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Dorian Rudnytsky Clip 3: Fish in the Pond


Dorian Rudnytsky interviewed by Tara Rudnytsky


Time Period: 1960-1987


Coming out of Rodgers, Julliard felt really different to Dorian. Everyone was so focused on their music and the academic expectations were very low. He was in the Bachelor of Science program for which required 60 credits. Meeting the academic expectation wasn’t a challenge at all. Being in Julliard he felt like just another ordinary fish in the pond, he didn’t really feel that enthusiastic about practicing all day. Eventually he decided to get involved with the student government. His brother was in the student council and he joined as a volunteer. He noted that the student body in Rodgers was really different, getting elected into the student council held a lot of significance in people’s eyes, but in Julliard there was barely any involvement in the student council. He decided to take advantage of that fact, and that fall he took a shot at running for the student body president, and he got elected.


Locations discussed: Manhattan, NY


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