and my brother~in.;.laW.,Thomas H. C.JLower 
of R,empstea.d .. 

An~ing S. Mowbray 
Vv"itnesses :; 

Wm. Vihee,',, 
. Geo •. B. Banks:,. 

Sur.. M.o'r .r ·i s F«:i·s di ck 

Wi.11 ia:m L •. H.en dr.·:i ck s on 
. S:pir in gf i el d :, J amai ea 

Hemp;s·t .ead 
tl! . 

Liber 8:, 171 
May. 11,1854 

' ' 
T:o keep: the family toge .. the.r-,and bring up the. younger 
c:hild;ren, I give: my wife Maria the use of the ·entire . 
~state: till youngest. child is of age;. If either of my 

· ·daughters marr.y before. · ehild is of age:· at-
Mi'at: time,, , she is to receive $ 1.00iOO. · Whet1 youngest child 
fa of a ge the es.t'ate is· to be sold, a note I gave ·my wife 
for -$3-0~ 1 00 I.or mone:y she: re9eive.d from her fathe·r's 
e'st~ t e", to be : pa id. If the' residue: e:xee·ed:.s $ 2600. 00, 
$'2000.00 of this residue. .t .o be invested and ino:o·me paid 


Wll!.ia:m L. He·ndriek:s·o·n Li be·r 8, l '71 

C'od'ieil- to abo,ve Will,dated ·oct .• 19,1857: 
r ·give' my son John i zoo.oo al0ng with the $.200;00 given · 

_e·ach my othe-r sons in ·my will. I give· my d·aught .. er Eliza-
beth, the note· I hold' against her husband. 

. . . ' . 

\ r.·. Hend'ric;kson· 

John 8 .. Hendrickson, 
James C.. H.endrickson 

Sur,;, M.orris ]' 

Abraham Whi.tson (farmer·} ·c.:.. . 


p;rov~d. Jan. 25, 1858 

Liber · 8 '1?9 ,. ' 
Augµ st 11, 1856 

Use: of' ent:. ir.e; eatate ·to my wife Mary as long as she 
remains my ·wfd.Ow:.: S..t he~r de.a-th or remar.riage,I .gi've my 
son Da?!id. the. ine.ome: on $500.,00 fo:r ·lif'"e and at. his: · · 
-death the p.rincipal .. equally to h:j:s ehildren. In same 
manne.r the: ine'.ome ~m $·500 .oo to eam my daughters 

Abraham Wh i t .s·o n ( cont·inu ing) 


Liber 8, 179 

Esther Wf lle ts ,-Phebe Vand·e·ve·e-r and' Mary T'redwell •. T'o 
iny J.Iny Whitson,~ the income· on $2000.00 for life 
and at her -death the principal equally to her chimd're·n 
rr· any of my ehilci'r·en· d'ie without issue, then the prlil'icipal 
le·f 't that· child to go to my gre.children the·n living, 
equally. The .~ residue· o·f my estat-e ~t death or remarriage 
of w·if'e· e·qually to my two sons·~Cha-rles and Samuel and to 
their he.i .rs. 
Kxecu:tors,-sa:id two so-ns. 

Abraham Wh.i t scm 
Witnesse·s: l~ . Hnnt,. Ne.wtown 
Garret. S. s:trang ,. it-
J O-hn S:imo·n so·rr, Jama i ea 

S'ur.: Morris .I!,,,osd'ick proved ·Jan .. 29,1858 

l'f&te~-Tne~ a:hove· Will was ceritested by s·on 
Da-vid' Whitson r ·epresente'd by We,lcome· R. Bebe·e·. ,John J. 
Armstr·ong represented: the executor·s,Wil.l admitted to 
pro·bat.e.. · 

P'ete.r A .. MeseJ:"ole. 

Liber· 8,. 
January 5, 


To w:if'e,Heneriett.a. R. ,a:ll my household a:nd furni ... 
ture,sil-Ver plate and b.ooks".. .A:lso, to her the entire 
ine:omer of the~ estat.e. till youngest child is of age·. 
],-ors t ,o ree.eive $2:50 .OO eaeh for Se:rviees 
whe.n -real est.ate is sold. My farm not to be s.old till 
1860 whe.n a lease. to Mr. Backus . will expire. Execu to·rs 
to pay my quarte.r share of the Insurance Poli.Cy on the 
l.ife of the Re.v. T.hos .. c. St.rong Pai;;tor of the Dutch 
Re,f ormed Ch:ureh of l'fe.wt,own as long , as. he remains pastor · 
of that_ Church; when he· c.·e.ases: to he pais·tor, the·n my 
share: of t .he p·rincipal is. to be equa:·lly di vide.d among 
my wife and childran• ' · P'roc.e·eds· of the sale of my estate 
e.~J.1ally to my wife: and. six children; C,at.harine; Magdalen,. 
~:ry Jane,,Nie·holas. Wyckoff ,,An.n Elizai,,.Henrie.tta and. P'e·ter 
Ha.rris Mese:rolE;... Wife:is in lieu 0f her· dower. 
If any of my ~lrild:ren ·die be.fore. imhertting~w.~thout. 
i§·sue·, survivers .to di vid·e sueit share. Exeeut,ors to pay 
the' gua;rdian of' my minor child·r.en such sums a:s, is necessary· 
for their sup.po.rt and· e:ducation Wid- deduct. payment.s ... 


( cront inu ingJ . Liber 8, I.83 

from said chi1d-ren ts le··s. Upon tne marriage ·of each 
d"a:ughter,she is to receiye ;itnooo.oo to be ded"ucted from her" of my e.'·s.tate. Wife· t .o be guardian of· minor ehild:ren. 
Exee:u·t'rix, wff e· Henr.iet:ta; e'xee;utors·,my brother· Arc'hfbald 
K. M'es:e·role· ~'nd· my cousin Charrle-s De- BevoiEre 

• ; W"itne'sse·s: 
· Isaa.e .A., Ra:pe·lye ,, N.ewtoi,vrt· 

C'O·m1elius' R. Lente, ~. ~ -· 
Sur •. Mo':t-ris. E'osdick Prove·d :b,eb. 25, 1858 

Maria< c·ove:rt. 
Jra:ma i . ea-

Li'be'r a:, 1ss 
Novembe.r 21, 1855 

$100.00 each .to John C'.over,son or· Morrisr to Catharine· 
P'earsall,.,wi:fe or· Char'les·,and: to· Daniel Mu:rra:y. Residue 
O'f e';ntir·e e·state to Mary Higbde wif'e of Jame:s- a:nd· to· 
her· heirs~ ·' 
Rxe·q:ut.ors,J'o'hn ©·dye:rt, son of lto:rris aimi'. JameB' Higbie 

· - he fl?l' 

Thomas Pow:e~11. J1 
l!tlij:a:h E;veritt, 

Sur. Moris Fosdick 

John: J; ohn s e-n 
Hemp:s t .e.a,d 

Maria (x) c:o-v.ert 

ll1 . 

Pr-o.ved Feb. 25 ,1858 

·· Libe·:t 8 19]. 
' ' ' ' Augus:t, 5, 1842 

!JI'a my d:augh t.e·.r L.e.tit.i.a Smith , ~5.0 .oo.. To my t .wo gr.daughters 
~;usan ltbrams -- and.. L ,fd'.a Ann each $.I00.00. '!he. 'res.idue 
o:f my e~stata to my gr.sen jo:Q_n '. Johnson and to his X:.e:irs. 
Execut,ors.,John w. De:Mott, and said Jol:J:n. John.son 

· his -

WitEe~H\las:: . . 

John. (x1 Johns~n 

EJ;.i.j'.ah F. De: Mo;tt., Hemp;s t · 
. . s-i1venus Langd!o;ri.; 
·Sur. ·Morris Fq.seliek . ,, 

. It, 

Fr.o:ve:a E'eb. 2e ,;J.858 

. J'ohanne's Eott 


~ · . 
Lihe·r · 8; 1.99 
JU:lJJ 29~ 185\0 

To , wi:fe.· :wra:ry the use- of one b.ed,bedste.aa:,ancr suff'ieient 
bedding· as ],ong ·as she: remains my vv.::·id·o·w; also t·he: int_erest 
cn1 $2 :000.00 - which art. he·r death or remarriage· is· ta be 
cdnsid'e-red part· of my residuary es·t~te. Bequest. to ·wife 
in lie·u of he'r d'ower rights·. The residue of my e·s-tate 
e·qualiy to· my s·ix ch:ild'r·en :· Mary ~i,Vif'e· or Isaac· Simon-
son,Margare:t wif'e of Pe"ter Noa·trand,.Abigail Jane·,.wife of 
J'qs·e·ph Pewe.11,.Jame:s ,John H. and Renctricrk Lott. If any of 
my ehildren P'redeeeas:e me· ·with issue:·, sudh issue· t ·o receive.· 
parent • s sn ar.e:. · 
Exe·cu:t.ors· ,.my t '.hree: sons, John H. t"James a:nd He·ndiricx. 

J oha:nne s L.ot t 

John (J. Smith, J 'ama:iea: 
Ge:o. Va-ndaverg ,.j r. ft; 

C0dTcil tG- above, Will,aatei · May· 30 ,1855: . 
The- money 0\ving me a.t. my decease by my so·ns.;, Isaac 
S·:im.onsen and Peter· N'astrand sh.all be. ·credueted from t_he's due the·ir repe'ec:t.ive wives·,my daughters,under·.i 
my Will. 

Wi t .nes se.s.: 
John c: .. Smith, 
Isaac T;Reeve. 

Sur· •. 1forris Fo·sd.ick 


Jamariea ,., 
p:rove:d Feb. 2'7, 1858 

Note:;.;;.The, abo:ve Will: was c.onte .. sted by his widow ,represente'.d 
by Jahn s. .. r and. the othe.r bene;ficiarie.s rep.resented 
by John G. Lamber·s-on. Will aruni tted'. to probate. 

E.pene-tus: A.pp·leby 
No·. Hempste:a:d 

Libe.r 8, 209 
Sep.-t.embe-r 9, 185 7 

T.he i .nterest. on $.5000.00 to my nephew Thomas· R.- Appleby fer 
lif'e. and. at. hi.a d the: equall.y to my three 
neph~ws Le·onar·d.,Thomas a;nd. Silas· Mott and to their heirs. 
If any d:e·9ease· without issue,his brothers to· divide his 
l .eg:ae:y. $.1000.00 ta e-xecut~ors to.. he ap·plied' for the 
be'nef'it at. their disc~e;tion of my nephe·ws ·samue·l G. and 
Ep.e:neut.s A. Willis. To my said nephews ,Thomas and Silas 

Epeneitu.s Apple .. by (continuing'} Liber 8 j;; 209 

Mott all my r ·arm land,. and: bulildirigs, :f a:rming u ten s·il s, 
live st·oek ,.hay arid grain. P'rovid'ed they allow my 
brothe·r John to .live in the hous'e : for lif'e- a-nd' that they 
pa:y· their hr.other Le·onara::,.,$4000.oo. -The- residue of my 
mone-y tc> · the:·se three nephe,-ws e'quallU,; Leo·na:ra:, Thomas 
and Silas lifo·tt· · 
E'xecutors,the·se aforesaid thr·ee nephews. 

Epenet:us Appleby 

:Benjamin Hicks 
Robe:rt· Hick,. 


Sur. Morris ]''osdick .. proved March 3, 1858 

Not.e::-.Above- ;:Will c0ntes:te·d· ·by the ne-phe:w Thomas R. Appleby 
r .ep-res.e-rrted by N .. B'. Mo·rge·; ffenry VV'., ·Ea-st-man represe-nted 
the '' e-xeettt.0re· ~ W:dll. admitte·d to probate ... 

Auguste Pie:rre Michail 
N.Y • . and i~· o. Hemp:stead 

Li be·r 8 , 212' 
March 2:1, 1857 

:Ent ire e.s-tat'e to my t :wo daughter·s, Const:anoe E:el.est.e and 
wr~·rie; Lo:nise· NLic:hau, a·f' 1Jie:pp.e France,equailly divide·d. 
Executor,.Ju!es Ri].lie.t ,;: a):te:rnat.e:,E.ugene Lanet b-0·th of N .. Y • 

.August.. P. Michau 

B-oth Hendrickso,n 

Jame,s :Morrough,counsellor at law N.Y.C. s·ta;tes that he 
und.e.rstand.s Fre:nch and that the above is a 
t .ra·Springfield ,L. I. 
Horac~ c. Chehore 60 E. 3-1 St., 

C-odieil to ~bove Will "sam~ .. · ta:~fe:. 
If my so.n S.ea.ring should. l _eave "lawf1;11 :L issue ,..the farm where 
t .hey new- live ,.be' given them and· .mother in liew of' 
the ~3000 .. 00 give·n he,r as his wicl.ow in the will. 

s:arah Tho·:r:ne 

Same.· as Aheve. 
Sur. Morris Fosd.ick Proved March 8,1.858 

Lattit1g·. Qarpenter· 
Glen Co-ve•,Oyst:erbay 


Liber 8,. 226 
May· :;rn ,.18ff5 

Ua·e· of· entfre· estate to· my wife Martha far lf fe. 
Suitable grav·e· stone for my · grave. Kt- death of wif·e, 
e'State to be -s-old. and .proceeds equa:lly divided among· 
I?Y C'hilar·en; ,James s .. ,.Ben-;jamin,Johrr Searing·,Jane·, ' 
9.ole·ff ,La tt·ing ,Mary De-borah and' Charle·s Wesley Carpenter 
~nd E-liz~l;ieth Underhill and· Fann'y Ann Ke·te-ham,wi th this 
e'xciep·tion ~ executors to pay my son Char·Ies $ 200.00 
the' am:ou:n# of the note· he holds against me and an 
ad~itional $ 2:00.00 making ~$40-0'.00 O·v·er anct above what 
t ·he othe·r children will get, which is in full compensation 
for his services to me. 
Executor·s,my three sorrs,James Sm·i th,Latting and Charles 
Wesley Carpente::t". 

Latting Carpenter 

· Smith S' . - Carpent-er ,. Glen Cove 
Coles A. "' 

Sur. Morri~ Fa~dick 

henry Allen 
J)J:-<)'~ Hempstead c___ G-n °' r l'\~c-¥: \ 

.. - u· 

P:r0ve.d· March 22 ,I.858 

Li ber 8 ,. 229 
August 30 ~185'7 

$ 500'.00 to my niiece Ella Augusta Chatman _d·aughter o:f" John 
H. and Mary E'. •. Chat'man. ~.1.00 each to my eolor·e·d man .. : 
and his wife,.William and Rebecca Cornell. $ 50.00 
to He.nry A. MeAr(j.le, son. of ' Jame·s. All. the re_sidue of 
my estat:e,equally to my mothe.:r: Ma_ry Allen,my brother 
John andl. my s ist.e·r M§:rY E~ ,..w±f'e of John H. Chatman. 
lf any of tJ:iese ] give my sister Mtrgaretta Allen 
a·s mu ch a;s $. l _. 00 they a; re to f orf'e it- thei r share of my 
est-at,e .•,my brother John,Leo·nard A. Seaman and Silvanus 
~L Smith 

Heriry Allen 
W.itne s se s :-

Henry Onderdpnk, -
··'R. .. E . Th0rne, 

Sur. M.orr-i s Fo sd.i'c~ 
Great Neck 
tt . It 

Esther · Hawihurst 
:Bfa·st Norwich ,Oy§::tterbay: . 

Liber 8 ,.- 233 
.Tfrne· 8, 185 7 , 

To my ·s·ister·Phebe,wi'fe of Daniel Waldron my real 
e'st'at'e 'corisi s 'ting . of a -rot . with a house' shoe . shop 
barn ~ .. · and' dther nu:tldings · ori - It,in EE!-st Nor\vich ·an the 
sthitfi sTde·. of ·Main ot .- flinriing through . same east and 
west;· · bound.ed oh the ; north by-- l!Iain st., the east by 
rand of Daniel · Wrigb.t ~ s·outh -tnat · cif · James ··ver·non · a.-na 
we·st by land ·of ' Dr • . Altmiller • . Also to her my furniture 
wearing · apparel ;nioney · and ··a11 · ·otl'l.'er ·property both re·al 
arid · :Perscfri'aI •. ThHf to· ··her outrignt. 
E·xecutrix,my sister Phebe w·aldron •. 

Dariing .. B •. 
·Jonah T~ 

Surl. Morris Fosdick 

Henry F .. Blackwell 
1'tewtown Lo...,,m;,o.. \ 

E sther Hawxhurst 
. .. ... ,/ 

Whitrfey, , East Norwich 
Hegeman , tt· '~ 

March 29,1858 

Liber 8, · 23'.6 
January 12,1858 

Tq my wife Hetty ·M; arid to her heirs all mY hou·sehold 
f'urni ture ,.uten si:J:s ~-f'amily ·at aves and the hbueel. af:l,d J, .. : 
grounds iivh .ere we · how reside.· To ·my daughter Henrietta,. 
~vif"e· of Henry -Howard and· to" he.ire·; the h6l1Se and' lo-t 
o,ri Stevens St. ~Astoria conveyed to me by William aind 
Thohia·s Calvert; · ·also· tne hc;)us-e ·and .·10-e · in Astoria 
formerly owned 'Qy William Kelly; als·o · t w6 cottages 
\v i th the grotfriP,s::~ao'out 8 · Iot·s ,at · Ravenswood, in Newto:Wn 
cO:nveyed to :tne.f my wife and family. 
Executor-s to establish a fund which will pay each of my 
daughters Lydia and Mary $100.00 a year for life. I 
ap:po·int my SJo·n'."'in-law,Henry Howard and my wife Hetty a:a. 
trustees. I give in addition t .o. my daughter Henrietta, 
those l~ts conveyed to my by Henry Baylis, by _deed 
date.d. Aug .. 30 ~1851. and· recorded in the Co. Clerk ts Off ±.ce 
in Libe r # 127 of Dee els ,page 285 etc •. F'eb. l., 1855.. · 
I appoint 'my wife He.tty and iny Henry Howard 
as guardians of my. · infant daugh t ·Efr Mary. I app.oint my 
brother Josiah Blackwell as .guarciian of my infant sons 
Henry , and W,:ill iam. -

' ' ·, 
He.nry F. Blaekwe-11 

Wi tnessas: 
CG ~- Astoria 
~bhn Owen, 1t . 

Sur. Mor.r .is Fo.sdick. pro:ved J,}.pril 10 ,-1858 


Isaac "Simonson 

Lih~h· ,'8' 243 
. J.u·ne . 25, 1856 

. ) .. 

u-se· of ·entire a.state to my wife Ma·ry,as Iorig as she . 
remains my W'idow;for " the ·supp.oft and benefit-' of herself 
and our cliildren .. · ''A:t.' her ·d'ea·th . or remarriage·,r give 
$100.00 each . to Arin ']Iliza.,ciaughte·r of my decea:sed ~ori :· .. 
John B. a.rid to George .Elbert ·; son of my·· decea:sed- daughter 
Ivfa:rTa E·trzabeth,-t.vif'e· of Jesse M·. · H'ighie~ · The res'idue " 
Of my · e:s-tate at · death· or remarriag'e Of w:iife,equally · to'· · 
my children the?i living; · · if · any oe dead · \vith· issue; such 
rssue each ' t 'o ' recE:dve $ 100.0o. · I'f 'ariy'' of :iny -hefI"s 'owe 
me mtnl'ey ·a-e my d:eath,it .is . to be deducted from their 
l ··.-~. - ~·· ··· · 
Nxe·cutrix, niy said wife M§rYt . e:x:ecutors Thomas Bradlee 

Isaac Simonson 
\Al i tnesses: 

D.S~. ·waters, , Jamaica: 
· ··samu.el Smith,. ,. 

