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Susie Lee, Full Interview


Susie Lee interviewed by Natalie Milbrodt


Time Period: 1980 - 2010


Susie Lee was born in Flushing, Queens to Korean parents. She recalls her experiences growing up in the neighborhood in the 1990's. Because she attended school from 7th-12th grade in Manhattan, she didn't develop friendships in Flushing or many ties to the area. She compares the downtown area around Roosevelt and Main Street to Times Square and liked it better when Flushing was quieter. She describes the building where her parents and brother still live and some of the neighbors whom she's known for years. Susie had just moved a month before this interview to Astoria, Queens, but says her family intends to remain in Flushing.


Locations discussed: Waldheim, Flushing and Astoria, Queens, NY


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