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Alan Stark Clip 2: Environment of Pomonok


Alan Stark interviewed by Jacqueline Colson


Time Period: 1950-2000


Pomonok was public housing project, funded by the New York City Housing Authority, but the children including Alan did not know what that meant. Pomonok was a clean and nice place to live. The maintenance men kept the buildings clean, people looked out for each other, and the families kept the housing project very clean. The grass was mowed, and families were kept off the grass with fines. Every spring, a truck sprayed for pesticides. The kids jumped behind the truck and sucked in the air. They did not know what was in the pesticides back then. There was a library in the community center – it opened Alan up to the world of books. He learned how to play pool, work with his hands in the shop. There were Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts organizations in Pomonok. Alan and his friends learned how to play all types of sports. Pomonok was a great place to grow up. The children could come and go as they pleased. Parents knew where they were.


Locations discussed: Flushing, Queens


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