S-u:r •. Morris Fosdick 

John -Peebles 

Pro-ved April i2·, 1858' 

Liber a, · 246 
Octobe·r 2?, 1849 

T_o my wife Sarah w •. , the income" on $3:0QO. 00 already iri-
ve·sted by .'me and .paying 1~ 210~00 yearly, as long as she 
rerriai.ns my vvid6w:.. This in lieu of her d'ower i"ights. 
To my only child Mary Ami Peebles ,the entire residue of 
my es t a:te. a.ffd' to 'her heirs. . 
E:xeoutors}.Jonn I. Van Alst: arrd William Bragaw both 
of Newtown · 

John Peebles 

R.H.o Palmer'; Washington Ave •. Brooklyn 
Harriet Palmer. 1•· " •t 

Codi~iI to above Will,dated June 5,i85?: 
$ 300.00 additional to my wife Sa.rah W. outright. I 
app0int, my d4au1thter Ma_ry .Ann Peeble~· sole executrix; of 
my wil-1 and make null and void the: executors previously 
appointed. · 


John (x) Peeble.s 


(continuing} Liber s, 246 

''e's· c·-. Dunn 

-· c.P~ srnith -
Sur.-Morris FoS'dic·k 

Daji1 e i ·- F·owl e·r · 
:Hemp-st e:ad 


3rd· Ward, Brooklyn 

1i roved April 13, 1858 

Lihe.r 8' 250 
June 15 ,_ 1857 

To my wif'e · Ann;.; a1r :rny h_ousehold furni fure ·and "the: ·int ere st 
orl' $2-'600-~00 for lff·e ;-;,; this ' in lieu ' of he;r dowefr rights •. 
The re·sfdue --of Ui.Y ·estate equally t ·a 'my two · daughte r s 
and tO thei1• :heirs; .. viz: ·sar·an J&nn, wif'e of' Townseiidd 
Al5rams ·and Haiin'aJi wif·e of L 'ockwood Abrams. A t death o-f 
wTfe ~- the ·pr'iric-ipal of· her trust to be divided the: same way. 
Exeeuto:rs ,Henry and· Treadwe·11 Pearsa·Il. 

Witnesse·s·: \ ---

· his 
·Daniel (xJ Fowler 


c:ornell _ Pea·rsall; 
- · -- · Benj~:¢.i1'1 Fe,arsall ~ 

S:ur ... , Mbrris Fosdick 


April 14., 185 8 Allen 
Mo. Hemp,s tea:a: ccn-.._...-r- 1--\~\( \ 

Lib'er- 8 ,_, 25;5 
Octob-e.r 4,, . 1857 

The incom~ on $400.00 to Henry C. Al~en son _ of my cieceased 
so.n J6hn,fo>l: li:fe., $25.0.0Q to .my son Richard M. with 
which "to buy Bl ·sui.t of · clothes~- Resid"ue of e_'.state 
e ; , ; t 

T'C> my daught·e::r• Ann;\J\Tidow ···0r q-iaties ·Frost~ $5oo.oo. 
To >my · diiughter-iil~law ETsa Weedham, ~~ 50. oo. · Tenny gi'. 
d'augnter~E-lizabe·th L·apham,d~ughter ·of rrfy deceased son 
Ja~·es , ~i200. 00. The i'e.sidue . cif' my estate e·qually fo 
my 'daughter Sarah,wife ' of ·na:iiett Thorh,ray· ... 
Arin; vvid'ow: of ·cnarles Frost:son of my deceased son James 
ortheirheirs. --· · · -
N.xe·cut ors ,my son~·:tn-la\v ;Hollett Thorn and my two gr. saris 
Jial.entine and Jame·s Farie-y F·ros·t •. 

Zebulon Frost 

J 'o·se}lh Latt'ihg 
Darl"rer v·. Smith 

· ·Jar.qes B •. F'ear·sall 
S:u:r. Morris Fosd-ick 

Ebeneze·r Smith 
No. ffe:mpstea:d 

Frove·d .April 20 ,1858 

Lfber 8,. 2;60 
April 13, 1853 

T-C» my nephews ,i ointly and to _their he·irs ,my bu :ria'l l ot 
rh2' in the burial ground of Christ" s First Ghureh of 
Hemp.stea:d';v·iz:s·amual A-. _and Henry v. Smith. To my nieces 
jointly,Sar~h .A! .. ,Frances E'. and Eliz~ Smith and· to their 
heirs·,my lot · # l'S in the' same. buria.i ground. To Henry 
v.. Smi t ·h,my large family bible.. To my nieee Elizabeth 
Clayton ,all the re.sid'ue of my household and ki tehen furn i-
t.ure. Entire· re.sf.due· of" my esta:t·e to my nephew Jame·s. P. 
S:mith,son of Jene;s M and to his heirs. He must pay my 
executors $22'00 .oo to be dispos·ed of as I hereinafter 
d:..irect.. Oµt . of' this. they are.- to pay the following legacies 
to. ·my ' niee~ E lizabeth Clayton, $1000 •. 008 To Alfred Sm~th 
brother of the said Jame's P'. and to his heira, $300000. 
To William W. Sm·i .th,. hal.f brother· to James P and to his 
heirs,,$10_0.00.. ~100.00 to Henry V •. Smith and to his heirs. 
To hi.s s.iat.e-~;,Sarah A. Smith and her heirs $ 100 .. 00. To 
he.r sister E liza Smith $.!Q0.00'.. ~? 500.00 to Frances E· .. 
Smith cl.aught;e:r of Edward F. Smith,. to be paid her when of 
a:ge·; interest to be applied for her benefit till then. 
i-f she: dies without issue before that. time, the pr inc ipa! 
e qµally: to S;a rah A. and Eliza lf J ame·s P-. Smith 
refuse.a or ne.glect's t·e pay my exeeutors the $22·00:. 00, they 
a re. t ,o, sell. e.nough .. ~ of my real. estate ne,ar T.anners P'ond 
to realize this sum. 


Ehe:ne·ze·r Smith (continuing) Liber .8, 260 

]]':~~ec·u to·rs;-Warren Iv.Li te·he11 and r .. eorra:rd·. A Seaman of No~ 
Hemn-""tead · ·, · ,., ,,. · ~"""' ~ • He,• . ,. 

Ebene·z:e:r Smith 
Witnes se.s-:· 

Eras.tu.s Mitchell, Manha:sse-,t . 
s· .,La th am tt; m 

Sur. liiIO"rris .:b:,,osd:ielt Prove·d A.p:ril 2-0 ,.1858 

Dair i e:I: Le,n t · 

Liber 8 ;. 2.66 
J ·armary 21,.I.858 

To my d~a:ught.eT E'liz8b·et.h C'atha:rine· Lent,.outright my set 
of si Ive·r and one. do.ze n silver · tea . sp~~o:ris both marked · R .. R •. 
also the beds-tead ·a·nd bed in my room· ·wi'th the plillows,. 
q:uil ts:,.c-omforte·rs·,.and be·ddirtg; also· to her $1450.00. 
To my san Corne·lius Remse·tl ,Lent:~. outright· the la.rge clock 
in the· .. f'ront~ room and $1450 •. oo ~· To my S"On Charle·s 
He.n:riy Lent ,.e>tttright.,.six sil ve>r: ·table· spoons marked n:.L. 
and_ ~1450 .,00·. 'l'he money given the above- ahi!ltdren is t& 
make up; the~ differ.·enc:e: sp:e1nt on t he·ir education and that 
o.f thedr b~othe.~ .. James Rape lye, Lent.. 'l'he residue of my 
e'state to my c·hild-ren living at~ my_ d:ecease. or to their 
he'irs; he,irs tm receive de ceased parent ts share. Iy 
son· James to· b.e guardian o:f my daugh'telfr E'lizabeth ·Catharine 
dur-lfuil:g he:r rnincrity ... 
Nxe-eu tors ,.my sons C'ornelius R .. and James .a, Lent-

Daniel L.ent 
Wi tne sse:s t 

John I .. · Als-t,. Newtown 
Thomas w·. ·st1mng, ttt · 

Sur._ Morris Fosdick Proved May 11,1.858 

Silva.nus Johnson 

L.iber 8, 269 18, 1858 

To my wife, :&.osett.a,all my ,horae·s ,.fowl.,h0gs, one top: 
w~g-on, the use of the east. part of the house adjoining the 
hall,wher·e we are. now:· living, the use; of all my furnitu:re 
what fire.woad. she, may require and as· much of the produce 
o:f the. farm as i .s ne:cessq.ry .for he1r · sup1w·rt. I charge 

- my- raal. e:stat-e with this ,he·r sup)port as long. as she 

S'ilvanu's Johnson (continuing-} Liber 8, · 269 

remains rny --widow~ If she· rema:rries·,.r -give· her $2'50.00 
in li:eu of the· above· be·que0st. This to hErr in Ifeu of he·r 
db·wer rights. A'.ft~·r death of' wif'e·,.a:ll my ind.'oor rnoveable:·s 
to my daughter Martha ;-wife· of Ge·orge J)avison. To my 
so·n Langd'on, the north part of my farm next t .© land of 
.Ta:cob Ryle-s,about 22' acres·,to him and to his heirs subject 
to the bequests to wife. The remaining or southe'rn 
p0rtion of my farm with the buildings there·on, to my son 
S:ilvanus,.a.bou"f 2~2: acres. Bequests to both sons sub,jec·t 
to this condition-~ They are 'to pay e·q.ually between them, 
the sum of $400.00 to my daughter Martha and to her he:irs 
Whateve-r of my s:: t .oc:k -and ou.tdoor moveables is le,ft at the 
d'.eath or remarriage of' my vvif'e ,.is to go· equally to my 
aforesaid t·wo so·rrs·. 
Ex·eeutrix-,,my wif'e Ro·setta::· exeeut:.ors my trwo sons: 
Langd'on and ~:atvanUS' JohnS'On. 

Silvti\.nus .(:x) Johnson 

ma:l'k;s se1s: 

Henry :Pearsall, 
t--lexa:nder ·'" · "' . 

Sur •. Morris Fosd'ick P'roV'ed June 22,. 1858 

Richard Hawxhur·s·t 

Lib er 8 ,, 2;7::r 
O.c·t 29, . 1.851. 

Use . of ent.ire e·stat'.e to· wif'e Eleanor f'or life a:n· three nieces, to my nephew ·we·ssell Sm.ith, 
and to 'my . ·Elizabe·th,Louisa and Anna; :rmitild:a 
cif.aught.ers of my nep-hew,,Timoth~ W. Smith,, divid~d. 
TQ each of my, afore'said three niec·es,. $50.00. The in-. 
C©:'me- on $ 6-00. 00 to my nephew Timothy W; Smith for· life 
and as muc·h of the,' principal as: my executors deem wise; 
at. his death, the resi.d.ue to be expended on his ahi),dren. 
for :their _support and education till. youngest: child ·is 
of age., when ·. the. res·idue of the principal if a-ny is to:<-
gO: eiq).la:lly t ·b the:se children.. Ent ire resictue of my estate 
tri: W_esse:ll. s._ Smi:th s'1n -of my ai.ster-in-law.:,Mary and to 
his: heirs .. ·. ·.--' 
~xecutors,1my said Ne:phew, Vle·ssell S:. · Smith 

Je~ny S-mit.h 
Wi.tne;s se:s :. 

Dani.el Pearsall, H.erricks,, N,o. Hempstead 
Patrick - ~ibson~ ~ " - ~ 

Sur •. Morris Fosdick Pro.·ved' Aug. 16,.1858 

Ge:orge· DerI 
Newto11vn 1. ,.,."'-,~ .. l'<\l!. gland and: Peter Duryea. 

Benj 1tin R. Ho0gland' 
~ W i tn e:s s.e1s :: 

Re,v., W.A.: Gordon 
B.er_ij '·ri T. Hqogland, 

Sur. Fosdick 

N. Y •C •. 
195 Schermerhorn St.Bklyn 

Proved S.ep.t .• 2.4, 1858 

Catharine :Nostrand 


L.fber ·a, 33'4 
.l'ul.y 16 f!I858' 

Entire· e·stat.e: to be' sold. except my watch,.jei.velry,sugar 
bowl, creamer, te1a and' t :able s·poo-ns and my clothing which 
I g'ive· t .o my daughter Mary D:. NoS't.rand ·aged' 5 years; 
ail so: to Il1Y e·xffeut.0ris· ,.in t .rust :fer he;r,.two. third·s o:f my 
e·ntire' e·s·tate,to be "use'd by them for her support and e.dueat-
io.n till she: is t.we··nty~one,when she. ts to- reGeive· the principal 
The· other one, third' o:f my- ~:s-tate,I 'give to· my hus·ba:r-rd, . 
Nathaniel a:nd· to his heirs. ~f' my d~ughter die'.s b~di'.ore 
inher·iting,,then I give: qf he·r- lega~y $2SO . OO ©utright: to 
Ma:ria Benne·t ·t, wife of S tr·ike\r B"e·nrl'~t t and the r~·&idue to 
trrj husband. · 
Executors:,my husband and John Tolman·s. 

Cat.ha1rine H0>strand~ 
Wi tEe,ss:e·s.: 

Thomas Bra:d!lee:, . J'amai ea 
. Jain~·s . E\?:e:ri tt., .., · 

. Sur~ 'Mo·rris F'osdick - · , . :Prcived S-epit.27,1858 

l!1 red'eri.ek $.imo·nson 
. He-mp:s t;ead 

:t,i _ber e-i 
July 2, 


To my gr. so.n Frederiek S.im0nson , $, '750.00. To my gr. son 
. I .ssec . S:twonson,$250~00. To my gr .,. '- ,.son Benj.ami_n' Simonson, 
~3;00' ~ 00. ·To ' my : gr .son Dari.i :el Sinio:nson , $2.60 •. oo. The farm 
where my scm IJavi.d a:nd hi.s family now li:Ve I give to ·iny 
, e-xeeutor~· in trust fs-r my said ~on f6:r life. At . his death 
,arid . the: dea,th or rema'rriage of h~I? wi.fe,exe.c.uto:rs· are to 
se,:1,1, this :farm and ~i vide th~ pr,ocf;te:.ds e.qually among the 


. Libe:r 8 ,, 3.41 
Nove,mbe·r · 20 ,1854 

My plot of grtmnd in the· Cyp:te·ss· Hill Ceme·t .ry to my wife ·and 
children. To my son Pe•te·r and his . he·irs ,40 . aeres -to be· ta:ken 
fr·om th&: southerly and' e·a:sterly parts of my-· f arm in · such manner 
as not to include any or- t'he· buildings; The use r income'. 
and intere'.st- of the· residue ef my est.ate· and . the p·roceeds 
of such part:.s as n;iay be so·ld to my wife c:aroline J . as long 
a:s she remains my widow for the maintenance and support of ·. 
he:rself a .nd our faur daughters. This in lieu of he·r · do1/rer 
rights. · At the death or remarriage . of my ,~ir·e ,exe'cutors are 
to sell the f'arm and divide the proc·eed:s into four e·qual 
parts. "I give· to each of my three · d~ughters M~ria E·. ,Brakea 
D .. and J·ulia one o·f these parts. The other part to bee invest-
ed in good' se.euri ty and the said used for the main-
tenanc·e· and support of my dau'ghter C'ar0line. I order my 
e·:xee.utors to sell my real estate holdings in King·s Co. and 
divide the net proceeds in~o five equal parts. I give one 
such part eac.h to my son Peter and my three daughters M~ria, 
Brake·a and Jul.ia outrJ ght; the fifth part to be invested 
and the: i.ncome used toward the maintenance and support. of 
my daughter C.aroline. Executors to apply the income of the 
two · bequest·s to my daughter Caroli?:1e fo.r her support and com-
fortt as long as she remains of unsound mind; s.houd she 
be~ restored to aanity,in the opinion of my exe.eutors and the 
Surro·gate of Q,ue:ens e.a. ,and become, capable: of managing her 
G"Wn affairs·, the·n exe·euters are to transfer to her the 
principal of these t ,wo trust. a~ lf she· sho.uld not be cured. 
and l .e.a:ve issue then at her deat.h,,this issue is to receive 
the p:r.ineipal of her legacies; if she die.s without issue, 
my surviving children or the heirs of those dead, ara to 
equally divide her esta.t .e; heirs t© receive deceased parent's 
share. l app;oint my wif'e Caroline and my son Pete.r as 
guardians of the estates of my four daughters during the,ir 
mihori ty. · 
Executrix,.my said wife; executors,my son Peter and Peter 
Luyst.e:rt . 

Dow D. Rapelj e 

J .L. Rike.F, Newtown 
~am ~ l Rike..r., '' 

' S:ur •. Morris Fos·diclt. Prove.d October 2·_5 ,1858 

Francis Margot 

Liber 8, 3·47 
October . J'.6,1858' 

$400 •. 00 outright to .my wife Rose. The income o·n the re-sidue 
of my es·ta-te to her a:s· :tong· as she remains· my widow,provide·d 
after a reasonable· time she· returns to live in he·r - native 
Svvi t.zeria:nd' . rr· she r ·emarries, this last mentioned income 
to e· At the· death or· remarrilage or· my wife,entire 
e·sta te· to be equally divid·ed among my three ch1.l d ren if they 
are ofage; if still minors,executors to keep estate invested 
until they become of age·. Childre·n;F'a;nny A:d'.eline·;Phillepe 
J?ranc·is a.nd Henri A1bert Margot.. · 
Exeeutors,John N~ Monfort,Justin Paill.ard· and Francis May~. 

Rraneis Margot. 
Wi t nesses: 

Jacob Henggeler, 
·Auguste Margot, 

Sur .M'o:rris s Fo sdiek 

n·ani e.I Bayl i s 

Manitt·o Hill,Q.ueens Co. 
1t' ttr . . ,,. . ·u· 

Proved November 8,1858 

Liber 8, · 352. 
Febuary 3-,1855 

lJse: of iny household arid kitchen · furniture to my wife Eµnice 
as long as she remains my widow ,and at her death, this 
furniture: to my daughter Abigaii.l,wife of Geor ge.G-Creed. 
T.o my sa·id daughter Abigail, $1200 .. 00 to be paid her by .turn-
ing over to her the several claims I · have against he.r 
husband in notes, bonds ,ete. .. and deducting the, same from 
her ·legac.y. · The residue of my estate e.qually to my two sons 
John · and I.s 8 ac.. · 
Executors af'"oresaid two sons,and Leffert Bergen. 

Daniel Bayles 
Wi tne.sses: 

John s:. Snedeker" 
Le.wis . L .. Fbsd.ick, 

Sur •. Morris F·osdiek 


Proved Nov. 22,1858 

Note·:-the above:Wil.l was contested by the three gr.children 
of the testa.tor,George;DanielBand Henrietta Creed,chil.dren 
of the dece.a:;:ie;d d'aughte~r of the testator Abigail ,w~fe ot 
George Creed. They were represented by John G .. Lamb.erso.n 
and the exeb-q.tors by John J. Arms·trong in favor of the Will .. 
Wi.11. admitt.e.a to probate •. 

Alfred Sammis 


. :Ciber s, 355 
October 1.7, 1858 

E'.ritire' estate equally' ·t ·6·jny wife 1V1ary and -rriy two · SOrlff 
Henry arid Sylve·ster Sa:rrnniS- -I' 'ap1)oin"t ' Georg~ W~ To vmse·nd 
guardian for · my son Sylvester . till he · is ·cff " age. 
Executors,Geo:tge ·\1r. T·ownsend,S'amuel S'. Somers,and 
John I. Hamilton. 

Wi tne-sses: 
Wm. w. st re\v. ,M. D'. 

·"· Peter· Y. Frye. 
S'ur. Morris Fosdick 

Samuel Arrnstr0ng 
No. Hempstead 

Alfred Sammis· 

Proved Dec.1,1858 

Liber 8; 358 
March 6,1853 

$.'200.00 to each of ~he · following of my child'rens Deborah 
n. ,Isabella w .. ,.~Joseph D. ,Martha A. ,Mary J. ,and Samuel 
V: ;B .• 'Armstrong ~ Residue of· estate ·e·out 70 acres; also about 14 acre:s oh the west side of· 
Me Coun's Lane'; o_pposite the Mason land. 1 also give . 
SU.aa1n the use during her  my gr .. daughter Anna 
Mc Coun, daughter o:f Cornelius of N.J.C .. , $1000.00 to b:e: 
paid. her at. her marriage. or when she is of age.. If she 
dies b-efore inheriting, this legacy is to revert to my 
residuary personal estat.e.. The re:s.idue of my entire estate 
to my daughter, Phebe Alhertso·n. 
E:xe.eut.rix, my aforesaid daughter Phebe;· executors: Arnold 
JJl'leet,. of the Ccnre and James Q,. Townse.nd of Oysterbay. 

