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Wally Rosenthal, Full Interview


Wally Rosenthal interviewed by Tess Hartman


Time Period: 1913 - 2011


Walter "Wally" Rosenthal was born and raised in Flushing, Queens. In 1941, his parents moved from Jackson Heights to the home he grew up in. He moved with his family from Brooklyn back to his parent's old house in Flushing after they had passed away. His parents were politically progressive, although he was not aware of this as a child. In his teens, his mother brought him to an anti-nuclear demonstration in Manhattan, which had a great affect on him. His brothers both attended Queens College and were involved in the Civil Rights movement. Wally entered Queens College in 1964, following Freedom Summer when student Andrew Goodman was killed in Mississippi. He was very involved in anti-war activism while at school. He worked at the post office in Manhattan for 31 years. Now he is retired from the post office and teaches at York College part-time and volunteers with an immigrants' rights organization in Jackson Heights.


Locations discussed: Flushing, Queens and East Flatbush Brooklyn, NY; Mississippi, Greensboro, NC


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