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Daphne Pappaioanou, Clip 2: Foods of the Season


Daphne Pappaioanou interviewed by Iza Janucik


Time Period: 1962 - 2013


Daphne Pappaioanou was raised in a small town in Greece called Krinides, Kavala. Daphne moved to the United States in 1982, when she was 20 years old. She has lived in Astoria, Queens ever since. She supported herself and her daughter, Agnes, as a waitress in Greek restaurants. Daphne describes Greek foods, important personal memories, traditions and holidays that keep her Greek heritage alive in the United States. Back in Greece, the Pappaioanou family eats very differently from season to season. They enjoy fruits and vegetables when they are fresh and turn to heavier fare in the wintertime. Chickens are raised and slaughtered at home and watermelon is often served with feta cheese.


Locations discussed: Astoria, Queens, NY; Greece


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