Jame;s A::lbertson 


James Jf..·n 

.. ( 

. - - - . . ... ~· 


. Liber $, . 449 above Wi:l'.I,d'ated· December Z, -1858: 
Owing - to the ' iil . health ·of my· daU-ghter Phebe," I make 
thi·s - c6dic il; if said 'Phebe pred'eac·es me, the·n the J 
legafries reft." to he.r a:re ·to go -t ·o my gr.da:u~ghifie.:t Mary 
kdelia - ~lbe±tson anff "to her heir:s 'and' my other ' gr: child 
Anna M.c Coun is to receive an additional $1000.00 •. 

James Albertson 

Johh Wood ; ·oysterbay 
· Johri ·· Wr t :, ti.! 

Sur. Morris F'osdick 

J'ohn Goge.r (rigger) 
Oysterbay c. E: c...:. r t-'-o• """'~"') 

Proved May 30,1859 

Libe.r 8', · 454 
March 2.5, 1852 

Ertti-re e.state · to be sold,,the proceeds. i.nvest.e·d and the 
inco.:ine plaid my · son George M . ., Coger.- f 'ot life · and at his-
d'eath tne. principal -equally to his children; if a:ny 
*re debaased leaving issue,~uch issue to receive de-
ceased parent f's share;· if he leaves no issue' then 
the iegacy to go to my next O'f kin acc.ord:ing to the law. 
of the State of' N~Y. · -
Exec.utors ,my three sons Geo-rge· TuI . ,John, j r. ;.Daniel Coge:r. 

John · Coger 
Wi tne.s ses: 

Is<;lac P. Martin ,. 5.6 Wall St ... N.Y.C. 
Rob't. K .. M. Strong '"· tt< '" tt· 
John Allwood It It· " U• 

Codi&i1 to above Wil1,dated Octabar 6,1854: 
I.. re.vcike. the. appointment of my sons John,,jr. anii Daniel 
as exeeutors of my will and in their p•lace 
Vinc:e:nt. Mart.l .i .ng,farmer of Oysterbay and Henry R .. 
M.iller., of 1'79 South St. N.Y. C. ·to act in their 
:plaea.s aiong with my son George.. I also give each of· 
my children $ 1 00 .. 00 as ·a token of my affection toward 
them •. viz:; Danie.l,John,,jr. and ·Th9mas C:oger and: to 
E.lea:nor ,,wife of Townsend, Maria ,.wife of Samuel 
Y •. LudI:um, Tamz.en ,widow of T.homaa Ludlum and. to Ann 
wife ·of Vine.ent Martling.. The bulk of my - goe.s 
to my sari George be.cause. of.h'.is b odily infirmi.t.y which 
preve.rtts him from abt-aining a livelihood by his own 
e.xertio-ns ;\vhile my other children are all comfortably-

.John Go ger'(r igger) 
" " '••'t··w t' 

provided, for., 

l'Ji! itnesses: ' 


(continuing') L.f ber 8, 454 

John Coger 

w .M. P'r 'i t chard - ·Emerson 

Sur. Morris Fpsd'ick 

r6 --union· sq.. ir.Y .c~ .. -- ·" 
Castle·ton, State:n Isll:trid' 

Caroline~ :!?'Elek (widow of Jonathan) 
F lus'hing-

Proved .April 26,1.859 

Liber 8, · 460 
March ·2s, 185? 

E'nti r ·e ·e.·sta.t.i:"f to ·'be· sold •. ·· The i'nc::ame: O'n $:1000.00 to, my 
daughter' Janne~t:t, wife:· or· The adore· D. Demont f 'or I ife 
and: · at. her·· d·e a:t~h the principal equ·ally to her -c-hi id-
i"eri ~ The· fnte.-re·st ' to. be us·ed toward their· sup}fort. and 
benef'it till .younge'·St child fs of-.a:ge,, or ·mart":Jie1s • . 
If she leaves n© cli:.i .Idren,then· this $ 1000.00 equa lly 
t .6 my cnildren li v'fng· at. that · time., The residue of · my 
estat.e equally to ·my othe·r · eight. children : Oor"nell, 
R:ichard,,Thoinas· L •. ,.Jona:t'han ,Ke:rn:y A. a rni ·w:illiam L. Ann E.liza ,wif·e .. of· Wil l iam R. FEdrwea.ther 
and: Susan A·nn I\.ritch,e.11,wife·. of William Augustus 
Tuii t Cheli• ' 
Executors,.my so:ra. Gorne~ll Peck of Flushing,my so.n Rich-
a rd P eck o-f New Have,n a nd my son-in-law, William H. 
:b"airweathe-r o·f Flushing.,, 

Caroline Pe·ck. :, 
· Danie.I T. . Smi t:i-. . ,.,.... , 

B.en,jamin F owler 
Jo.nathan R. Peck. 

Sur ... Ivtorris .Fosdick 

Rhbert. Marshall 
Fl ,ushing 


Proved. May 31,1859 

Liber 8, 466 
November l~, 1856 

lto my vrife E,11.en G •. all my personal estette outri g)lt. 
T;his iri lieu o:f her do wer rights.. Also to her,all my 
-r :e:a:.t e.sta.t .e as. long as she; remn i .ns my w; idow; _tip.on 
her rem~ rriage or d.e:eea_se, thi.s real esitate to my chi ld.-
r ·en •. 

· · Exe·eutrix,,my said. \'Vife·, execut.ors ,my nephews, Wi .lliam H. 
M13.rshall and William 'ft. Graff. 

Robert. Marshall 

Robe-rt 1\IIa.rshall (continued} 

. Ca-I~b Smith .Flushing· 
_ Ch~r'les Walker- " 

Sur. Morr·i s 1!,osdick: 

Abraham Furman 


L,iber 8, 466 

Proved June IO, 1859 

Liber 8, 466 
May 20, . 1857 

T0- my wife Judith, bed and bedding, the carpet in. 
the north rtDom, the table, six silver table spoons one 
half of all the househo·ld fu.rni ture and' the d' isp·o~al 
o·f all the. pro.visions in the house:; to he.r,$ 5,ooo.oo. 
outright and', the· income on another $5000.00 for life'; 
theses bequests i .n l lieu: of he.r do.wer rights:., To my 
nephew Wii'liam H. Furman, $ 3.000.0Q. The $ 5000.00 left 
in t .rust for my wif·e·, a.t her death to be equally divided 
among my nephews and nieces; William H. ·Furman, Iviaria 
Ann Nefus of N:Y.C.,.Sophia Mapes of N.J., Janie Eliza 
Wetm:mre. of Conn .• and. Emeline OtC.onner of n.Y.G. also to 
them the other half o·f my household furniture, all my 
hG·rse·s,.cows. and farming utensils except those owne-d in 
part by He·riry Se·a.r-les. To said Henry Searle.s ,. $ IOOO. 00 
To his childre.n Mart.ha knn, wife of John of Jamaica, 
Sarah Eli.zabetll, Hannah Maria and Stephen Searles, each 
$100 .. 00 as they become of age... To Abraham Furman Van 
Voohis of Fishkill, Dutchess Co; and to Abraham lPurma.n Way 
eaeh $ 250 •. 00. $ 100.00 eaeh to Sar$ Van e0tt. of N.Y.C. 
Abraham 1I'urman Robe.rt son and Abraham Furman p·et-ti t as 
is. o:f aige. $200 .oo ta. the T·rust,e~S. of the Presbyterian 
Church of Rewto\m to. be applied to · the salary of the 
prese.nt- pasto·r. The; residue of my estate equa,;lly to my 
n.e;phew Wi11,iam H. Furman and my nieces Maria Ann, wife of 
Peter Nefus, -Sophia, wife of James J •. Mapea, Jane-. ,. wife of 
Au:gua tus Wetmoie- a:nd to Meline, wife of Francis B .. O' Conner 
Executors ·, Fr.ai1cis B •. OtConµer. 0f N.Y.C., Edward Howard 
of Jirewtown, and Augustus We~tmore. of Qorm • 

. &hraiham :Burman , 

Miehae:l S., 
Richard. W. S'p rague · 
A· :H~"' Boe·rum 

Sur. .. :Morris .Fosdick 

farmer Newtown 
tt tr. 
tt tr 

Proved June 14, 1859 

lieierf 'Van Alst \.-\"\-,_.,; 1:. ~a.o...c..) 
Ravenswood ,Ne·wtovm 


LiheT 8 , 470 
June 7, 1856 

'to t1fy ·sob Peter• · ~~ - van- Arst -a nd hTs hei:rs -~ ·that parcel 
of Taiid at-. Rav€frisw·o6d"' krio .. wrf' ' on a ··map 'on '.ri ili.e. ih the ·'· 
Q;ueens· Go· ~ Clef.'k's .. of'f 'ice a:s 1r.ivrap ·of ·p'r'operty a:t Raff·e·n-
si.;V--ood ····1n the vicinity of Haliett's .c·ov·e L .• r .•r ·by the·. 
numbers 691, 692,695·,a:nd ' 696 with ·a:11 the appu'rt~n~nces 
thereto a-net all the house-hold fur·niture. on the said 
prennses'. . ·But said Pete·r shall pay to each of the 
heh"s . o'fmy sc»n Isaac J. Va:n ·A1s:t,deceased·,rsaac a nd 
Jt nna., when e a ch is 2:1 ,$250 ~00. In the mea n time ;~et er 
i ·s -to p,ay inter.est · on this sum a·t ·o%. · Also, Peter is to 
p'ay my so-n Anc:fre~Y G~ Va n·-A!st '$ 600100.. The resid·ue · 
of :my e·state e qua lly to rrty t-wo -soris;Petefr ahd Andrew •. 
]J'xe cutors my a fores a i d two sons,Peter and Andrew· •. 

Helen Van Alst 
W·i tnesses: 

Joseph M.~ Wa ite_, 
- .James S •. Wrigh t : 

Sur •. Mo·rris F·osdick 

Rieha:r·d Allen 
No. Hemp stead 


P roved June 15,1859 

Liber 8, 474 
May 8, 1848 

';L'o my son T.homa:s T. All.e,n, the homest-e:ad a nd farm where 
l now resid.e exse:p~ h a lf t·he sa,lt marsh and ahout thre:e 
ac-res of woodland,a.nd to h~s heirs .. My son Thomas shall 
pay my . wi.fe. a nd my two daughters ,.Ann L. and Mar-
garett.a Allen ~i l500.00 to be equally fd ivdded among them. 
My wife, as long as she· remains my widow,is- to h a ve 
tre. c essary house room in this farm house, wood for her fire 
and suff icie.nt ground. · t.o c.ul t .i va t .e. garden· produee·; 
myt:wo da·ughj;.ers a .re also to have these same p-rivile·ge.:s 
as as. they remain single·.. T·o my son Richard and 
his · he.its, the other half o:f the sa+. t meadow and the 
aforesaid three acre.s of woodland bounded by the high-
wa y le.ading to the mill of Bloodgood H. Cutter,the.n 
southe,ast .. to, the. brook,north by this bro0k to the brook 
leading through the ne:w dam,eas:t by this broo.k to the 
Land. of D.anie.l K .. .Allen;. riorth by his l a nd to the high-
way; thence, south to the pl.ace· of . beginning. Also 
to · Richard · and. his heirs ,.the. farm I bought.. of Cornelius. 
Ma:· in G.reat, }leek.. Richard shall pay my wife and 


Rivhard 1nren- ·rc·ontinuing) - · Liber s, · 4?4 
two · aa.ughters· afdresaid ~~·1500.00 to be ·eq:ue lly· d'ivided 
among ther.11~ .· wife- tcf have necess~:r;y room ih the house' 
f'ire\\l:o6'd ;and- ·suf"fTcieri t grotirid · far g·arderi p:r.oduce-
as: Iong- as slie, remafns my' wid6-\v~arid my two daughters, to 
have -the; same · privileges as "Iorig as each is- single ;. 
r ·gf"ve -\V'ife a:nd two daughtei"S af'oresaid·,each $'1450.00 
To my · t.wo _ sons T·homas and ~ichard, -e-qually ,all my 
outdoor mov.eaole·s ·,my' cattle horse-s ,.swine ,poultry ,and 
of -my · indoor IrioYeable.s, tvi6 ·desks ,,the book case and' 
books,two beds and · The r-e,s:idue of my pe.rsonaI. 
estate,e.qually to my wife Pheb~,my two daughters Anr:i 
and Margaretta , a nd. my itwo sons,' T.homais and. Richard .. 
I name my wife and two sons guardians of' my daughter 
Margaretta during he·r minority.. They are to invest 
her Iagac-ie.s;a.nd. apply the. interest toi,V'ard her support 
a:·na.. education .. 
Exeeutrix,my wife Phebe;: ex.ecutors my two sons,Thomas 
and Rieha.rd .Allen. 

Richard Allen 
Witne.sse.s·: , 

· Daniel T. Smith, 
S ilvanus S. it 

. Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Frederick Shotterbiek 

No. Hempstead 
ti' . • •. -

R'r.ove d June ~2 O, J,85 9 

Liber 8, · 481 
March 31, 1859 

T~o CatharinE:J· ,i,id:t"e: of Ghristian B·ohack, who has resided 
in my fami.l .y f "or the< past. eight years and nursed me- in 
my illness,.the inc.ame. of one . fourth of my e.state for 
life and · at. her ' the: princip.a.ili equally to her . 
childt.e.n,So:phia ,Ma.ry and Frederick Bcr,hack or to their 
heirs; if without heirs to the surviyors of them. 
T.he residue. of my,e. t .o aforesaid. three 
C.hil.d:te_n and. to the'ir h~ irs If' any dies without i:h:t ld-
ren ,~urv.iv:ors to cT.ivide_. If' all shoul.d die· without. 
ehild:te:n,,before the.y are. o,.f age!; then my entire estate 
is to go· ·to their mother Cathar'ine.;outright. If she 

should be d..eaet. then to- her husband, Bohack 
arid t 0 ni.s he.irs . .:. 
Executors,. D.r. George: Alt Muller and· '.Rim0thy Titus. 

Frederick Schotterb.eck 


.Frederick Shotterbick "tcont:l.rrued} Li her 8 ,. 481 

W'i tne:sse.s: 
. George Kuhl, ,. Hi cksvi.11 

··- ·Ricliard G·. Hubbs, Oyste·~bay 
Sur.; :M.orris l!.'tQs-dick . · Pro·ved June 28, 1859 

Note::.;;the. above Will was· cont.esfted by the t-estat.ortg 
father ,Ferdinand Schot·, ;t<·epre·sented by his 
attori:fey ,F ~ -c ~ · Barlow; · Alexander Hs.gne· r~represented 
the exeeutorg. Will admitted to probate. 

Cha rle.s: Sm i t ,h 

!d ber 8, 485 
August 16, 1853 

T:o wife Mary ,my s·iiverware. and what. household furniture 
she may ou.tright ,except such · be·ql:lests a.s I here-
inafter make. .Klso to her, for li:f"e, the use a nd inc·ome 
of the entire residue of my estate.. Ste is to have the: 
dispo·sal by Will of one third of this bequest; if she 
'fails to make a ~fill, the·n this third shall go to he-r 
nephews and niec·e·s· equally• Wif'e to provide a home for 
Mary Elizabeth Van No strand and Mary Jane; White. who 
are no\W:, pa,r't of our family,as long as they d.esire it. 
At the death . of my wife,I g·iv.e my sister Elizabeth 
Healy,w.idow of SamueI, $2000.00 and a.t her death 
to he.r · son,C.harles Smith Healy and her daughter Virginia 
Healy. T_o the aforesaid Mary Elizabeth V<;m Nostrand 
daughter of Hicks Van No strand $.1500 ,_oo. To Mary,.w:ife of David. Brainard Baylis,after th.e death 
bf my wife, my silve.r · t ea set., After the death of my 
wif"e.,I give to John o. and Wesse.11 S.: Smith,sons of 
my de eease.d. brothe.r Jame:s., e.ach $.1000. 00. ~t this time, 
als.o to Gharle.s .Smith H.e 

Proved July 19,1859 

Liber 9, 1.3 
December 13 ,. 1855 

To· my daughter M~.rgare·t M~ria Morse of N.Y.C. , "100.00,.; , '1 
T'ne res:kd.ue. of my es·tat.e io my daughter Mary Ann . Wanser 
and to he.r heirs .. 
Exe cu tr ix, Jl:lla:ry Ann Wanse.r; exe cut.or _______ , both of 
Oys.t .arbay •. · 

Wi tne·s se-s: 
Ja s .. Dicks o.n 
Robe,rt Dickso.n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Anne Wanse~ 

41 Maiden Lane, N. Y .c .. 
GI.en Cove; L •. I. 

Proved July 25,1859 

John C.Smith 

Liber 9 ~d 15 
August lrt, 1858 

Exe cu tor to manage· real e.state in trust and S'e'll my per-
sonal e.state · exee-:pt such artieles· as· are hereinafter 
devised by me. The'. net income of my en tire e·sta t ,e to my 
wife Lucy Ann, as·. long a:s she· remains my w·idow~ ·for the 
support of hers·elf and the· chilciren, subject however to 
the following provision;- 'if a contingency should. ·arise 
in the affairs of business of my son Edward A. where 
he needed 'p~cuniary ai~ from my estate, I direct my 
e'xe cu tor to pay him a . sum not exceeding· $ 1000. 00. If in 
the f 'inal division of my estate, Edward has received 
money from it, then each of' my remaining children are1 to 
re·ceive a like sum 'be-fore the· division of the. estate. 
The· us-e for life,-to my wif'e of' my household. and kitcJ:ien 
furniture, e-xcep:t the fallowing items: To my son Edward 
my large family bible. ,my gun, silver pitcher ,cane ,picture:, 
and the. three table spoo·ns I rece:ive·d f ·rom my father. 
To my d:aughte.r,J'ane Elizabeth,my large book of Gammon 
Prayer, by Bishop BTovmell _, the mahogany bureau with the 
w~sh stand and toilet set to match and the small mahogany stand.. 'lto my daughter Lucy Augusta the mah ogany bur-
eau with- the ma:rble . top and the wash stand and tcil ilet 
se.t to match. To niy daughter Anne Hoyt,the marble top 
pier table .and the mahogany work stand. At the death of 
my wife,estate to be sold and the. proceeds divided equally 
among my children as:<-ea::ch child bec·ome·s of age. In the 
meantime-, the income to be used for the; support and education 
of each minor child, till such child inherits the principal 
at majority. If wi.fe rema:tries,estate the.n to be sold. 
and divided' into equal shares; share each going to 
my chi.ldren at majority, a,nd t :he income on one share to 
my wife for life, and at her de:ath the principal equally 
to my c.hildren. Minors to receive the income of their 
shares for thei'r support and ed,ue.ation till of age. If 
any ehild. dies b~fore inheri tin.g·,Ieaving lawful issue, 
s.uch issue to receive parent's share .. 
Executor, my son Edward A.Smith now of Warr.en Trumbull 
Co. ,Ohio .. 

John C. Smith 

. Latham M. Jaggar Merchant, Jamaica' 
Is~ac C.Henrickson ~ tt 

Sur. Morfis Fosdick Proved Ju1y 25,1859 


George De Peys·ter 
N. Y. C. and Hempstead· 

Liber 9, 22 
JVip,y 4; . !84:8 

, 'i' o my son 1Tichola9,out-right my farm at Jj'osterts Meadows 
Hempstead, 40 acres. Executors to sell the residue 
of my e sta.te and di vi de· the proceeds into five· equai 
parts. -One part, I give to my son Nicholas ,irrespective 
o:f my b';mds ,.bills, claims or d'emands I hold against him. 
The remaining four, parts to be invested by my executor a nd 
the inco·me of' one· four th part to my daughter· Georgianna 
wife of· William Dumont,for life-,irrespective· of any claims 
I may hold agair;ist her, a:nd free . from the debts and control 
of . her husband.. ,f\t her death, this principal equally to 
hew children or their heirs; heirs to receive deceased's share. In the same manner· the income Gf another 
fourth part to my daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Ca-rey of 
N .Y .c·. In the same- manner the income of arn:rother fourth 
part to my daughter,wif'e , of Thomas Arden of Putnam 
Co. In the same manner the income of the last fouI:th part 
to my daughter Frances De Peyster~ If any of' my daughters 
should- d'ie without issue, then the principal or· their 
shares shall go to my son Nicholas·. I hereby remit and 

.. .release to my son,my daughters, and my so·ns-in-law,all 
debts,dues and demands, I may hold against them. 
Executor, my son Nicholas De Peyster. 

