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Chippendale Mahogany Armchair


Ruth Bialostosky


1935 - 1943


Chippendale Mahogany Armchair - with upholstered seat and back, made about 1760-1770. This is one of the simpler forms of the upholstered Chippendale chair made in this country, its great distinction springing entirely from its strong graceful structure, its admirable related straight and serpentine lines producing a silhouette of marked character. The arms and arm supports are set back to accommodate the ladies’ wide skirts of that day. The crimson damask with which the chair is covered, although not original, is correct for the period. Not long before the Revolution, the interiors of fine homes, in the larger cities and on country states, were very richly decorated, and the furniture was frequently upholstered in damasks and other imported fabrics to match the window draperies, curtains, and canopies of high-post beds. Watercolor by Ruth Bialostosky. [Description taken from accompanying exhibition card.]


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