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Newtown - Highland Park - Glendale


Eugene L. Armbruster


circa 1900


Highland Park - Located somewhere in the current Highland Park, just NE of Ridgewood Reservoir. This photo shows a lake in a park with a tight-rope walker overhead. Armbruster labeled "Ridgewood Park" - but it was probably Banzer Park on Cypress Ave. (Jackie Robinson Pkwy.) near Cypress Hills St. in Glendale which did have a large pond and boats. [Banzer's Park was a privately run recreation area also known as Cypress Hills Park and was owned by the Banzer family but had different proprietors over the years, and so was also at times called Banzer's, Wissel's, Bookman's, Richter's, or Gerken's Park. A large U-shaped pond, used by boaters in the summer and ice skaters in the winter, was the dominant feature of the site, which also contained, by 1891, a pavilion, a bandstand, a dining room, four bowling alleys, and some popular shooting ranges. The pond was filled in sometime before 1951.]


Glendale, Queens, NY


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