George: De Peyster 
·w:i tne s se·s: 

Alex . F onda J:.48 Hicks S.treet Brocil{lyn 
Vv'm •. De Vigne 31 Navy Street It' 
Samtl E .Johnson Johnson Street cor. Pearl St.Bklyn 

Godicil to above Will dated,.April 1,.185.2: 
I _give my son Nich0las that parcel of land at Brushville, 
Jamaica with the buildings thereon,now occupied as an 
Irin ·'or Tavern, ancL de.scribed · in a deed of conveyance to 
me from Thomas Brush and 'his wife,dated J?eb.4-,1.850 and 
re.cO-rded: in the Q.ueens Go •. Clerk's Off ice in Liber 82 of 
Deeds:,p.age· 116. I ·a;pp,oint Morris Fosdick as an additional 
e-xecutor of my Wi l l. 

Georke De Peyster 
Wi.tne.s se:s :. 

Bernardus Hendrickson 
Henry V'r. . Johnson 

Co.Jud·ge., E li.a:s J .. Beac_h 


Proved Aug.6',1859 

Thomas Coie·s-
Oys t erbay 


L.ibe:r 9, 28 
. March 10, 1855 

T'o my wife· Amelia,a.11 the househoJ,.d; and bedroom furniture 
except four beds and bedding, all the silver and p:i,ate and 
~i l500.00. This tn lieu o:f he-r dower rights. I wish my 
homestead farm,stock and fixtures of all kinds to remain 
intact for one year after my decease ,and that. my family 
remain there f'or · time if they wish,free of charge. 
Entire estate to_:.·be sold when most advanta·geous and o:f 
~he p roceeds, I ~ive $300~00 each to ~Y sons Isaac,Devine 
H •. ,Tfyomas, and William H. To Devine a.lsO" a bed and 
bedding; to William, also a bed and bedding and my c ay 
colt,which is .to be ke:pt at the expens.e of my estate. 
till he is· of age' ; if he cannot support himself' after a reas:onable effort ,executors to hand him from 
my estat~e small amounts from time to time·, to meet 
the deficiency. To my daughters Sarah .Amelia and 
Elizabet:h .. Coles each a: bed and bedding and ~150. 00. 
'l'hese legacie.s to- equalize. them with their two siste±s 
Ann Hegeman and Keziah Valentine. Residue of estate 
ea·ually to my af·oresaid eight subject to the 
following co·nd:j..tions; bequest to William is to be held 
in trust the interest paid him for life and the principal 
as my e:xecu tors· see fit; if any of the principal be 
left at his death, it is to go to his lawful heirs. 
If any or my ch ildren die without issue their portion 
is to· be divided among the· survivors. 
Executrix,my wife. Amelia; executors,my son Isaac of 
Glen Cove amd my son-in.-law Charles Valentine of N. Y.O. 

T_homas CO'les 

Ellwood Valentine, 
James C'. Townsend 
David A .. Valentine. 

Glen 'Gove. 

Codicil to above Will,dated March 15,1858: 
Si11qe my son D~vine owes Is:aac R . Valentine of Glen Cove 
$:1500 -~00 interest and Daniel Mc Coun of Cedar Swamp 
$ 500 .00 plus interest., which I am liable for if he does not-
p.ay and therefore my estate is liable at my d·eath, I _ 
the.refore· instruct my executors, if he has not pa id the·Se 
debts at my death, td hold his legacies~pay these debts 
OU t of them, and give· him the balance in fu+l settlement 
of' his legacies from me. If 11e. has already paid them at 
my death, then this cod'icil is hull and vo'id. 

Thomas Cole·s 

' . -· , ... /. ··-· ·., • < .,, :· , ••• • •• , • .( • ' 

, .. .. ' · . ... ··' ······ ·-:·· ···. 
-. ' -: ~ • •• • · ·- · •• ~ ·' • • :, •• • .· ~ . ,... • • ' '.;.~ "i • • "'" . - • 
.. ·'· . . ·1 , . .; .. .. , ... ... ....... " ._ , , .. 

• ' ,. • < • •• • ··~. . ~ 
i . . , . .• • - \' ,. ' •.•. .. . ~ ;· -· . 

•. < .. ..... ~ • • ·~ · · · ' ••• • .• , ., .'.· . . .... : 
' .. ; -· ~ " : .... ·: . . ·; -·,/ ·,_ ·•· 

• · ~ ' • ~ c· •• ,. ', • '! , ;;. , ,,. . • , .• .. 
• • • • > • ' ~.. .... • ... • ·' ., ~ • "' ' ~· - ,. 
t ' ' ~ .. ,. . 

.. "·."·· '···· 
... . . .. ~ ",. 

,. ' ' .. ~... ' : v· .• -· · ~ . 

-. ·· ~·: ~- .:'1'1:-ro:riias'' .Ctrle;s;'.. (continued) 
: · · 

.·.·., .. . ·' , "" • .. 
: .--. .. ::: :witfres··ses r. ._.. _ 

· ,. ·· ·;. __ . ,.,. . · · '.:,' Leonar·d F. C'oles 
·- ··· · . ·. _.. ·: L.e:wis Valentine 

Ge·da.r Swa;mp 

• + "'•. - •. s-ur .• :· IfiI.orr5er ·}!~'()S.d.ic·k . Proved .Aug.8,1859 
" •· '•" ... r . 

._: ·' 

' .. ···-.·· 
\' .-,:, · . • }, , , : • • ~ t -~·. J· 
• , •• < 

~ . - ·.~ .. ·.· . . . ... . -
.-. iames-.:·w: .. va,ssar 
. Jaffia:.te? ·: · · · ·· · 
. . , , 

.. •' 

Liber 9, 34 
May 14 ,. 185 9 

E·nt·tr-e·' est-ate . to my wife E lizabe.t .h and to her heirs. 
ExeC'utrix,.s_aid wife Eliz·abeth 

Jame·s We.Vassar 
Witnesses :; . 

·navid Bergen Jamaica 
Charles Tut •. Kirby tt· 

Sur. Mor.rifi;l Fosdick 

Catharine· Bragaw 
N.ewtown · 

Proved Aug.15, 1859 

Liber 9, 38 
September 13,1859 

lTintire estate equally to my sisters ,Elizabeth and Susan 
- Bragaw. 
Exe!cutrixey.s . said two sis·ters. 

'h'm • E. • - ],u rman 
J ohn ~ :o~·: aakley 

· Sur. Morris F·osd·ick 

Maria Hegeman ~ """~"" t::1>o._ v 1- > 
' ) Manhass~t-


Catharine Bragaw. 

Proved Aug .15, 185 9 

Liber 9, 40 
:H'e-bruary 14, 1852 

T.o my so.n Andrew James Hegeman and t o his heirs, the farm 
o-n . which he now l .i ve s, with all the appu r tenances and 
rriy woodland· _qp Harb or Hill, on the condition that he 
releases - t~~~ sop Joseph all his clai~ to the homestead 
ori . which I no.-w :tive. 'To him also, rny clock,my looking 
glas·s, the ta'f?le._ under· i ~,my bureau ,mahogany box, (all in 
the west . room) eight yellow Windsor chairs, the cherry 
e:t _othe;s,a ·:pase ©f .. b~ttle· s,brass warming pair,the 

I , 


(cont i nue·d) Liber 9, 40 

Du~ch Bible. and Scottts Commentary-r to Joseph my brown 
bible·,.:Suskit's Exposition and the remaind·er- of the furniture 
The hooks, carp.ets, blankets, quilts ,linen, s·ilve-r spo9ns ' · 
my wearing ·appa-re.1 · and other property · not enurnera ted, T give 
my sons And·rew· and' Joseph e qua:lly. Ea:ch is to· have the 
stock;f·arming ut.ensils and' r ·arming produce,which l own 
on the r ·arms given to each· •. 
E.xecutors ,my two sons Andrew and Joseph 

Maria Hegeman 
Wi tnesse:s: 

Henry Onderd'onk ,.jr. 
J ose:ph 0 ., "' 


S.ur •. Morris Fosdick 

Ans·on Higb ie 

Prove·d Aug.19 ,1859 

Libe·r 9, 43 
.September 6, 1854 

T:o my wife·,Deborah, in lieu of· her dower rights , ~500 .oo 
.and: $ 75 .oo a year as· long as· she· remains my · \vidow. 
She· is ·to have all the household goods she owned when she~ 
married me. · $50. 00 each to my son J S. and to my 
gr .daught-er Sara:h Eunice Higb~e jwhe:n she is· of age; if' 
she 4i.e:s before that.,her legacy to re·ve.rt to my e·s.tate .. 
To my youngest daughter·,Mary L.Simons0n;$ lOO.OO. One 
quarter of the residue of' my estate equally to my two 
sons' Jo,seph and St:ep~en a-nd the· remaining 1;i'hree quarters 
e:Cluc~lilly to among my foµr children, Joseph and St.e.pb.en 
Higbie. al"ld Hannah Ao.Simonson, (widow) and Mary L., wife of 
Everitt Simo.neon of :Srooklyn,a.nd to the·ir heirs. In case 
any ·o.f them dies without issue, then half that lega:cy 
ia to ~evert back to my estate. · · 
Executors,rny elde st son,Josep:µ and Henry Mill s .. 

Wi tne.sses: 
Anson Higbie 

I .. Jame:s· Sturdivant 
IJavid. ( x) Furman mark 
S:ur .. Morris Fo.s .dick Prove.d Aug. 22, 1859 

. Elf zabeth Cornell \. ""'v.i C...v<-"- '"' c...\d...) 
F±tlS'hing \._{?,,_,, .. -,"'-'-\ 


Liber· 9, 46 
Jarrn1a·ry . I,.1855 

'.lfo ,my son \~•iiliam .A. ,.my sec.retary ,.book case~ , clock,dining 
ta.ble·,looking gla:ss in the te'a roonr,casks of all kinds in 
the cellar,one bed and' beds·tead with linen and bedding 
f 'or same·,bedroom furniture,.all stoves·,and all the kitchen 
and dairy furniture excep.t one' small brass kett:;Le. 
To· my daughter Sa:rah Elizabeth Cornell, my bureau with 
glass knobs, tea table and one bed with linen and bedding 
tor same.. To my daugh te'r Arabella Gorne·ll·, the re·sidue 
of my household furniture, the silver and si Iver plate and 
my wearing apparel. •ro my so·n Willia:m, $,:1000. 00. ~500. 00 
each to my two daughters,Arabella. C. •. and Sarah Elizabeth 
Cornell. .w200.QO to my daughter Hannah. G •. Bangs . $ 10Q.OO 
to ri:Jy daughter Deborah Ann,wife of George Ad"ams of lif..Y.C. 
$.'50.00 each to Alfred H.P. Gorning,son of my nephew, 
Charle.s W .. Corning and to .my nephew Adam L .Allen. · Residua 
of e·sta.te equally to my son W:l.:tlia:m and my daughter Ara-

, bella and to their heirs. 
Executors,,my son Wiliia:m and my nephew,Alfred' H.Corning. 

Elfz·abet;h Corne.ll. 

G.eo-rge Lawrence 
Stephen Lawrence 

Sur .. Morris Fosdick 

Gilemenee Ches·hire \.\'I\.,, .. "'':!°'"""'~' '> 
Oys0te·rbay \.E ""~' ~'o"""~ ~") 


Proved Sept.5,l859 

Liber· 9, 50 
March 4, .1859 

T.o my son Samue.1,$1500.00 .. To my gr.son Jo·hn Wright . 
Cheshllire ,·.:jp25 .. 00.. The r -e,sidue of· my estate, equally ·t c 
my d'au gh ters ,Martha wi f.e. of George E .Di ck in son and Jane 
wif'e of Edward n· .. Delamat·er. 
Exec·utor,the said Edward D .. Delamater,my son-_in-lai,,v. 

Clemence Ches·hire 

Jane Delamater 
Martha Diekin,so·n 

S.ur. ~orris Fos d.i c'.k · 

14.? E .. 2·5 Street N. Y .. C. 

~roved Sept;26,1859 


J 'ohn W.. Bapt. i s t 
Co·lumbusville ,~Tewtawn 

L.ibe'.r 9, 52 
March ... 18, 1858 

Entire' e·s·tate ·to my 'wife ,.So·phia ,outrighit. 
Executors·,.:_ ___ ..:_ __ (Will p,robated by his wife·} 

... ' 

J' o·hn W •. :B:apt is t 

Eroa:dway and · Gates Av;e., 
J'eff er s·on Sf,reet 


· Proved Oct~5, 

\c-.. ,th"'.) 
Maria Lightfoot Wa:lker(widbw) ,m...,,l"\a.. ... r-;"'") 
~hiladelphia and Fl.ushing 

Lib .~r ~, 56 
July 31, 1851 



$.1500.00 to my -sp·n Samuel Griffin Walker. $ 500.00 each to 
my .. E.dward and Louisa Walker, now in South 
America. $1000. 00 in trust to my son Samue·l, the inco,me 
of' 11\ihfch he :is to pay my daughter 'Elizabeth, wife of Gps-
tave Blessne·r ,for life and t-o her children at· her- death, 
If her husband is st ill[ living; at his death, she is 
t:o have· the principal i .f' .~"he s.urv i ve·s him; and her child-
re.n are to have' the at his death. If both she 
and her child-ren p.rede·cease the said Gust~ve Ble·ssner·, then. 
the $ 1000 .oo is to go to m'Y si!;tid son' B·amue.l and to his heirs. 
If' my estate is insufficient to · pay the above legacies 
s:p.ecified,then it is to be divided int,o three equal parts 
and en.e p;art , is t .o go t .o my son Samuel one equally 
to Edwa:rd and Louisa Walke·r and the last part to Samuel 
to be ad.minis.tered as above specified for the benefit. of· 
my af"•id daugh.ter,E:liz.abeth and her children.. "§Jf..y 
furniture equally tci my son Samuel and my daughter,Eliz·-
abe·th; Samuel to have first.. choice. Elizabeth to ' have 
my wearing apparel and the f ·inished oil painting by her 
brothe.r E'dward. To Samue.I., the unfinished. painting and. 
the: family bible. My other gs· and engravings to 
Elizabeth (first choice) and Sa;rnuel. To Elizabeth my 
t .wo diamond rings and. rriy Marguisite ornaments for life: 
and at her death to Mary daughter of my son Samuel. I 
wish t .e be buried ·at Laurel Hill nea:t".· the grave of my 
deceased sori Alex.M.,Walker •. 
Exe~ cu.t.or,m.y. son Samuel G .. Walke:r. 

A .,R.. Gemeny 
Ce.celia Geme.ny 

Maria: L .• Walker 

cor. 9th and Lombard St .:f'hil~ ,Pa. 
~ " " . 


Mar,ia L •. Walker (widow) . (continue-d} Li ber 9, 5 6 

Note :.: the above wi tnesse·s· d' ie·d be:fore the testa trix and 
she re·si gned· t-he a;;bove Will in the presence of 
J .. Cooke: Longstreth 
Su s-an w-. ''"' 
C:odicil . to a;bove \VilI,dated :KH:ay 5,1859: . 
:Bequests t o my gr·chi l dren Edward and Louisa Walker are 
hereby revoked and the sha res of my estat·e· left · them are 
hereby bequeathe.d to my son Samuel Griffin Walke-r togeth e·r 
with his crther legacies. 

Mari a L. Walke:r 

·Chas. P~Leggett, M.D. 
Cha s . P .F·rame 

Sur., ' Morr is J!"l osdick Proved Oct .. 10, 1859 

Note:-to the last Will and Codicil, the testa trix a nnexed 
a certain instrument · in the nature of anothe·r codicil, but 
·not. having b e en execut'ed in the form prescribed by law, 
it was not al lo·we.'.d to b·e p:roba ted •. It was as follows: 

Codie il 2~ ,. dated Tu1ay 16, 185 9: 
Th~· legaEde.s left. to ·my son S'amuel in trust for my daughter 
Elizabeth are hereby f e-voked and the princ ipa.l of the said. 
trusts are le·ft to her direct. 

Maria L .Walke.r 
'Wi t .ness: 

Chas: .P. Leggett, ,.M.D. 

GiTbe-rt J o:hns'o.n 
Hemp.s· te:a d · 

Liber 9, 62 
September 18, 185,8 

Tomb s.t ,one at. the hea.d of my grave. Residue of my esta te,. , 
e.qwdly t .o. my three sons.,Robert., Isaac and Jeremiah J·ohnson 
and t 0 the·i r 'he.i rs'., 
Exe.cut.or, Oliver s ·.DentO;n. 

Wi tne.sses: 
Oliver M.Dento,n 
Susan " 

Sur. Morris 1,os·dick 

Gilbert Johnson 

" Prryved Oct.10, 1859 

Ez:ra W •. Mi.Iler 
Flushing· . 

Liber 9, 66 
June 4, 185 9 


T·o. my wire Sarah for· life and· \¥idowhood, the inc·crme and 
use of my entire estate • . As -I have herBtofore made pro-
vi'sion for the four children. of· my former mtirriage,Charle·s, 
Eliza,E·z~a cj,nd Joseph,.more than the equal of the provision 
wh:i;c11 I now make· for my other children, I devise no part 
of my property to these· four c..Viildren in t he Will. At the 
death · or remarriage or· my wife, I give my other cllildren 
the entire estate ,equally divided; i .f any be dead with 
issue,such issue to receive d'eceased pa·rents share· • . 
child'ren :· -wiis on, George ,Henr-y,Pe·te·r and :&'ranees Millen,. 
all of' Flushing; Hiram B.Mil.ler and Sum Van l'l'ortwick,1i.rife 
of Archibald' Van Nortwick both of Jamaica; Har'riet,wife 
of William PgwelI and 1[ary,wife of Hewlett Black both of 
Geneva,Ontario Co.N~Y. 
Execut.ors,my three sons,.Wilson,Henry and Ge:orge Miller .. 

B .• W. E,onney 
Chas.S. Roe 
Ald_en J .Hale·. 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

John B •. Hat:~ 
Hemp.s:te .. ad. · · 

Ezra W.Miller 

18 W.14th st. 
86 W •. St. 
4 Warren St •. 

N.Y.C .. 


Proved Oct.13, 18~9 

Liber 9, ?O 
Sept,ember 9, 1859 

The use. and income of m'y entire estate to my wife. Barbara, 
for Iife,upon condition that immediately after my death,she 
pays off the. three mortgages held by Alexander Smith and his 
wi_f''e Wilhelmilfa,dat.ed Nov.2.2,1856 and recorded in the Q,ueen~ 
Co.-G-lerk's Office in Liber 148 :pages 185 etc. ·Jan .. 12,1.85? • . 
These mortgages are 'to be. paid off with the money due me on 
a ce.rt~in inct.enture of mortgage,dated :r:rov.21,1856 .. At the 
death of my wife, I give my estate as follows: To my daughter 
Catharine,wife of Natz Fiesel and to her heirs,the farm on 
which I now live which I p.urchased from Alexander Smith, 
and Wilhelmina his· wffe,Nov.22,1856;. the. deed of which is 
record·ed infu.e Q,ueens Co.Clerk 1·s Offi.e.e in Libef 148 page. 185 etc. 
J:an _12,l85,7, abo,ut. 22 acres,upon condition she pays my son 
'J"ohn $ 700 •. 00 within five yea:r.s of my death and $ 300.00 
t .o my dau,· Efrosina Eichhorn (widow) within ', t hree 
years 0f my death. . If said. Efrosina, should ma rry again, 
this $ 300.00 is to be paid her daughter Catharine Eichhorn 
when she is 0f age and unti .l then the money .. is to be kept 
by my daught.e.r Catharine Fiesel.,without interest. To my son, 


John B • Hatt (continued) Liber 9, 7-0 

John,and his heirs, the fa-rm I bought of 1\IIieha:el and 
Daniel Blins d'e·s·cr·ibed in a d.eed dated· l'Jfarch 11, 1857 and 
recorded in the- Quee·ns Co-.Clerk Off ice in Liber 149 pp 
43·4 oh March 13,1857. · The· re'sidtxe of' my estate· to· my son 
John and my d'aughter Cathar·ine Fiese-I, divided and 
to their heirs. 
Exe cut ors ,Conrad' Scnoule- a:nd John Croc·k. 

