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Nadia Germain, Full Interview


Nadia Germain interviewed by Gabrielle Germain


Time Period: 1978 - 2013


At the time of the interview, Nadia Germain was living in Flushing, Queens. In the late 1970's, Nadia moved from Haiti to live with her parents in Queens Village. In her early twenties, Nadia got married and had two daughters. As a Haitian mother, cooking was a specialty and requirement. As a result, she ensured that traditional Haitian cooking was the norm and done frequently in her home. This ensured that her family, especially her kids, grew up quite acquainted with their Haitian heritage. Now as an older adult, living alone Nadia doesn't cook as frequently, but whenever she gets a chance she does so with pride.


Locations discussed: Flushing, Queens, NY; Haiti


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