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My memories of the first New York World's Fair are 

childhbood memories. I don't rally remember the number of the 

times that I was at the fair as a child, but I would say five 

times acyYBy. That's a guess and one of my chief memories is of 

the General Motors exhibit. the futurama I think was the wayu 

that they referred to it and it was fascinating, and Isa.Nit a 

number of times. I remember thje trams--! guess you wouldn't 

cal 1 than trams. TYhj ey we re little electric trains that tock 

you all over the fair. I also remernbver very clearly was the 

glass blaving exhibit. I don't knew who si::onsored it or 3what 

country sponsored it or if not a country other than this country, 

s ane f i rm i n t his c ou i n try , wh at comp any i t mi g h t h av r been. 

butg there was a glass blower there who did this as you watched 

and rrade colored glass animals and there was of course exhibits 

of different sorts of glass blowing. 

also some thing that intyr igued me gvecy muchj was the 

parachute jump, but I was not allowed on it and I linged to go on 

i t. I supfX>se my mother felt it v.ouldn't be safe. tgh ere may 

have been an age limit on it. I think you have to bne over a 

certain age before they would allav you on it, and I didn't get 

on it until many years later until thjey moved it to Coney 

Isl and. 

Also the aquacade with eleanor fblmes who swam in that, I 

ranember seeing that. Also I remember the Italian building. I 

remember it as being very beautiful. '!here was a waterfall at 

the top I th ink that came davn over blue facing of some kind and 

lit at night it was very lovely. 

I 9BtJ. s. 16 



I think that's what I'm remembering. I'm not positive. I 

renernber too I guess in 1940 when the building was closed because 

War had been declared. I remember hearing the news report that 

the ligts had been turned out on the Italian building and it's 

interesting just the memories that you hold from your childhood. 

Thje associations that made the impression that the bul ding had 

made on me and then the association of this threat corning and the 

lights going out on what I recalled as a very beautifuyl scene. 

I know I remember doing a great deal of walking when I was 

out at the fair and I think I ranernber too corning out on the Long 

Island Railroad and the conductor opening the door and c
a lkling 

out, flushing rneadcws. And of course I ranember the entrance way 

coming in and the rootbeer was very good too. 

I'm also finding it hard tro ranember particular scenes. I 

guess tgha t I've just awbout covered • . • of course I remernbe r 

the Tryl on and the Pe risphere and also I do ranember somebody 

pointing out to me that most of the buildings were not permanent 

buildings and were going to be taken dcwn after the fair was over 

witrh and they pointed outr the Newe York State building in which 

I 'm n cw s i t t i ng a s one of t he p e rrna n en t bu 8 i 1 di ngs 4 0 ye a rs 

latger and I found the idea ofd taking down this awlrnost 

f a.iryl and like pl ace very di stressingf. I felt that it should 

never end; it should always be here and always bve aveilable in 

the way that it w2asthen. So evidently I experienced it with a 

great deal of pleasure. COHEN Now that you mention these 

things, I do remember things I had forgotten about. 

-3--It's strange hew your memotirs evgoke memories fgor me. Now 

I remember the House of the future as you were talking about it. 

t hj e re wa s a bu i 1 di ng ca 11 ed hou s e o i f the fut ur e a nd we we n t 

because my husband was involved witgh construction and probablyh 

we did the things which we re of major interest to him. At that 

time there was a family room the basement and who used basements 

for at¥thing else but catchalls? But it was a livable roan with 

lights and radio and things. there was a medical building where 

i t s e ens to me you we n t t hr aig h are as of a h ear t sort of, the 

chambers of a hjea rt where y uou marched t h rough. 

COGGLIN: I came here with a purpose. I'm tryhing to find out 

about f i 1 ms on the fa i r. 

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