John B .. (x) Hatt 

Wi tne·sse~:: 

Peter Eisemann 
Dan i.e:l . L •. Mot.t 

Sur. M'.o:rris Fosd'ick 

IOI Ewe·n St •. Brooklyn 
Wqshington Sq. Hempstead 

Joseph Roeckel 
Hempstead <.V:o.,,T<....-'::. IY\e.""J-o«.>) 

Proved Oct . 17,1859 

Liber 9, 74 
Novembe·r 20, 1857 

On the first. of Tuiarch 1857, I sold my o:i_dest son Joseph 
Sylvester Roeckel my house and land at Fosterts Meadow 
for $ 3300.00 .. I now ·g±ve him $5.00. To my third son 
Alois Albin Roeckel, and my youngest son Alois Wunibald 
Roe c·kel each ([p50.00. To rny youngest daughter Barbara 
Elizabet:h, wife of_ Jacob Wahl , $ 100. 00. The re·sidue of my 
e·stat.e to my seven children,Jose;ph .Anthony Roecke.l,Maria 
Theresa,wife of Frank Miller .of New Lots,Kings C.o .. ,. Anna 
Eliza-Oeth,-wife o,f ' Charles Haubne.r,~ Catharine,wife of' Mo.,...,°' 
Charles Gregor all of N.Y.C ... ,Alois Albin Roeckel .. of Hemp-
stead and Barbara Wahl and Alois Wunibald Roeckel both of 
Milwaukee, Wi scans in, e·qually di v:ided 
Execut ors ,my so11 Jo s eph Anth ony Roeckel and my two sons-
in-law ,RrancH 5.:u~nu11~I!i-l1Frank - iMilller) and William Gregor. 

Joseph Roeckel 

Die.:dr.:i:ch T.chon Foster's Meadow Jamaica Heinrich Schierhorst.,Foster' s Meadow,Jam 

Note :-The above Will was wri tt.en 
by Chas. W. Heitkamp. 
Sworn ~-e,:fora Morris Fos.dic·k Sur. 
Sur •. Iv.tor.ris Fosdick 

in German and translated 

Aug .. 9 , 185.9 
Proved Oct.25,1859 

Hiram T .King 
Brooklyn and Newt.01Nn 

En tire estate to my wife Sarah M.King. 
Executrix my afore said wife· •. 

Hiram T .King 
Wi triesses: 


Liber 9, 77 
July 8 ,. 1858 

J'ohn 'f .Runcie 
James :b, iora 

Sur •. Morris F osdick 

189 .Grand Street Brooklyn 
180 S. 3rd. Street rr 

Proved Oct. 31,1859 

Sarah No strand 
Ja:rhai ca 


Liber 9, 80 
F'e·bruary 14, 184 6 

To .. S'arah ]!Iari_a: Nostrand,daughter of' George l'J os:trand,my 
Rosetta bed quilt. To S'arah Amt daughte·r of my brot] 
John. R.Nostrand,my six s·ilver tea spoons. To S'arah 
Elizabeth,daughteT· of Hannah and John Srnith,my be·st 
feather bed. To_ Garret Nostrand,son of· my deceased brother · 
... Garret ,my six green chairs if he should marry; if he do·es 
not,.they are to revert to my estate. The residue· of my 
estate to my brother Nathaniel Nostrand • . 
Executors ,my said' brother Nathaniel and Morris Fos•dick. 

Sarah Nostrand 

Isa~c s~ Hendrickson 
William .Ncistrand 

Co.Judge, Elias J.Beach 


John E. Sm:ii th 


Proved Nov.5,1859 

Liber 9, 83 
December 25, 1858 

Entire e.stat.e to my wife Sarah Ann Srni th and to her heirs. 
Exe·cutrix,my aforesaid wife 

Wi tne·s se s: 
John fr.Nostrand 
Cha·rles Doughty 

Sur .. · Morris Fosdick . · '·· 

Ma the:w C .Barke.r 

John E., Smith 

Jamaica . ,. 
Proved Nov .. 10,1859 

Liber 9, 86 
:&,e.bruary, - 1858 

To my wife., Al i.c e- .F .Bark e .. r, the. 1 and co nveye.d t .o me. b.y 
Abraham H .. . Van Wyck and his wi-fe.,Ellen C~known on the. map 
of the land adjoining the Uni on Race Course ,.it.aid ou.t and 
cirawn by Ma G.J6hnson Sept.ember 183'8 and filed in 
Queens C0~, Clerk' s Offiee July l ·,183..9 and fully described 
in such indenture. Also to her, all the buildings on this 
prop:erty ,all my pers-ona-1 estate including the stock in my 
st.ore ,my household furniture ,.pla t :e, wearing app_arel, live 
st.oak and the: r.-e·sidue of my entire estat.e •. 
Exec-utrix,my afore said wife.,Alice. F .Barke·r 

Mathew C .Barker 

Mat.hew C •. Barke:r 

Wi tnes·se.s: 
John Parsons, · 
Martha S:mi th 

Sur. Mo·rr:ls Fosdick 

Mary Plume (widow) 
ffemp,stea.d ,; 


(continued) Libe,r 9, 86, 

F'JmsYi fng· ,.East Brooklyn 
Union Place, Cypress Hills . 

Proved Nov.30,1859 

Liber 9, 89 
November 10, 185'9 

$;500.00 to :F' anny Hemmings in consideration of her services-
to me ,and to compensate· her for what I may owe he·r at my 
death and in lieu of any claims she may make agai}'.1St my 
esta:te. The entire· res·idue·. of es·tate to John Plume son 
o·f my so·n Edw<;lrd H.Plume, and to his heirs·., 
Executor my aforesaid son,Edwa rd H.Plurne. 

W.i tne·sses:·r S •. Denton 
Daniel Higbie 

Sur~ M6rris Fo~dick 

John ·Watts 
Hem:p·s t e ad 


Proved Dec.5,1859 

Liber 9 , 95 
July 2~5, 1855 

To John Nostrand,son of T.imothy Nostrand,my wearing apparel, 
one bed,bedstead and bedding for same and $50.00. Residue 
of estate. to be sold<. and the proceeds divided into s~ven 
equal :parts.. One such part I gig~e to the children of -my 
sister Ame.lia Nos:trand,dece:ased, equally divided. One :part 
to the children of my brother William Watts,deceased, 
equally ,:_ divided.. One part equally to the children ·of my 
brother Henry dec.eas_ed. One p~art equally- to the childre.n 
of my sister Margaret RhO-des.. One pa.rt each to my sisters 
Elizabeth . Cornwe·ll and Jane Nostrand and t o my niece 
Pri.scilla ifostrand. · ·. 
Exee:ut ors; my brother-in-law, John Nostrand and John W .De Mo·tt 


Reube.n Pine 
Elias D. tt 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Jo:hn (x) Watt. 

Proved Dec.12,1859 

JaC'ob Kirby 
Jericho,- - Oysterba.y 


Libe-r 9, 98 
July _17 ,- 185'3 

'l'b- my wife- Mary,my .household furniture -and $ 3000.00,out.;. 
right. This in l i eu of he:r crower' rights. $ 100 .oo each 
to my -diaughters M~ily and $160 .oo to my daughter 
EI izabeth •. ~~175. 00 to my Sarah.. To my - son 
Willet,.my farming tools anO: ~300 •. 6 _0~ Residue of my es-
ta:te equally to all my childr.e·n or their heirs and' to 
my gr •. daughte-r Mary H. -Hallowell.. The legacies to my son 
Willet ar-e to be· inve-sted by my executors and' the incom~ 
applied for the- sup:p-ort of him and his w~fe- ; 
if the· income is insufficient exe·cutors can use part or-
all o·f the principal t .o do so; if' my wife should die 
before. inheriting, her legacies are to reve·rt to my resid-
uary estate: 
Executors,-my so·n-in-law, JO'hn Willis and' my nephew Robert 

Wi tne s se·s: 
Jacob Kirby 

Farmer, Oysterbay 
Hew York City 

Edward Willis 
E lias H. Seaman 

S-ur. Morris F oscl'ick Proved Jan.9,1860 

Angel Gowan 

Liber 9, 

2.9, 1859 

To my siste.r,E lizabeth Kelly $500.00 p.lus the inter(:lst 
thereon,deposited in the S.eamants Bank for Savings N.Y.C. 
arid $ 500.00 with the interest,deposited in the Greenwich 
S-avings :Sank,N .Y .c. ; to her and: he.:tt heirs, my undi vid-
ed third of that. parcel of land_ ar;id the buildings the+eon, 
on the snuth side_ of Fulton St. Hempstead,bounded o.n the 
north by Ful t.on St; on the easit by land of Robert Rhodes; 
on the south by I .and of James Rutherford and: on the. west 
by· 1a:nd. 0-f Mu se}s Ben,i amin, d~ ceased.. To her, my entire 
personal estate ~ --
Executr::i:x, my afore~ said sist,e-r, :µI;lizabeth Kelly. 

''J onn Harold 
James Prior 

- Sur,._ Mgrris Fosdick 
'·l • 

An.gel _ Gowan 


Proved Jan.9,1860 

James Raynor 

Libe·r 9, 
June 9, 



To my wi f 'e· Sarah,. a lfv·ing· an.d a home out 9r ·my estate for 
life·; this in lieu o.f her dower r ·ights-: . $,]::00.;00 to rny son 
Thomas- at the· dea:th of his wife·; if he :precleceas~·s her 
the-n this sum to my d1ildran living ait his dea-th. :jp50. 00 
outright to my d'a.:ughter Phebe wif'e of' Tholl!as· Srnit:p:. The 
r ·esidue of my estate tO'sa:p:,~:n d to his he' ir~ (Jame·s·) .with 
the- following provis'ions : ' he is to pay my debts,funeral 
expe-nses the above legacies, cloth and' my wife· in 
a manner satisfactory to my exec·utors· •. 
Exe:mitors, Willet Charlf ck ?-:ri-d· Elbert Cox both of" 


James (x') Haynor 


Dariiel W.Smith Hempstead 
Willet R.Charlick • 

Sur. Morris Fosd.ic:k 

Jqhn H.Jone·s 
e·oJ:.d S'pring Harbor 

Proved Jart.2~, 1860 

Lib er . 9, 113 
August 15, 1851 

To my son John D.,Jo.:nes· all the land and the bu:Lldings there-
on ,commencing at the flood gate on the mill dam,thence north 
on a line with the we·st' point of Loyd's Neck to a line · 
runnin~ east from the division line of t h e land of Walter R . 
Jone·s,,\recently p:urchased a.f Major William Jones); thence 
west to the said division line,along 4t to the west end; 
then north along .the land of Walte.r R.Jones,to that of David 
W'.",Jo,nes;· then west along his land to the Oysterbay and 
CoJ'.:d Spring Highway; thence south along this Highway to 
the filmrmpike.; a.long the Turnpike east and sou th. to the! 
mjj_ll dam, in front, of the Ep.iscopal Church; then east along 
this mill dam to the p lace a.f be·ginning. Except. the fact-
o·ry and. the land on it stand·s,owned. jointly by Walter 
R.Jone:·s and myself. My children owning land back of these 
:premise:s:, to have the right, to use the docks on the harbor 
free but not. the buildings thereort l To him also, the piece 
of land i.n the front of t:h~ house now occupied l1y me ·arnd 
recently p.urc.hased of' John \'Te Is or; my household fur-
nitU're. The· above· bequests are subject to the payments named. to the guar(lian .and trustee of my Sarah Elizabeth and to my gr. son John H.Jones Stewart. 

' ..... ... . 
i . 

-. . 

John If .Jone·s (continued) Lib~r 9, 113 

To my sons John D~ and Towrise·nd Jone·s· e·qually my right, 
title · and inte:i:"est in the factorie·s and lands ·owned by 
Waiter R .. Jones and myself·. ,.viz:· the iand· we:st of my res-
idence on · which the Iower f 'actory is situated .with the 
buildings,canal pond and the water p~ivileges thereto; 
a::tso the land on which the upp'er factory is situ.ated 
with the buildings pond and water-privileges, in ·cold 
Spring on th~ wesu sfde of the• highway from Cold Sp-ring 
to Woodbury,commencing on this. highway at a point inter-
secting a .line drawn due west of the bars of the orchard 
on the east side of this road and running south along 
this: highway to a line· running due east from the house 
on the we st side of the S'Vvamp. above the old dam; then 
due west along this line to R.M. Gonklins land. ,thence 
north along his land to the ce·nter of the road on the 
west side of the swamp and pond; then along the road, 
north, to the land of Charles H.Jorres, at or near the 
larg·e Oak tree near ·the west end of the dam; then 
along the land of Chas .H.Jones as far as. the factory 
line extends,which terminates at. a spring; thence . 
east. along this boundary line t o the spring on the e a s·t 
side of tthe swamp; then along the sw~mp, north to the 
line drawn due west from the orchard bars on tt1e east 
sid~ of the road; along this road,due east, to the 
plac.e of beginning. Also to them my interest in the 
machinery and implements of both factories and the 
unwoven stock an hand. To my- ·s .. on Samuel~· the farm 

~ . 
near the land of Tho·mas Velsor,adjoining his own land 
.c.alled the upµer farm; al .so. to him, the plain land 
given me l)y my Uncle Walter Jones,near ttisla:nd Trees~ 
lie is to have as settlement for his services in the 
store during his partnership, one third the profits of 
the store business; in estimating the profits, the 
stock of goods on hand at my death is to equal in value 
the stock on hand when he came in as partner. To my 
thre.e sons,Sa:muel. A. ~ .W illiam Edward and. Walt.e.r R.-\1'., 
J .one.s ,,i ointly, one. third to each, the lands and docks 
(known as the store property) north of the Mill, sout'h 
of the .land. of Thomas Harriscm,west of the. Hi ghway along 
Cold Spring Harbor together with the wharf ,dock giants \"c...""'r-:i 
and. privilege.s ,and to each,one third. the stock of goods · 
in the st ore. including Iumbe r •. M:w child':ren are to have 
the fre·e use· of the d'ocks on the harbor of t h e above 
premises as long as they e.wn property in the rear o'f 
same, but r.iot the right · to any of the buildings thereon. 
To my sons,William ·and Walter ,iointly,one half 

to each, 

:inffe farm purchased from William Hewlett, with the buildings 



.John H .Jones ( continue'd) Liber 9,, 113 

thereon;- except part of the orchard on , the east side 
o·f ·, the pond south of Alfred Hewlett's house and herein 
after devised' to my son Townse.nd and' that vihich I have 
here'Gof-ere devised my so·n John. .Also to the:QJ, the land 
with the buildings thereon, near this above devised tract 
between it a.nd t'he highway in front of the store 'a.nd snuth 
of fue la:nd of Jacob C.Hewlett., Also to them,my interest 
in the flowing mill canal and '-the, lower mill pond, the 
land on which they are situated,including ttre dams,and 
all the., land, water rights ahd privile-ges connected with 
the same land, owned jointly with Walter R.Jones, .and 
Jacob C •. HewJ,.ett; also my .interest in the machinery, 
implements and the gra;in on hand, belonging to the mill, 
not ground into flour. Also one half my flock of wild 
geese. It is my deaire that the ponds on this land be · 
free to all my children for fishing and boating. To 
my d'a.ughterf? ,Fr:a.nces Maria,wife of Charle-s 'B .. Moore ,and 
to Helen,wife of' Charie·s P.Btewart,ew..tally the farm and 
buildings ,on the west side of Gold Spring p:urchased from 
Jacob Seaman, bounded on the north and east by Oysterbay 
and Cold Spring Highway and southeast and south by the 
Turnpike. Alsa· to them the land purchased of s. Under-
hill with the buildings,on the south side of the 'f'urn-
pike and we-st of the small po'nd·. Also the land I p,ur-
chased from Jacob and llanie·I Smith,on the west side of 
Coler Spring Harbor, and north of the property of Maj or 
William Jones~ To my son Townsend,all my land in Suffolk 
Co . including the woodland I recently purchased of Conklin 
a1wlil.i 3:4 acres,. and the. woodland on the west side of the 
valley of Cold Spring west and south of the upper factory 
and adjoining it. Also to him,my right title and interest 
in the real estate purchased of· Isaac Hewlett and William 
H.Jones in Suffolk and Q,ueens Cos .. called the upper factory 
property and now owned by Walter R •. Jones and myself, 
t.og~ther with the· bu.ildings thereon, excepting as much 
thereof as was herein devised to h im and my son John 
joi,ntly. To him,all my right,tit:ie and interest in the 
woodland about 27 aeres,purchased of John Wood near Buf-
fet.s,now 01J1.rned jointly by me,, Walter R.Jones and Joshua: 
T. Jones., I give my said son Townsend, the other half of 
my flo~k of wild geese a~d all the residue of my real 
~state., To my daughter S·p.1rah Elizq:beth, the/ income on , 
$ 8000.00. This is to be r)aid by my son John from the time 
he comes in possession of the premises devised h im, till 
her death and at her death the principal to be paid equal-
ly to her living children; if no children survive her,. 
tJ·hen equally to, my children living at her death. 


Jo'hn IL.Jones (continued) Li beer 9, ·· 113 

My said son John to be her g1:i·a.rdian and trustee . He is 
also to pay $1000.00 to my gr •. son John. H .Jo~e·_s Stewart, 
so.n of my daughter Hel~·n and Gha ries ~ • Stewa .. rt; i,vhen he 
is . of' a ge, without interest ; if my die s befo·re 
b edoming 0f age, this to my children surviving him. My 
f'arming utensils ,wagon s,ha. rness ,horses, ox en a nd cows a re 
to g6 to my _ chi l d ren as follo ws : one fifth to my son John 
one fifth to William and Walter jointly; one fifth to · 
}!'ranees Maria and:- Helen jointly, and the last fifth to 
Town send-. ·Th e re·s id"ue o'f my p·ersonal estate equa lly to 
my eight ·children. 
E'xecutors,my five sons,.John,.Samuel,Townsend,Willie.:m a nd 
Walter.. · 

John H.Jones 
Wi tne·s s·e-s :· 

Thoma s Jenkin§ Cold Spring 
Ash bell :B; •. Baldwin n· 1.t 
Henry Denton w w 

Codicil t .o above Will d'ated,October 3·1,1857: 
I revoke the bequest to my son 'l'ownsend giving him the 
residue of my re a l estat~. I also revoke the le gacy to 
my daughter Sarah ·F.Jones giving her the income for life 
on $8000.00~ · . 

John H.Dfones 

Ashbell F . Baldwin 
Jo.seph Hendric·kson 

Cold Spring 
" fl 

Codicil to· 'my WiII;d'a;t:ed Oetober 31,1857; 
The d'evise made in my 'Will to- my son John is hereby sub-
ject. to the following additional change; · he is to pay 
my gr.son John H •. J0nes,son of my son Samuel, $1000.00 when 
he is of a ge; r if he fails t 'o become. df age' then this 
le.gacy to the other children of Sam~el who su-1-vive him. 

John H' •. J ones 
Wi tne:sse s :· 

Asbbell F .Baldwin 
Joseph Hendrickson 

Sur .• Morris Jfosd.ick 

Cold- Spring 
ti II 

Proved Jan.23,18 60 

Henry E .Cornwell 


Li"Qer 9, 122 
AugtJst 15, 1859 

E:n;tfre estate to :my wife M:a.ria, outright.,. 
Kx:ecutrix;my wife; executor he-r bl'.other Hobart Weekes. 

Henry E,.Cornwell 

Harrie·t ·. W •. Cornwe·ll 
Henrietta Weekes 

Sur. M0rris Fosdick 

Rebeeca: M.Somarind'yek 
Oyst:e r bay 

New York Ci t.y 

Proved Jan.30,1860 

L ibe-r 9, 12.5. 
February 2l, 1850 

My e·ntj_ r.e estate equa:lly to my t ;wo sons, H. and 
John' nV~Somarfndyc:k •. 
Hxecutors,afore.said t.wo sons Edwi.n and John .. 

