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Hi the re, .. 

This is Lowell Thomas 

Welcome aboard - 1 

Just step ~ight in - be 

seated -

that's right, come in -

make yourself comfortable -

just step aboard, sit back 

and relax -

and now, 

Let's get ready ~or take-off 
For a flight into the past 

and present, 

of the greatest city 

on earth - ! 

For it really is. 

( 15 SEC. PAUSE ) 

Let's sail with the early explorers -


Sail into the harbor 

with Verrazano, 

the place marked by that .bridge, 

world's longest suspension span, 

connecting Staten Island 

with Brooklyn -

Here on your right, 

where Coney Island is today, · 

Lady Deborah Moody, 

in search of religious freedom, 

settled in 1645 .-

Coney Island, not Lady Deborah -

Taken by the British in 1??6, 

it later: became a resort 

popular with Diamond Jim Brady 

and Lillian Russell -


This is Staten Island, 

named by Henry Hudson, 

later known 

as the borough of Richmond -

Third largest, most rural, 

and least developed -


Against a deadline set 

by the Duke of York, 

Capt. Christopher Billopp 

raced his sailing ship 

around this island 

in less than one day, 

and thereby won Staten Island 

for the State of New York -

Staten Isl~nd -

where Jenny Lind, Adelina Patti 

and the great Italian Emancipator 


each made his home -

Where you can find 

the oldest elementary school building 

in America -

Where you can climb 

to the highest point 

on the Atlantic Coast 

from Maine to Florida: 

Todt Hill -

and here, 

just be low you, 

the Goethals Bridge to Jersey -

once the world's 

longest suspension -


From its growing industrial area, 

manufactured goods 

move by ship 

along miles of docks 

or by truc·k 

across the Bayonne Bridge, 

the longest arch in the world -

Now glance across the Harbor: 

the borough of homes and churches -

of more than 2~ million people -
That's Brooklyn -

Everyone has lived here, 

from Henry Ward Beecher 

to Mae West, 

from Walt Whitman 

to Arthur Miller and to Eamon de Valera -

From its terminals and waterfront, . 

1/4- of all New York's goods 

are shipped -

Recognize the lady below - ? 

Oh, yes -

She's France's gift to the U. s. A. -
Miss Liberty -


Gateway to America -

to opportunity -

to New York - I 

From Indi~n trading post 

300 years ago, 

to financial capital 

of the world! 

In 1874 -

A Young nation's first capitol, 

As George Washington is 

inaugurated -

And an Indian trail, 


carried the City north -

past the 102 floors 

of the Empire State Building, 

world's tallest -

past more than 100 skyscrapers 

over 30 stories tall -

past the 840 green acres 

of Central Park -

Past Columbia University, 


New York's oldest college -

Past a former district 

of quiet farms 

called Harlem -

Passed the stunning George Washington 

Bridge -

fourth longest suspension 

span in the world -

To the art treasures 

of the Cloisters -


12~ miles 
of incredible achievement -

Quite a bargain 

for only $24 - I 

Cross Spuyten Duyvil -

and you land in the Bronx -

only borough on the mainland -

And how much did the Bronx cost - ? 

Well, its first settler 

Jonas Bronck, a Dane, 

bought it from the Indians 


for 2 guns, 2 kettles, 

a barrel of cider, 

and 6 bits of money -

Little did they realize 

that the ffronx one day would wind up 

with the New York Yankees - ! 

The Bronx -

whose Gouveneur Morris 

first drafted the Constitution 

of the United States -

Where Edgar Allen Poe 

wrote The Raven and 

Annabelle Lee. -

whose Woodlawn Cemetary 

is the last resting place 

of Admiral Farragut, Ralph Pulitzer, 

Jay Gould and F. W. Woolworth, 

Herman Melville of Moby Dick fame -

The Borough of Universities -

Fordham, Hunter, Manhattan, NYU -

The world famous 

Bronx Zoo & Botanical Gardens -

Unrivaled collections 

of plants and animals -

almost a thousand acres of 'em -

Now across the East River -

Let's tak~ two of the world's 
most beautiful bridges -

the Whites tone , 

and the Throgg's Neck -

and arrive 

in the largest 

and fastest growing 

borough of all -


Home of the New York World's 

Fair -

Right where you are at this moment -

Olympic tennis courts 

at Forest Hills -

Center of aviation: 

LaGuardia Field, 

and the world's largest airport 

Kennedy International -



1 I 

New York 

300 years ago 

a small trading post 

on the tip of Manhattan -

In 1898 

five boroughs 

joined together 

to create a city -


Center of civilization~ 

this electric metropolis 

has opened opportunity to all, 

and its reward 

has been greatness -


And now, 

shall we step out, 

onto the moving platform -

Now let's see New York 

as you've never seen it before -

Step right out, 

sample the collections 


of world famous museums -

Yes, step right out, 

and find out 

just what keeps New York going -

Step right out 

onto the moving platform -



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