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Happy Floating Hospital Children Enjoy Cake Provided by ConEd


The Floating Hospital


August 4, 1938


A large layered cake made by Scrafft's and weighing 153 pounds, decorated with the visible words "Winner," "Servel-Electrolux," and "Consolidated Edison," is served to 1400 eagerly waiting Floating Hospital children and their mothers by Vice President of Sales at Consolidated Edison Company (Con-Ed), E. F. Jeffe. A small girl in the bottom-left-corner of the photograph holds an enormous piece of the cake to her mouth, while other children are waiting in line behind her. The caption pasted to the bottom of the photograph elaborates on the occasion and notes that 1400 more children and mothers had the same experience a few days later on August 6, 1938. The boat is headed toward Sandy Hook in Queens.


New York, NY


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