Rebecca M •. Somarindyck 
Wi tne sse·s: 

Isaac Tovmsend 
Joseph TI.Valentine, 

Sur. Morrie Fosdick 

. John Hendriekso:n 
No .Hempste.a.d 


Proved Jan.31,1860 

Li be.r 9, 12'9 
January 4,, 1860 

.o·utrig:P.t, t9 rpy wife Eliza,al.l my household. furniture 
and: $'1000.00. Also to her,as long as she remains my 
widcji;.y, the income. on $1000.0b .,upon condition she 
sup.ports and educate.s my t .wo youngest children ,.Hann ah 
Amelia and Adaline,during their minority. At de.ath 
or remarriage of wife ,.this !JP.1000-. 00 equally to all my 
ehil.dren.. The re .s idue of' my e·s.ta t e , al so equal ly to all 
my children : Hulett.,.Marianna,Elbe:rt. M. ,.Hannah Amelia · 
and Adaline H.endrickaon,.when each is of a ge;. t h e interest 
of,s to be· us.ed for · the supp.ort of my· minor 
children till of age,if i~ is necessary. 
Executrix,.my aforesaid wife Elizar executors , my son 
Hulett and John . Ve.lsor / 

\AT-i tn es se s : 
Willie..m Titus 
Samuel Titus 

Sur. Marri .s Fosdick 

John Hendrickson 

No . Hempst .ead 
It: tt 

Proved Feb.4,1860 

Epnrai:rn G .Hawxhurst 
No. Hempstead 


Lioer 9, 133 
Dece_mber 22~1858 

Outright to my wife Charity,a~ll my household and kitchen 
fu'rniture, beds, bedding and $ 700. 00 •. Also as long as she: 
remains my widow, the· _inc.ome :on ~$700.00;· all this in 
lieu of her cI0weT· rigb.ts •. At her· death,or rema:rriage, 
this ;$?00 •. oo equally to my three daughters ,E l.izaoeth 
Van Go '.tt ,and Caroline and l\iiargare·t 'ri tus Hawxnurst. _ 
To E lizabeth Vi3:n Cott ,.$1000. 00 •. To tl'aroline HavJJd:lurst, 
$ 1500. 00 · -~ To lvtargare t T-i tus Hawxhurst, ~~1300 •. 0.0. : The 
residue of my estate: to my son William· Ephraim Ha-vvxhurst 
and' to his he·irs ,.subject to the condition that he' gives: 
his mother and two sisters,Caroline and Margarei, a home 
in his family a;nd suitable- boara:;,as long a·s they are-

- unmarried~ if- they desi~e it. 
Executors,Timothy 121.nd Ben,jamin and Ste.phen R.Hicks. 

, Steph en R •. Post 


Sur. M0,rris Fosdick · 

Ellen Wikoff M:ulJ'..igan 

Ephraim G.Hawxnurs-t 

No .Flemp st ea.d 
tt· n 
n t t· 

Proved Fe~.6,1860 

Liber 9, 137 
lfovembe.r 21, 1851 . 

Entire estate equally, to all my children and the sur-
vivors of them. I app oint my husband as .trustee to manage 
this pro.per.t.y .bequeathed my chi_ld'ren as he sees fit durir'rg 
thq;±r minority. , , 
Exec.u tors ,my husband, Mi111igan and his brother 
Alfred Mulligan. 

E.lle-n W •. Mulligan 
Wi . tne s se:s :: 

E •. W •. Hewitt - Astoria 
Wm .Jt. B:lackwe.11 '" · 

Co,dleil to above Will,ac;l-ted December 24,1859 ; 
I revoke the appointment of Alfred Mulligan as executur 
o.f my Wil:J: , and appoint Charle.s F' •. Park of New York City 
in_ his place. 

E,llen W .Mull iga,n 

Martha M •. Wikoff Astoria 
ft A .. M.. '"' 

Sur. Morris Fosd: .Jamaica 
Isaac C. He ndrickson * 
John S.Snedeker n 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

Gerard Reiners 

Proved. :M:arcll 12 ,1860 

Liber 9, 156 
December 22, 1859 

Entire estate to my wife Josephine Margaret Re-fne·rs 
and to her heirs .. 

Wi tne.sses :-
Hen:i=y Whitson 
John E . Seaman 

Sur • Morris F·o, sdi ck 

Samuel t 
J5fo . Hempstead 

Gerard Reiners 

Manetta Hi .11 
It tt< 

P roved 11.farch 17 ,1860 

Liber 9 , 1 59 
November 24, 1851 

Outri gh t . to my wif'e Mary,my household and kitche:n ftuniture 
and half of the residue of my entire est a te. T.o my son 
J ~.m e,s· ,, the othe-r half of the residue of mY.t est a te~ · 1.f 
J ames should. predece.a ae his mother and le ave no issue, then 
his le gacy to his motherrgiving her my entire estate. 
Exe cutrix;.my ·wife Mary·; e;xecutors, my son J ame s,my 
b.rother-in-law,Oliver Hewlett, and my nephew Samuel 
w •. Jone.s. 

Samuel H.ewlett 

:bro •. Hempstead 
" ... 

Proved Marcil 24 , 1860 

Ann Elizabeth Go ck 
Oysterbay ,.... 

L.iber 9; 163 
.J~pril 1,,1855 

Entire estate to my husband Stepne·n M .•. Cock. 
E'xecutor ,my aforesaia husoand ,,Ste:phe·n '}.[.Cock., 

Witne-sS'e·s :-
Mil: ton O .. Craf t 
Emma E. Graft 

Sur ~Morris Fosdick 

George M.onfoort 
Oyst·erbay "-.c. 12..~"'-"' ::>""a_""'~':> 

.Arin E. C'0ck 

Glen Co,ve 

A:priI 2, 1860 

L.iber· 9, 166' 
January 14, 1860 

$1200 .. 00 to my daughter Mary Ann Ji,fonf 001rt . $ 1000. 00 t6 
my daughter Rebecca S •. Tuiontfoort . $ 800.00 to each of my 
two daughters ,.Jane K •. , wife of Single ton Mott, and Cathar ine·; 
wife of Jose·ph 0 ~HernHa.n .. My hou~::nmold and ki tc·hen furniture 
equa:lly to ~y· aforesaid four dau.ghter:s·. ~$ 1000 •. 00 in trust 
to my e·xectitors, the income of which is to be paid my son 
Abraham for his support for life; if income insuff icient, 
then p:t"inc.ipal can be used. Entire re·sid:U:e of my estate to 
my two sons Elbert H •. and Jame.s H •. Tulo·ntfoort and to their 
heirs.. It is my wish that. E lbert and .James c.ontinue the 
possession and occupancy .of my homestead but if the above 
legacie.s. are t .oo he~vy, I leave it to t h em to encumber it 
or disp ose of it .. 
E-xecutoi:cs ,my t wo sons Elbert. and James .. 

~ \-1~, ... -me..V\ George. Montf'oort 

James C. Townsend 0.ysterbay 
John T. w . ~ 

Sur., Morris Fo-sd.ick Proved April 4,1860 

Richard Verit.y 
Hemps t .e ad 

Liber 9, 
_October 1, 

170 ' 
1 858 

Household goods to my vv ife. Margaret,outright,and the use· and 
income of my e:n;t:ir-e e s-t a t .e as long as she remains my widow. 
Tuiy daughter Mar garet to have a proper living out of my estate 
f o r life a:nd e,xecutors are e:xpressly ordered to provide this 
. ' . . -


Richa rd Ve·rity (continued) Lib er 9 ,. l '70 

l .iving for ·her., If my wffe snould' 'remarry,.she is to . 
receive ~' 500.00 outright and· the resi due of my· estate. is 
to b e equally divided amo·ng my sons and daugh ters. 
Executrix,my· wife i\ffarga:ret ; executor Jes s e Whaley. 

Witnes s·es : 
Georg e Smith 
Geor ge D .. Smith 

Sur. M~. rris Fosdick 

Dennis C:arro·ll 
F lushing 

Richard' Verity 

I t · 

Proved April 9,18 60 

L iber 9, 
J.uly 18 , 

'rl1e use of my present. dwellin g house and lot on Cedar St·., 
to my wife Tuiary for life, and at her dea th, I g ive the s arne 
to mY son John a·nd to hi s heirs; he is to :pay the· follow-
ing legacies :- to each of the thr~e children of my daugh ter 
Margaret. Dunn, Widow , ;fu5·0 •. 00 to be us:ed t award their support 
and educ~t,ion; to my son Thomas ~i5o., 00. rr· any of my 
daught.e r Margaret's children dies,survivors to divicie 
that one's legacy. 
Exe·cu tors ,John Leonard: and Jeremiah Mahar. 

Dennis (x) Carroli 

Witne·sses : 

Samuel Willet.t,. Flushing 
John Leonard n· ' 

Sur •. Morris Fosdick 

Geor ge Noia th 

Proved April 9,1860 

Liber 9, 177 
September 2.4., 1858 

Use of entire estate to my wife Kuni gundq. for life, sub jec t 
to a mortgage oh the: re a l esta te. She can se.11 the re a l 
estate whe~ she sees fit,pay the mort ga ge and use th~ 
proceeds for her supp ort and that of my chi ] dre.n. At her 
death, the entire. estate equally to my children,,George 
and Barba ra. 
Executrix, :iny wife Kunigunda. 

Ge o·rge· Noeth 


(continued) Liber 9 ,. . 177 

Flushing Samue·I Willett, 

Barbara .Firnstein 
Sur. Morris Fosdick 

New York City 

ETiza Ann Ba;iley(wi~e of John R. ) 
Jamaica (Bailey, I\lferchan t) 

Proved April 9, 1860 

Liber 9, 179 
May 2.7, 1 8 51 

Entire estate equally to my six children : John li .. ~,:Wi:}.liam 
L.,..Cornelius K.,.James Kipp:,.and Emma Louisa Ba.iley,a,11 of 
Jarnai ca and Ann, wife. of Daniel S.Miller of 1'1 . Y. C'. If any 
of my seek to break this Wiilil,they shall: forfeit. 
all claim to that portion left them and I hereby revoke 
such one,. s Legacy .. 
E'xecu tors ,my son Cornelius, Merchant. of Jamaica, and 
Daniel S.Miller of N.Y.C . 

Eliza Ann Bailey 
Wi tne s se.s: 

Pete.r Simmons N .. Y. C. 
John Wilson Forbes N.Y.C. 

Sur •. M·0rris Fosdick 

Thomas Connery 

Proved April 9, 1860 

Libe.r 9, 
March 11, 


To my wife Ann and to her heirs, one fourth part of my 
entire estate including one fourth of my life p olicy of 
$ 2000.00 in the S,outhern Mutua·l Life Insurance Co., 
Ccr»Iumbia,s.c.. This in lieu of ' he.r .. dower rights~ The 
remaining three quarter parts to my wife in trust., to 
control a s she d.eems prop:er, and tG :pay one of these. 
quarter parts to each of my children and their heirs 
as they marry or become of age. If one of them di es 
befor:e inheriting, t h e survivors to divide tha t one's 
legacy. l\ily chil.dr.en .a:r. e-,.Ha·rrie.t E llen ,,William Thomas and 
Robert Henry Connery. 
Executrix,,m..y wife. 

Wi tnesse.s: :; 
Chas .. IvI •. Allen 
. sam'l Willett 

Sur. Morris F osd ick 

Thomas Connery 

It . 

Proved April 12, 1860 

Ebenezer Seeley 


Liber 9, 189 
December 26, 1853: 

He9'd and foot stone:s suitably inscribed' for my grave. Tufy 
vrearing apparel to my brother Thaddeus; if he predeceases 
me' then to my brother Lyman; if he too predeceased me, 
then to my brother Henry. To my wife ,Rebecca G. ,my watch,. 
my household furniture,fa:rming utensils·,tools,liv-e stock, 
hatnes& and pleasure wagon. Also to her for life,the use 
and profits, of my homestead of I acre 74 square rods or 
land between Iviain and· Or.cha.rd Streets in the center of the 
Villiage of Oyste·rbay, vvith the hquse barn and other build-
ings the.reon. Also the use of my woodland,abo·ut 11 acres,. 
74 sq. rod's on the we st side of ]l ill River Hollow. She 
can cut from time to time \l.irlat wood she needs for a fire 
an~ for fences,but none to be sold. Also the income on 
$4000.00 for life. All this in lieu of her dower right 
The e ntire residue of my es·fate to my daughter Catha rine S .. 
S':e e } y , an:dto her heirs. At the death of' her mother she is 
to receive the homestead,wood:land and the principal of the 
$4000.00 trust fund left her mother,but not t .o take poss-
ession, till she if of age,on Dec.24,186? •. W"t1ile she is a. 
mino;r,executors to be trustees of her estat,e and apply the 
income toward her support an~ edueation. If my aforesaid 
daughter predeceases her mother a minor, and with out is sue,, 
the,n $1000.00 of the estate left. her is to be, ad·ded to the 
trust · fund of $4000.00 left her mother;making that $5000.00 
thence:forth.. The re·sidue · of the legacy left my daughter is 
the.n to be divided into five equal parts, and I give one 
pilrt to the children of my deceased brother Holly of Caroline 
Tompkins Co. ,N. Y. ;. one part to the children of my deceased 
sister Mary,wife of Henry Weed of the same town; one pa rt 
to my brother Henry of the same p lace; one part to my 
brother Lyman of Nunda,Livingston Co. , N .. Y .• ; the last part. 
to my brother Thaddeus of Maine,Broome Co.N.Y. If any of 
my brothers preaecease me·, their :iegacies to their children. 
In the event of the death of my wife and my daughter too, 
wi tbout issue, th 
receive this income; at the death of them both,the · 
principal equally to his issue.,if there is no issue, then 
this ~~verts to my ~state. The ihcome on the last fifth 
part in like manner to my son IsaaG Peck, Jr. Wher:eas 
both these two s ons,Hamilton and Isaac~due to bad times, 
have debts etc~ in their business,none of the legacies 
hequeathe.d them shall in any way become' liable for their 
debts; if either one or both clear themselves of all 
de·bts,olhl.igati_ons etc.;theb they are at that. time to receive 
thei: r respe ct:i ve legacies du trigh t .• tors my sons, Isaac, Geo,rge Warner and James Milnor Peck 

Agness P eck 
Wi t .nes se s: 

Uriah Mit,che.11 
George W.Haviland 
Samuel B.Cornell 

Sur •. M.orris Fos·dick 

I.saac Pe ck (:lliterchal'l't} 


Proved June 11, 1860 

Liber 9, 235 
March 3:, 1849 

House-hold good's and furniture. and -one third my entire 
e·state to my wife/ Agne·ss; this in lieu of her dower rights •. 
One twelfth part of the residue of my estate to my executo·rs 
in trust ~or· my gr .• son,Sa.muel Clapp Haskins; they are to 
a.p.ply the income thereof toward his support ~nd>~ education 


Isaac Peck . (continued) · 

till he .is of age,when he is to receive the principal 
or his heirs if he di~s in his minority; if hfr dies 
then w:itho·ut issue, the same to revert to my estate·.; 
The residue of my estate to be divided into five equal 
parts ,and one part each to be g'iven to my chi.Idren,.Maria 
G. , ton, Isaa.c,.Jr. ,George W.and Jame·s J{~Pe· ck; if any 
of them are in mj books as owing me money not receipted, 
this to be taken as part of their legacies., The shares 
of my sons George and James shall be paid them outri ght. 
The shares of my other three children in trust; they 
are each to· receive the income for life and at the death 
of each such ones share to be e:qually divided among the 
issue; i.f such one dies without issue,the principal to· 
revert to my residuary estat·e.. Whereas my s·ons Hamil.ton 
and Isaac have debts contracted in their business,none 
of the legacy left each frorn my estate is to be 1 iable 
for . these deqts; if each or either is able to free him-
s-elf of deb-t at such a time, he· is to receive his legacy 
Executors,my sons George Warner Peck and James Milnor Peck, 
my ·brother,Eli,jah Peck amd Joseph Wesley· Harper,Sr. 

Daniel T .• Smith 
Caleb Smith 

Isaac :Peck 


Benjamin Griffin, Jr. 

Codicil to above Will,dat ed February I, 18.55: since making my Will, I have turned ove·r to my wife 
t.he homestead now occupied by us, I now deduct from· the 
third of my es·tat.e left ·her in my Will, the sume of 
$10,000.00, whi_ch sum is to be added to my residuary estate 
and' div-ided among my children as stipulated in my Will. 
I appoint my son Isaac- as an additional executor of my Will. 

Isaac Peck 

Daniie 1 T. Smith 
Benjamin Gri.ffin,Jr. 
Caleb Smith 

Sur •. Fosdick 


Proved June 11, 1860 

.Asa Baker· 
Ho. Hempstead 



Lib er 9, 24.7 
December 7, 1849 

1p50.00Afo ' my two gr •. sons John C.,and Ephraim Baker, so·ns 
of' my san Ephraim,deceased~ If either one ' dies before 
inheriting· and without. issue, the surviwor to get that 
lega:cy. The residue of my estate equally to my wif'e 
Elizabeth and my daughter· Mary Ann Baker,outright: . 
Exeeutrix,my daughter Mary Arm; executor~,El:Eas Lewis,Jr. 
and Robert W •. Titus. 

Asa B'aker 
Witnesse·s: Titus 
Phebe W. ,.,. ti 11· 

Codicil to above Will,dated Ma±ch 18 , 1859: 
I nullify the appointment of E.lias Le.wis,Jr. a s an executor 
of my Will sinc·e he has mo·ved aw~y; in his stead 1; 
a:g1p.oin t Oli ve.r Ti t :us . 

Sur . Merri s ]J,osd'ic·k 

Maria Lott 



Asq Baker 

No •. Hempstead 
o· :rt 

Proved June 22,1860 

Lib er. 9, 252 
De.camber 22, 1858 

'I'. o my mother, Wi.11.iamp-ie Lot.t ,all my house·hold and kitchen 
furniture. To her~ the ·use of all my real estate for life 
and at her death equally to Stephen Lott Mills,son of 
Abraham Mills of Jamaica and Peter Schenck, son of· William 
J .Schenck of N. Y •. c .. and to their heirs. The residue of 
my pe,:rsonal est a t .e · to my executors, in t w.m:st; they are t.o 
pay my mother the inco·me for l .ife and a t her de a th,disp ose 
of the p.r;incipal as follows: $3000 .00 e a ch to t h e Dutch 
Reformed Church of East N. Y. and to John E dward Sche'nck 
sff n of my Uncle John. $ 1000.00 to the Rev.Anson F .Munn; 
if he is dead, then this sum equally to his ch ildrer,-i;. If is any residue; it is to be paid my co us in Ma ry 
S ch enk, daughter of my Uncle Will.i a.m J .• Schenk. 
Exe cut.ors,my Uncle.s,John and William Schenk 

Wi tne:s ses f 
John Robertson 
Peter G .. S.harp 

Sur.Morris Fosdick 

Ma:r ia Lott. 

9 W.32 Street N .Y.C~ 
663 Broadway ,, 

Proved June 25, 1860 

Alfred Abrams 

J...1 iber 9, 25? 
June 11, 1860 

:~ 50.00 · t' o my son John H.Abrams •. To my ciaughter Amanda 
Abrams ;.one chest containing bedding and cTI.bthin:g, al so six 
chairs,.one feather bed.,bedding for same· and one table and 
server·., Th~ re·sidue of· my est a te to be sold;.proceeds 
investe-d and the income q,,pplied toward the support and 
eciucati on of' my afor·esaid two children. If income is 
insufficient,.whatever of the principal nece~sary is to 
be use·d.. Executo-rs to be guardians of my children 
d·uring minority and v&1ere each is of age, they are to 
rec·e i ve the p.rfncfp,al equally ;. if one should die in 
rhinori ty, the survivor t .o inherit the whGlle. estate; if' 
hath should so die,I give' my e state to Margaret. Abrams, 
d·aughter of my brotheT Edward •. 
Executor ,.Willet 

VVi tnesses:· 
Jacob B .. Smith 
Wri1. T •. GoJlder 

Sur .Mo·rr i s :i?o sdi ck 

John S •. Pettit 

Alfre d Abrams 


P'rove d June 27, 18'60 

Liber- 9, 2·50 
April 9, 1860 

To my 'v'vif'e ,Eliza Ann' the use of my homest.ead' other build-
ings and the. f'iNre acres of Ji.and upon which they stand. She 
is to rear my tw.o children ,Matilda and Alonz.o a.ncl ?- t her 
death,,I give the.m this bequest,eq:ually ... Th i s bequest to 
wife · in· lieu of her dower rights.. To my son, the 
land ·1 p.urc.hased of Samuel. Carman,.ab out 20 a c res. To my 
son Townsend, the la:nd l ying i .n front of my dwelling about 
12. acres. To my son John two notes; one agains.t S. C. 
Snedeker for ~i 700. 00 ,and o,ne. against. Oliver Smith for 
$ 200 •. 00~" All the residue o·f my esta.t.e equally,:· to my 
af'ore,sa:id wife E l .iza Ann a nd my t wo. chi.ldren ,Matilda and 
Al'onz·o .. 
· Executors ,.ray so n s J ohn,.Townse.nd and .Charles P·e'.t tit. 

Jt11m S.Pettit 

T.hompson A.,Grigg 
Mord:e cai. A 

Sur~Morris Fos dick 


Hemµst.ead ' ' °' 
Ptuved July 10, 1860 

William Gibson 


LibeI' 9, 264 
May 21, 1858 

To my wife ]fa.ry, outright · all my household an(f kitchen 
f ·urniture ,plate, crockery ,.picture.s, library and family 
stores· in the house at my death. A:lso to her and to 
h~r heirs,in lieu of her d'ower rights,one third of the. 
resiclue of my entire estate-. The rema ining ·two thirds· 
I give e·qually t-o my three children,Willfani,jr.,Eliza, 
wife· of S.1amueI: W .Day and' Georgiana Gjj:bson •. If any of them . 
die without issue,survivors or survivor to d"ivide such 
share; if any leave· is sue, such is sue to receive. de ceas-ed 
parent 1·s share .. 
Executrix,my wife Mary; executoT my son William Gibson,.Jr •. 

William Gibson 
Witnesses : 

John F.B1I.auvelt, Newtown 
Isaac Innes « 

Sur.Jforris JPos-dic·k 

Benjamin H.hodes 

Proved July 23 ,186-0 

Liber 9, 269 
March 29, -1854 

To my daugh Sarah, wife of Abraham Dti1ry.:e.a Remsen ,.the in-
c·ome on $ 1000.00 for life .at 5% to be p.aid by my sons f rom 
the legac·ies hereinafter bequeathed them.. To my son George, 
the farm upon which he now lives ,which I purchased of the 
estate of D.Will.iam Lawrence.. At his death this to his sons 
:Benjamin anrl Abraham Remsen Rho.des •. He is also to pay hi.s 
half of the. income left my daughter;.. rr o my son Corne.lius 
and to his heirs, the farm upon which we now live, al.l the 
moveable.s contents of the dwe l,barns and. p.remise:s a nd 
t.he woo.dland: belonging to the farm.. He is to pay his half 
of the legacy left: my daughter ,.Sarah. To my t :wo sens 
and daughter afore-said and to Phebe Rhodes (a widow),. the 
sheetts, etc in the: ct1p-bo·ard,equally divided., The re·sidue 
of my es·tate ·equally to my two sons George and Cornelius 
Hegeman Rhodes and. to their heirs~ 
Exeeut.ors,.afore.said two sons ... 

J3 entj amin Rhodes 

Wit.nes se.s: 
. Thomas Bradlee·, 
Samue.-1 S .Aymar 
Jo·hn Hoogland 

Sur. Morris Fosdi ek: 



Proved Aug.1,1860 

E dward Smith 
Jamaica ' 


Liber 9, 272 
Fe.bruary 23, 1860 

Outright to my wife Elizabeth,-my gold watch, the household 
and kitchen furniture and :~ 1000 .oo. ,Also to her the· income 
on ~$ 3000.00 and at her death the principal equally to my 
two sons,George B •. and 11dward s.Smith. These bequests 
to wife in lieu of her dower. 'ro my son  Wiggins 
l\fo. Hempstead 


Li.ber 9, 287 
March 22:· , 1852 

To ·my wife E lizabeth outright ,all household furniture and 
~ 5· 000.00. Also to her tpe use and occupancy of the west 
partt of the house where I now live built for me by Sidney 

~"$;..Youn g of' Jamaica; she is to have the use of the passa·ge· 
leading through the house ,also to her as long as she remains 
my vvidow,wood and fuel for hE'.r use during her· residence 
in my n ouse:icut and brought to he'r door; executors to see 
to it that this is done .. .8Tl these bequests· to her in lieu 
of her doweT rights •. To my gr.s ohs-,Benjamin,Jr.,and Philip. 
Jr.children of my son Benjamin the farm upon whi ch I now 
res·ide and my meadow land at Jamaic·a South a·ncr to their 
heirsr if one should die before inheriting the survivor 
to get it all. Of the residue of my estat.e, Igive one · third 
part to my son Benjamin; one. third part to my daughter 
:Ma.ry Ann, wife of Lefferts Berge·n;· the last third equally 
t .o -E'hilip W •. Baylis; Eveline B. ,wife o f Charle·s Denton,.Jr •. 
and . Mary Elizabeth, wif e of Everitt. Hendrickson of· Brooklyn 
children of my de.ceased daughte·r Elizabeth, wife of Isaae 
Baylis • . 
Exe cutors,my son BenJamin Wiggins,my gr.son Ben,jamin Wiggins, 
J r ., anq my son-in-law ,Lefferts Bergen •. 

Philip. Wiggin .s 
Wi t.nesse:s: 

John J •. Arm st rang 
'William H~Willfams 

Sur.Tulorris F osdick 

Ge orge Vande~erg 
F lushing 

1'l o •. Hemp.stead 

J?roved Aug.21,1860 

Liber 9, 
June 10, 


To pa;y my debts,executor13 to sell my land,adjoining the 
land of J:ameS; Van .Si clen ,deceased, bounded. on the ea9t and 
south by this land, on the west by land formerly owned by 
Jeremian Valent ine and on the north by Quarrelsome Lane, 
about. 20 acres. If any surplus after the. payment of my 
debts, i.t is .to be equally divided bet we.en my wife b ary and 
my son l1athaniel. 'fo my wife, such a·rticles of household 
f'urn i ture as s.he: may \'\Ii. sh, and the balance, if any to my son 
Na t haniel. To my son and my daughter Sarah, wife 
CY,f'i;_,,J eremiah Va lentine, equal ly, the :farm con~isting 

.1 foll( the most par t of · the Doughty S\y~p, on the side of ::-
the ·road from Flushing to Jamaica,about 116 acres. Al so to 
t....'ilem,equally the seven acres of la:nd I bought of my son 


Ge.orge Vandeberg (continued) Liber 9, 291 

George·; during his life ,and his wife ,Sarah Jane., To my 
gr. son,Jo}~_m H. Valentine, son of my_ daughter Sa r ah, a 
bond for $ '70.00 executed to me b:T Henry Young,dated July 
2.3 ,18"4? •. To my wife M"ary , in lieu of her dower, t h e use 
of the new kit ch err (now buildf ng) an d!. two rooms on the 
north side of my house on t he- s ame floor,as long as she 
rema ins my widow. Also firewood,prepared for her fire, 
and what ve ge t ables and f 'ruit raised an my land,as she 
may require. At her death, I give the spoons used 
l:)y h er to my son Nathaniel.. To my son Nathaniel a nd 
his heirs, but subject to the provisions made for my wife,. 
the farm and buildings where I now reS'icle ,about 35 acres. 
To him and his hefrs,the new house now .occupied by Simeon 
Boerum and the land upon wh ich it stands,about ? acres. 
To. Ifathaniel ,my burial plot in the burying ground of the 
Epi scopal Churph of· J amaica,, ;he is to erect a monument 
similar to tha~ erected on the lot of Jeremiah Valentine 
adjoining .. To Nathaniel and Sarah equally,the l a nd 
purchased by me. from Peter Ousterman, about two acres. 
Executrix,my wife :Mary; Exe·cutor, my son Nathaniel 

George Vande\terg 

Pierpont Potter 
Nicholas Aeker-
S.imeon Boe.rum 

Sur .J\:forri s ]' o s di ck 

He·nry Hewl.e·tt .. · . 
Hemps.t ead C..'10()."'""'"V\.°l"t"""'"' '5'\u.~~) 



Pfroved Aug.27,1860 

Liber 9, 296 
Novembe.r 20, 1.85 9 

Use and income of entire estate to my mothe.r Hannah ~ Hewlett, 
for life. At. her death the estate · equally to my two brothers. 
~mery and Richa:rq. and to th~ir heirs .. 
Executors ,my af·ore sa:i.d two brothers .. 

Henry M.He:wlett. 

I .Tohn w ... DeMo:tt ' Hempstead 
· Edward H. Vaie.nt.ine Brooklyn 

Sur~Morris Fosdick · Proved. Aug.,27 , 1860 

. -......~ .. ,\.~\\~) 
Amy Pi!J.kham 
If emp stead 

LH:Yer 9 ,. 299 
July 2'3;18'60 

T.o my husband , Zebulon ,my hors·e ,two c·ows and my chickens; 
Also to him ,Ia ·pairs· o·f sheets, 18 p.illow cases ,15 be:d-quil ts 
~hre·e 1Jlankets,,ane French be·ds·tead,"two other goo·d onern,one 
table ,.purchased at. Hemp.ste•ad ,,one other good one ,12 good 
chairs ,SO yard's of' new rag carpet ,..the· carpe·t s on the· sitting 
room and p:arlor floors,,.Aunt Charit.yts press,be·st looking· glass 
a: . small one for the· bed room,the small clock,the crnok stove, 
the sitting room stove,one half of all my crockery,12 knives · 
and forks,a carving lq1ife. and f 'ork,.the. castor he. gave me,.two 
brass candlest.icks·,-one pair brass andircms,.shovel and tongs,. 
be:st wo·rk sta:nd ,.12' goo·d towels ,.bure·au and· 8 table c-loths; 
all outright., Also for life. ,the use- and income of my money 
and o:f my real estate •. At his death,the real esta:te. to- be 

· s9l~. To Mary,wif'e· of my nephew Isaac U .. Willet.s,my mo reno 
clo~k,.three best. silk shawls, three best silk dresses,two 
alpaca dre·sses ,.lO pairs of stockings, t :wo silk aprons and all 
my handerehiefs •. The .re·st of my wearing apparel to Ann, wife 
of Charles Mayhew. To Mary Jane,.wife· of my nephew William 
P'. Wille.ts, two pairs of linen sheets; to my nephew Jonah 
Willets,two pairs of linen sheets; to my niece Mary,wife 
of Elihu Coleman of Ro'chester N .Y •. ,two pairs 6:f linen sheets; 
to Sarah ,.another claugh ter of my deceased brother ..1·braham, 
wife of· J ohn Ely of P·oplar Ridge·,.Coyuga Go. ,.N. Y., two pairs 
of linen sheets; to Ann Mayhew,.one pair of linen sheets; 
the remainder of my li.nen sheets ,pillow case_s, table cloths 
and towels to Nrary,.wife of Isaac U.Willets,son of' my brother 
David,deceased.. To Ann l\ifayhew,.all my cormrron bedding,ki t.chen 
chairs and tables and beds, beds.teads and furniture us·ed by 
our Colo-red Boys ,and $ 200 •. 00 .. ~his on co'ndition she does 
not bring a bill aga inst my estate f or service.s. To Mary 
Jane,wife of my nephew, William~ -:I? .. Willet.s,and to Jonah Willets, 
my nephew.each one bed. The residue of my beds,bedateads, 
bed furniture and· ·bedding to Mary,.wif'e of Isaac U . Willets,, 
and the residue· of my household furni ture;t,o my husband, 
the .cask in the cellar,at death of my husband, I give my 
nep:hews,WilI.iam P.and Jonah Wilie.ts,.sons of my deceased 
brother David;each $ 1000.00. $200.0D to each of the sons 
of my deceased brother Abraham: Leona.rd F. ,Isaac,and 
Edward Willets and $300.00 to each of his daughters,Mary 
Goleman al"ld Sarah Ely and to his gr.son Edgar Co l eman of' 
Rocrkester,.son of his deceased daughter Eli zabeth Coleman. 
T.he res·idue. of my estate to my nephew, Isaac· U. Wille ts 
1nd to his heirs. 
Executors·,my nephew, Isaac U. Willets and Robert W.Titus 
both of Hempstead. 

.Amy Pinkham 

No. Hempstead 
ti· It· 

Proved Sept.11,1860 

Samuel D®11 'G on 


.Lib er 9, 305 
Marc·h 6 , 1857 

To my two- daughters . Mary Amelia and Hannah Denton the use· 
of the house· we now live as long as they remains 
s· ingle ;' also ail the· household and kitchen furniture, t h e 
garden ,,the lo:t in front of the house to the wa t er, the use 
o·f one good milk cow,a horse and' ·wagon the year round, to 
be kept in good conditio-n,f'ree of charge by my two sons 
JohnV .. and Jonah B. ,also sufficient fuel for t wo fires, 
brought to the door and cut for use ,j)ork,hams , b e ef ,fowls, 
potatoes,turnips,wheat,rye,cornmeal and buckwheat flour, 
If one of t h em should die the survivor to have these 
benefits as as she J.s single; at t h e marri a ge or 
death of· the last one, I give the house and land a f oresaid 
equally to my two sons aforesa id and the household f « rniture 
equa lly to my dau ghters living at that time·. $ 3000.00 
each to my daughters,.Phe·be ,.Ali.da,Hannah and :Mary Amelia, 
outright . .;: $ 500.,00 to Alexander Denton,son of my son Jonah 
when of age. Residue of my estate equally to my two sons 
John and J a:h ah •. 
Exe cu to-rs ,my afore said two sons and Geor ge A. Scudder. 


Daniel P •. Sammis 
James Velso:n 

Samuel Denton 


Suffolk Co. 
I t It. 

Codicil 'to· above Will dated March 6, 1857: 
To :my daughter Alida as much standing fire wood as she 
may need for domestic u~e for life. 

Daniel P .Sammis 
James Velsor 

Sur. Morris Fosdick 

David T .. ~ennings 
Far Rockaway,, Hempstead 

Samuel Denton 

Proved Sept.13,18 60 

Liber 9, 309 
August ~23, 1860 

To my wife Susarmah,all my hous.ehold and kitche.n furniture 
and ~2000 .. 00. $500. 00 outright to my daughter , ll'anny, wife of 
Benjamin 1\t1ott,and the interest for life on $2100.00. At the 
death,thi.s principal to Gra ce Carroll,daughter of my diaµ:ghter 
E':l,.fzabeth.· To my daughter E lizabeth,wife of John N. L . Garrell 
the income on ~2.000.00 for lime a nd. at her daath this principal 


D~vid T.Jenrrings ( continued} Liber· 9, 309 

equally to her daughters ,Fa:nny and Katy Carroll. Of this 
three lots, I own on the east side of c·oster S t .. numbe rs 16, 
17 and 18 on Norton ' s map,I g ive t h e use of t h e lot, #18 and 
the south half of lot # lT, with the house t he r eon,to my daugh-
ter Elizabe:th,.till heT son :B rockholst Carroll is of age,when 
he· is to haYe this legacy outri ght ; lot lf l6 and the north 
ha.I f of lot :/F I?-,. I give to my two gr •. daughters , ll' anny a n d: Ka ty 
C'ar;roll. $ 1000.00 each to my gr.daughters,Susannah and Mary 
J'ennings,daughte-rs of .my son James,when each is of a ge; mean-
while James is to have the interest. on t hes e bequests. To my 
dau ghter, .H'anny Ivlott,the meadow and garden l a nd at the south 
e·nd of · t h e -Rue de St~,.Felix ,Far Roc.kaway about 7 acres,which 
I b ought in 1835-6 from the he irs of Ma r garet Smith. To James 
E zra Jennings,son of my ·son James the land on the corner of the 
Rockaway Tnrrrp:ike and old Rocka'wa'y Road, b ounded on the west by 
the Turnpike , on the north by l and of David Se:aman on the eas t 
by th a t of Gilbert D.Craft and the s ehool lot and on t he south 
by the Old Rockaway Road. To my gr ~ son David Henry,a.n other son 
of ,the land on the c·orner of Rockaway TurnpJike and Old 
Rockaway J±oa.d, bounded_ sou th by the Road, by the · Turnpike, 
north by the l a nd of Peter Smith, and' we-s-t hy a piece of" my l a nd 
hereinafter g iven to Susannah and Mary J ennings. Als o to him, 
the. land in front of these premises, bounded north by the Road , 
west by the land of Robert .Mott,so·uth by the fence al ong the 
meadow and ea st ·by the fence along the west side of the Lane. 
'l' o af'oresaid Jame·s Ez ra and Da1i'id Henry Jointly, the above said 
Lane and the bo·g s at 'the end of it, and all meadow south mf and 
adjoining their two pieces of fr:a:nd down to the main Creek . My 
son James to have the use and income of all the lands given his . 
two sons,till each is of a ge. To James' two daughters,Susannah 
and Mary, t he l [l.nd ·with the, two small houses thereon, bounded 
beginning at; the, land · of Ril.ey,.east by the Road 135 north 
along the ·edge. of . t ,.he wood of the land gi ve.n David Henry to·, the 
land of P eter Smith, about ?5 feet east of a large. marked Oak 
T.ree.; t h ence west by J?·eter Smi th's land to that of Riley, t hen 
s ou1th by Riley' .s. ill.and to the roa d ; My wife Susannah,however is 
to the use · of this land and the houses as lon g as she lives. 
Residue. of este. te . to be so ld ,and paying my d€lbts and le gac-
ieS' ,.it:.he proce eds to be e .qually divided among my gr . chi 
living &t. myn 

P roved Dec.11~ 1860 

Liber 9, 376 
November 7, 1860 

Entire estate 'to my wife,ca'tharine· and to he.r he.irs. 
Executrix,my af ore·said wife Ca thari:ne ... 

Wi tnasse.s :: 
Henry F' sall. 
Thempson A~Grigg 

Sur . lviorr,i.s Fosdick 

Isaac Frost 

Hemps t 


Proved Dec~l2rl860 

Will frun "Harrrf Iton 
Flushing · 


L.~ber 9; 37 9 
July 18, 1858 

To -IY!-Y wif-e; Sarah, the us'e,in6o±ne and: ' profits of my e'nt.ire esta te 
for I"ife:· . I V'vish the c·o-;partriership !:._ have· with my sori Charles 
in t1le f"lour and saw: mill, to. be coriti.nued for the benefit of 
my wife during her· lif'e • . As _soon a['.; 9an be done at, dea:t:h 
of' wif'e ,my estate to be c:onverteg: int.'o money Or sec.urit,ies 
and dfv-idffd a-s follilnllf~} .'11:9 .. my · d'au ghter ~Ii1Iargar·ettai J •. , wife of 
Samuel \i',or to her, $.250·0.oo'"" If she be cl ead wi.thout 
issue,then this · sum to my son Ghar:tes: A. •. and to h iliS' he·irs·; als·o 
to her 0'Utrfght., best bed arrd bedding and a large re.d chest 
and c:ontents.. $ 4000: .. 00 to my so"n Charles or his he·irs·; if 
he b-e dead without issue · then this sumt t.o 1\fargaretta: and b,er 
heirs •. 'fo· my son Hcira.ce,exec:utors are to pay $ 300 .00 a year for 
life f1om a sum i .nvested at 7% which will pay this and at his . 
d·eath,.this principal to my son and. his heirs.. If any 
o·f the shares given my three. children Margaretta, Charles: A •. or 
Horace W •. sho·uld- lapS'e· they are· not to be allowed to do so,.but 
shall go to my son Mortimer W •. and· his heirs. 1: have rrn,t made 
provision for my son Mortimer a s 11.e· has waive·d all intere·st in 
ni.y estate in favor of :@'tii.s s' and brothers... The r-esidue-
o.f my estate· to my son Charles and his heirs. 
Executors ,my t.wo sons Charles and Mortimer · .. 

William Ham:tlton 
\Vi tne s ses:. 

Abm. Bloodg0od Post 

Sur.Morris :b'os·dick 

' Mar:y F owler 
F lushing 


Froved Dec.28,1860 

Li be:r 9 ,,, 383 
O'ctober 22, 1842 

To my son s ,amuel,and his heirs my house and- l .ot p.rovide,d he 
p-ays his sis:,ter Ell.en and his brothe,r Benjamin,each ~ 400.00 

1 or he:irs ., The residue o:f my estate equally to my three 
' e;hi1.dre:nl.E',wif'e of. Walter-.; Ur iffin,Samual W.and Benjamin 
L.Ji'owler. '"' 
Executors rrty af"ore.s<;?.i'd two sons, Samuel and Ben~amin ... 

Witne.s se st 

Sur.Morris F'osdiek 

Mary F'oW'ler 



Prov:ed Dec .3·1, 1860 


William Ga:se,y 

Li ber. 9; 387 
July 2:4 , . 186'.0 

One third of my ' entire estate· to my wi'fe Ann,iri lieu · of ~ 
her dower rights .. The r .esidl..i.e to be invested by ·my ex ecutors 
and' the . income· us'ed for t :he suppo-rt of my three children, 
Eiizabet:h)::awrence and Patrick- Casey till eat:::h ' bec'e>me~s of age, 
when eacll 'is to receive an e·qual ·portion of the principal. 
Executrix,my wife Ann; e·xeeutors·,Thomas Mc Cormack and . 
John Carl .. 

Wi tn e:.s se s: :. 

Wllli·am (x) . Casey 


Danie·l Hegeman Cedar. Swamp. Oysterbay 
deorga P.Montfart ~ ~ 

Sur.Morris Fosdick Pro'Ve.d: Ja:n.,7,.1861 

William Sw?.n· 

L:lber 9 · 3,90 
' Feb. 1?, 185-9-

Execut0rs to :pay off my bond' t .o Jacob D .. Fowle.r for $1364 .,00; 
said bond is now held by Victor and: Duckwi tzr they are also· 
to pay off the balance on the· mortgage held b.y John C.Dever·oux 
o·r· Utica,.amounting t .o $,300.00. Executors'· are· to receive ep:,ch 
$ 250.00 for their· s·eTvices. T.he resid'ue of my estate· equally 
to my three children:- Sarah Jane,wif'e of Smith Cutter,.Jr., 
Catharine .Elizabeth Swan an:d' Elenor Day,,wife: of Isaac A.R'apelye. 
E'xecutrix,.my daughter· Catharine·; executor my son-in-law- , 
Isaac A. Rape lye·., 

William Swan 
Wi tne·sse.s: 

Peter D.Ra:pelje 
Abraham F.Howard 

S:ur.:Morri.s Fosdiek 


:Margaret Shaw,. (wif'e of Reube.n Shavi) 

P roved Jan.?, l86i 

Libe.r 9; 394. 
July 27, 1850 

Entire e;state t .o my nep:hew,.Albert Hendrickson}; son of my Mary .. 
Ekecutor,,the·· s.aid Albe.rt Hendrickso,n. 

Margaret {x} Shaw 


Margaret Shaw (continued) 

Wi tne·s sffs: 
· .Tno. w~ DeMott 
Samuel -Stillwell 

Sur.Morris Fosdick 

Edward Leverich 


Li ber 9, 394' 

Proved Jan.21, 1861 

Li ber 9, 398' 
May 2.9 , 185 5 

To my wife,Hannah,as much of my househ0ld furniture as she 
n~eds for her housekeeping. Executors then to sell the 
entire residue of my estat.e and of the proceeds,invest 
$4500~oo · and pay the interest on same annually to my wife 
for life; if there is any surplus,it is to be equally divided 
among my childre·n,:Mary;.wife of .Andrew Bragaw,Hannah A.R., · 
wif'e- of George M •. Hya tt ,Daniel 'I: .. Leverich and Sarah Jane, 
deceased wife of Richard· W ... Sprague, the share: of Sarah 
Jane to· be· equally divided between her two children Sarah 
L .. and ffamuel Sprague. At death of my wife,executors to 
invest $.500. 00 of - the princip:al left her and pay the int ere st 
for life: to John H. Biooine·r · and at his death divide this 
$500.00 equally among my gr.childre·n,+iving at that time. 
At death of my wife, the remaining of $4.000. 00 
to be divided among .my children equally. The share. of my 
deceased daughter Sarah Jane., to be divided equally between 
her two aforesaid childre.n. The share of my daughter Hannah 
to be invested and the interest p:a±d her during the life of 
he·r husband; at his deiath,she is to receive th~ principal; 
af :She preqecease.s him, her so·n Geo:rge: E •. Hyatt to receive the 
principal when of age; · if he dies under age.,.the principal to: 
revert to my · e sta t .e. If the note which 'r e:nd.o-rsed for my son 
Daniel, in favor of T.heodorus Kolyer, is st.ill unpaid, this 
sum,.$300. 00 is to be deducted fr0m his share of my estate. 
~;xecutors ,my son Daniel Townsend Leve:f!.ich ,Andrew B-ragaw of 
1~-ewtown and Abraham Griffin 0f Jamaica .. 

Wi t -nesses·:. 
Charles Cook Newt-0wn 
Re.bee ca B. Moore 11· 

c·odicil to ahove- Will,dated Iiilarch 30, 1858: 
'l"o my daught'er,Hannah A.R.Hyatt ,the small looking glass 
and my clock., T_o my daughter Mary H.Bragaw,the large looking and :my desk.. To my so:tJ. Daniel, the large black walnut 
dining table: and the bed on which I sleep.- To my gr.daughter 


Edward Leve:r:ich (continued) Liber 9, 398 

Sar·ah Leve.ricn Sprague ,$.15. 00 to buy herself a half dozen 
si!ve-r sp.oons., ' To Tioh ri H.Blciomer,the · bed oh which he ·no\v 
sleeps in my house together· with the bectstead, bolster, two 
pillows,two pair of sheets and three quilts. 

Charles Cook · 
Rebecca B .• Moore 

Sur.Morris Fosdick 

William T •. Hendrickso·n 
Brooklyn and ·Jamaica 

Rdward Lev8'rich 


P'roved Jan.22, 1861 

Libe.r 9, 405 
January 14, 1854 

To my wife Phebe,as long as she rema·ins my widow,the interest. 
on $,5000.00. At her death or remarr'iage,the principal equally 
to my children living at that time.. To my son Jeremiah S., 
$4000.00... If he should predecease me., I give. hi.s wife E.sther,. 
the income on $2000,00 as long as she· remains his widow. At 
her death or r ·emarriage,this principal to my children !hiving 
at that time e.qually. T·o my .daughte:r-in-law,E:lizabeth,widow 
of my son Peter,.the· inco'me on $ ZOOO.OO as long as she remains 
his widow,upon her death or remarriage the principal to her 
son William Hendrickson men he is · of age with the accumulated 
interest; also to him when of age, $3000.00 with · interest 
thereon; if he dies under age and without is sue, then his 
lega--ci.e·s equally to my children living at_ his d·eath. . To my 
son Henry, $ 4.000 .. 00.. lf he should predecease· me, then I give 
his widow Sarah the income om $ 2060 .. 00 a;s long as she remains 
his widow and at her death or- remarriage the p rincipal equally 
to her children. If Hendrick leav~s no children then his 
legacy or the principal of the trust le.ft his wife,equally 
to my chi.ldren at her death or remarriage.. $ 4000.00 equally 
to my gr.scins,Thomas W. ,Jer:emiah and Daniel Vaughn,chl.ldren · 
o·f my deceased daughter M~riam Vaughn.. If they die before 
inheriting and· without · iss'ue ,my ch.i ldren then living to 
divide this e:qual1y .. . To Catherine Elizabeth Hendrickson, 
widow of my son Daniel the intere$t cin $2000.00 as long as 
she. remains his widow; at her death or remarriage ,,this 
p.rincip:al equally to her two daughters ,Sarah E. and Phebe 
M..Hendrickson o..r to their heirs·. Also to Sarah $2000.00 
and to Phebe· $1000. 00 when each is of age or to their heirs. 
if either die-s before inneri ting and. with out issue the legacies 
. left suc~h one to go to my children living at that time. To 
my daughter Mary, wife. of John R.Mo-r r is, the. income on 


William T.Hendrickson (continued.) Liber 9, 405 

$ 4000.:00 f 'or life and at he·r death the principal . equally 
to her children whe·n each is· of age~. . If they all die under 
age and 'livithout Issue,then the" µrincipal ~-qually to my 
children living at that time .. $4000.00 to my son,Gorrielius 
if he predeceases cie then ~he incom~ on $ 2000.00 to bis widow 
E1.izabeth,as long as s·he remains his widow; if he leaves 
no children ,.then the ~~ 2000 •. 00 left his widow and the 
balance of the $4000.00 originally left him,at her death 
to go to my living children equally. My wearing apparel 
and the residue of my personal estate equally to my living 
sons. My wife to .have· the use~ of all or that part she wishes, 
of my household furniture as long as sh~ remains ~y widow. 
A t he.r death it is to be sold and the proce1eds divided 
equally among my children~ 
Exe cu tors my sans Jeremiah and· Corne.lius 

William T.Hendr·ickson 

Joel Brown 
John Higbie. 

Sur.Morris F~sdiclt 

Charles Simon.son 


Proved Feb.6,1861 9, 413 
September 8, 1852 

T.o my wife Susan, all my household furniture and $500. 00, 
$400.00 of Vlhich she brought me·. Also· $ 60 •. 00 a year for life •. 
These bequests in lieu of her dower rights.. To my sons 
Wil.liam and Alanson,each $ 300.00. $100.00 each to· my son, 
eharles and my daughter Maria, wife of Moses Cornwell. $400. 00 
each to my daughters Phebe Ann,wife of William Hendrickso·r1 
and: Sarah wif E? of Oliver Davi son. $.200 .. 00 to· my daughter Jane 
wife of Isa~c De .• Mott. The entire residue of my estate to 
my son Joh:q: Henry,p.rovided he pays my wife,Susan, $ 60.00 a 
ye·ar for 1 ife •. · 
Executors,.my son John .){enry and Richard Losee. .. 

Charles Simonso·n 


Proved Feb .. 9, 186l 


Charles Simonson · (continued) Liber 9, 413 

Note:- the ~above VVil"l "\vas contested by William a:nd Charles 
Sinionson,·Phebe .Ann ·· Heridrickson arid Maria: Cornwe--11,all child.:.. 
ren of the -testator .\vho vvei"e rep'rese?nte·d by · John· J • .Armstrong· 
Lamberson arid Onderdonk represented ' the executor and the 
Wid.€lW in favor of the Will. · Will ·admitted to probate .. 

Elizabeth Carp1ent·er 
Jamaica · 

Liber 9, 417 
September 8 , 1859 

. To my chil.dren James and Martha equally my share in a 
piece: of woodland in Jamaica... The residue of my es·t~te to 
my daughter Louisa and her heirs. she is to pay my gr.son 
John Carpenter,son of my so,n James M. of Brooklyn, $ 25.00 •. 
Executrix,my said daughter Louisa Snaaks. 

D.S. Waters 
John Sol.on 

Sur.Morris Fosdick 

William Be-rrien 

her . 
Elizabeth (x) Carpenter 



Proved Feb •. 15·, 1861 

Liber 9, 42·0 
October 16, 1856 

Entire estate. to my wife Sarah Ann,outright. 
Executrix ,my aforesaid wife .• 

Elijah Cock 

Will i.Qljl Berrian 


Proved. Fe.b •. 18, 1861 

Liber 9, . 4.25 
January 10, 1860 

To my wife Mary outright,.all my household furniture,beds, 
beddingj etc... To my daughter Marietta Cock, ~~200. 00 to make up 
for the $2'0Q. 00 given my daughter Jane at her marriage ... 


Elijah Cock (continued} Libe.r 9, 423 

The resid·ue of my en'fr,ire· estate equally to my "wife, :Mary 
and my t vV-o daughters ,Marietta Cock and Jane D.Powell wife 
or Stephen B . P ovifell •. 
Executors·,Jeremiah Va lentine and Walter Cock. 

Elijah (x) Cock 

Allen Hawxhurst 
William D.Remsen 

Sur.Morris Fo sdick 

Joshua Powell 

. mark 


Proved Feb.18, 1861 

Liber 9, 427 
Janua ry 15, 1859 

To my wife E lizabeth ,my household and .. kitchen fiarn i tu re and 
$ 100.00. To my · son Nelson,my carpenter and joiner tools 
wearing app;arel ,my library and all books.. To my gr •. son 
Joshua P owell,the young mare now in possession of his father, 
llJ elson Powell. To iny wife,the 'income for life on $ 2000.00 
and at her death the principal to my children Ne lson P owell 
Jane, vlife of John Jarvi-s,Lydia,wife of William Jarvis,Nancy 
wife of Garret Hulst ,Elizabeth wife of Henry Bedell,Ru;fy.h~wife 
of James Van Sise and Mariah,_,.ivife of Isaac Whit son. Iv1y son 
Nelson to have one third more than each of my daughters and 
my wife. 'l'he residue of my estate to be· ct·ivided among them 
in the same way. 
Executor-s,,my son Ne.laon,my sons-in-iaw,JohnJarvis and Garret 
Hulst .. 

John Rushmor~, W •. Colyer 

Sur •. Mo.rris Fosdick 

Joshua Powel! 

:b1 armingdal.e 

Mary Van Wyck( widow of SamuelH •. ) 

Preyed Feb~25,186l 

Li.ber 9, 431 
October 24, 1860 

'To my daughter ,Mary Ann Morris, widow of Vfuitehe a d K.Morris 
my wearing ·apparel,two feather beds two under beds, one half 
my bedding,one half my linen, one half my silver p.iliate,except 
a silver pitcher with the family coat of arms ingraved on it 
which I give to my gr.son William Augustus,the son of my · 


:ivfary Van Wy-ck (continued) L.iber 9, 431 

aforesaid. daughter Ma.ry Ann. Also to her, as -much of my 
household furniture as she nee·ds ~ and for life, the use of 
two rooms on the sed6nd story,~o~th side of the old part 
o·f my dwelling house; also for he-r own ·use ,as much of the 
fruit growing on the far:m as she wishes.. Executors are 
to buy her a suitable piand,a pair of gold spectacles and 
have a gold case put on the watch formerly belonging to my 
deceased son,to be hers fo~ life. Executors are to invest 
$10,000.00 and use as much of the income of it as is 
ne.ces sary to support and maintain my said daughter as she 
has been accustomed to live,for life; they are to give 
her $100.00 a year spending money. If there is any of the 
income not use.d'. for her,it is to go at the end of each ye a r 
to my gr.son,William Augustus Van Wyck Morris,her son or to 
his heirs. To him,my homestead farm known as Talman"s 
Island,for life and at her death,equally to his heirs or 
their issue,issue to receive deceased parent's share. 
The residue of my estate to my aforesaid gr.son and to 
his heirs~. 
Exe:cutors,my gr •. son William Augustus Van Wyck Morris, 
Samuel Van Wyck of Huntington,and George Kissam of l'if .Y.C. 

Mary Van Wyck 
Witnesses ~ 

The.o F .. Jackson 
William P : Kis·sam 

· Sur •. Morris Fosdick 

Henry Titus 
Oyster bay 

Bedford Ave and Morton S't .Bklyn 
29 Market Street N.Y.C. 

Prove.d March 7 ,186l 

Liber 9, 435 
December 10, 1860 

1'o Phege,wife of my nephew Amlirew Tit.u"'s, of Jericho,six silver 
table· spoons all my silver tea spoons and a brass kettle. 
To· their son,Daniel S.Titus my writing desk; to their son 
William W .Titus~my surveying instruments and my books on 
s·urv:eying and mathematics.. Executors to sell the residue 
of my estate· and pay the income, and part of the principal 
if and as nee:ded,to my son Silvanus for life,and at h is 
death . three · of the prineipal, to his son Ja c ob W. 
Titus and the · other quarte~ to his daughter Ruth Matthews 
both outri ght ... 
Executori·s,my nephew,Andrew Titus and his son-in-law,David 
Nostrand both of Oysterbay 

Henry Titus 
Vll i tnesses: · 

Henry TTtus 

Jos:eph T .:B'lee;t 

(continued J 

Oysterba.y · 
. It 


Liber 9, 435 

Proved March 11,1861 

Liber 9, · 439 
Jamu a ry 8 , 1861 

Use of entire estate to my wife Susannah,as long as she re-
mains my widow; she is to rear and· educate my cbildr.en 
out of same. At he:r death or remarriage,,the estate equally 
to my t wo children,Samuel W.and Elizabeth Fleet;~ Samuel 
to ha1i'e, his share o,utright and Elizabeth to have the use 
o.f he!r share for life and at her death,it is to go equally 
to her- children. lf either child dies before inheriting 
leaving issue,such issue to take deceased parent's share; 
if without issue,the survivor to receive, t h e entire estate 
as specified aforesaid •. '. 
Executors,my brother Arnold Fleet and David J .Youngs . 

Joseph T.Fleet 

Sam' 1 E .Underhill 
. Whitehead H •. VanWyclt 
Sur.Morris Fosdick 

i:i!prnelius W.Lawrence 
N. Y. C. and .Flushing 

N ... Y.C. 

P roved March 20,1861 

Liber 9, 443 
August 14., 1845 

I app;oi.nt my executors as guardians of my minor children. 
They are t .o $ 6000.00 and .p.ay my son Effingham the 
interest of it for life,and at his . death this is to revert 
to the residue of my estate, and be divided in the same way. 
I give, to my wife all the property to which she \vas entitled 
at. our marriage • .The residue of myestat:El. to be divided into 
fiire eq-ual shares and I give one share to my wife Lyd.ia Ann, 
and. one -share to each of' my chi.ldren: - Van Wyck,James,Corne1ius 
and Mary Lawrence,when each -is of age. Th!:! share of my 
daughter shall be free. and of any claims or de p ts of any 
future hus band. Be·que,sts to wife are in lieu of he r d ower 
rights •. 
Executo:r;_!=J,my two b rothers Joseph and Richard Lawrence of N.Y.C 

Cornelius W.Lawrence 


Cornelius W~Lawrence (continued) Liber 9, 443 

Henry .l'ricc:ill · 
r .E. Lawrence 

Sur .J11forris Fbsd.ick 

John R.Snedeker 

7 P~a~l St. N.Y.C. 
354 Broadway N.Y.C. 

:Proved March 20, 1861 

Liber 9, 447 
February 19, 1861 

To my wife Deborah ,my hous.ehold and kitchen furniture, beds, 
bedding, t able and other linen,onehalf my poultry and $ 90.00 
a year as long as she remains my widow. All · this in 
lieu of her dower rights •. To my son Charles,all the remain-
der of my moveables,farming utensils,horses,cows,sheep, · 
hogs,p .. oultry,hay,gra·in,etc.; and the use for life of my 
real estate.; at his death this equally to hills ch ildren 
He is to pay my wife Deborah,the $ 90.00 a year, above 
mentioned during he r widowhood. 1rhe residue of my estate 
consisting of money and an eighth interest in the sloop 
Marth~ Manda,equally to my four daughters: ,Mary,wife of 
Abraham Layton ,Phebe wife of · Thomas· Vernon ,Lydia Ann, wife 
or William Downing,and Susan,wife of Jeremiah Waldron. 
E'xe:cutors,Abram Layton and Jeremiah Waldron 

John R.Snedeker 

Timothy Titus 
Thomas I.Gardiner 

Sur.Morris Fosdick 

Abraham S.Pine 


Proved March 2.5, 1861 

Liber 9, 
Au gust 14, 


To my son John F.~ine,I g ive one desk and one lookkng glass 
To my son James H.Pine I give on e desk. The residue of my 
furniture to my wife Clarissa and also the land I own near 
that of George ]'owler ab:out. 8 acres all outr i ght·. t The 
residue of my e state to be sold one thircLl of the p rocee

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